Guest Blogger Guidelines

Here are the guidelines for each guest article, please read them thoroughly:

  • Your piece must be 100% ORIGINAL, meaning it doesn’t appear on any other site but
  • We make every effort possible to preserve the writers’ words in each article submitted, however we reserve the right to make changes to the article, including words, photos and links for editorial purposes.
  • Word count should be a minimum of 600, and most of our articles range from 900-1300 words, feel free to use that as a guideline.
  • We do pay several of our writers, however, all new writers go through a probationary period which we use to develop a relationship with them and assess their ability to meet deadlines, provide consistent work, etc.
  • We love supporting our writers! If you have a blog of your own that’s aligned with Monroe Blvd lifestyle and values and vision (combining marijuana with our everyday lifestyle and ensuring productivity, wellness, health, and class) we’d be happy to include up to 3 backlinks to your blog or website in your author bio (or any suggested and relevant backlinks).
  • In one year time period, starting off the publishing date, we will reach out to the writer to revamp and edit his/her post. We reserve the right to take the author name down and any backlinks if there was no interest to do so.

    For writers, Instructions for submission

    Please fill this Google Form and I will get back to you shortly. 

    For sponsored post and editorial insertions

    • For writing an article and post it on or on the client's website, we charge $40/piece (up to 1000-1200 words)
    • If you’d like to provide the article, we charge $60 to post it on (to reiterate, every article will go through a thorough review to insure quality, we ONLY accept high quality articles. If you can’t commit to the guidelines and my suggested changes, I won’t be able to publish the piece).
    • For editorial insertions on an existing article, we charge $20 per backlink.

    For more questions, please contact me at

    Thank you,

    Ayad Maher

    Owner and General Manager