Arizer ArGo Portable Vaporizer Review Pocket-Sized Power and Performance

Arizer ArGo Portable Vaporizer Review: Pocket-Sized Power and Performance

August 01, 2023

Crafted by the reputable Canadian company Arizer Tech, the Arizer ArGo stands out as a portable vaporizer merging conduction and convection heating methods, ensuring a distinctive vaping journey.

Renowned for their commitment to crafting dependable and top-tier vaporizers, Arizer Tech has endowed the ArGo with a suite of attributes geared towards elevating portability, user-friendliness, and vapor excellence. This amalgamation of innovative engineering and reputable manufacturing results in a vaping companion that excels in both form and function.

This comprehensive review covers the Arizer ArGo's key attributes, advantages, and minor drawbacks.

Size, Portability, and Build Quality (9/10)

The Arizer ArGo shines with its ingenious compact design tailored for seamless portability, positioning it as the perfect ally for outdoor pursuits. An evolutionary leap from previous Arizer iterations, its inventive mouthpiece design enables full concealment, a notable enhancement.

Weighing a mere 135 grams, the ArGo's lightweight build ensures discreet and effortless carriage, while its robust construction upholds Arizer's esteemed legacy for dependability, guaranteeing enduring performance.

Battery Life and Replaceable Battery (8/10)

The ArGo derives its power from a versatile replaceable 18650 3.7V 3400mAh battery, ensuring prolonged operation. With an average 90-minute battery life, the device adeptly caters to typical on-the-go needs. However, for more extensive outdoor pursuits and extended periods away from power sources, carrying extra batteries becomes advantageous.

The ArGo's exceptional feature lies in its battery-swapping capability, affording users the luxury of elongating their vaping sessions without being tethered to recharging outlets. This flexibility not only accentuates convenience but also heightens the overall user experience, making the ArGo an ideal companion for both leisurely and adventurous vaping endeavors.

Heating Method and Temperature Control (8/10)

Crafted with a sophisticated conduction/convection hybrid heating mechanism, the ArGo masterfully combines the best of both worlds, ensuring an impeccable fusion of efficient vaporization and the retention of intricate flavors.

Although its initial 60-second warm-up phase might test the patience of those craving quick draws, the resulting vapor quality surpasses expectations and justifies the brief pause.

Spanning from 122°F to 428°F (50°C to 220°C), the broad temperature spectrum offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing enthusiasts to finely calibrate their vaping journey to achieve the perfect balance of flavors and potency.

Draw Resistance and Vapor Production (8/10)

The Arizer ArGo offers a comfortable draw resistance, especially if the stem and chamber are adequately cleaned after each session. The vapor production is satisfying, producing flavorful and potent hits.

While the draw resistance may increase after multiple sessions without cleaning, regular maintenance prevents this issue.

The most effective method for cleaning the glass stem is by immersing it in rubbing alcohol.

Vapor Path and Taste (9/10)

The ArGo's glass stem is a key factor in delivering an exceptionally smooth and flavorful vapor that preserves the authentic taste of your herbs. By utilizing glass, the vapor pathway remains untainted, ensuring a clean and unadulterated flavor profile that enhances the overall vaping experience. The purity of the vapor is a distinct advantage for connoisseurs who value the nuanced tastes and aromas of their chosen materials.

It's worth noting that the ArGo's shorter vapor path, while maintaining excellent flavor, can sometimes lead to slightly warmer vapor temperature in comparison to other models from Arizer that feature longer pathways. However, the manufacturer has addressed this potential concern by offering an extended mouthpiece accessory.

This add-on serves as a solution for users who prioritize cooler vapor temperature. By attaching the extended mouthpiece, users can enjoy the same exceptional vapor quality at a temperature that aligns with their personal preferences, further demonstrating the ArGo's commitment to customization and user satisfaction.

Accessories and Add-Ons (9/10)

The ArGo comes with essential accessories such as glass stems, silicone stem caps, a stirring tool, a USB charger/power adapter, and a belt-clip carrying case. Additional accessories, like extended stems for a cooler vapor path, are available to enhance your vaping experience further.

Comparison with Other Vaporizers (8/10)

When evaluating the ArGo vaporizer alongside competitors like the Pax 3 and Crafty+, its standout attributes encompass exceptional portability, impressive vapor quality, and the convenience of a replaceable battery. While its heating time might not be the fastest compared to some rivals, the ArGo makes up for it through its distinctive features and consistent performance, presenting an appealing choice for users.

The ArGo's sleek design ensures easy transportation for on-the-go vaping, and its vapor quality sets a high standard for a flavorful and smooth experience. Additionally, the replaceable battery feature adds convenience by extending vaping sessions without the need for a continuous power source. In summary, the ArGo vaporizer excels in portability, vapor quality, and battery functionality, making it a compelling option for those seeking a top-quality vaping experience.


The Arizer ArGo is a well-designed and highly portable vaporizer that excels in providing flavorful, smooth, and potent vapor. Its combination of conduction and convection heating, replaceable battery, and compact size make it an attractive option for on-the-go users. While the heat-up time and draw resistance may pose minor inconveniences, these drawbacks are overshadowed by the ArGo's overall performance and build quality. Whether you're a seasoned vaporizer enthusiast or a beginner, the Arizer ArGo is worth considering for its excellent balance of features and convenience. 

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