Ardent FX Decarboxylator: A Comprehensive Review

August 16, 2023 1 Comment

For more than a decades I've been crafting edibles, and I can confidently affirm that there's nothing quite like the Ardent FX decarboxylator in terms of its exceptional consistency and user-friendly design.

In this detailed Ardent FX Decarboxylator review, I'll delve into why this machine has captured my admiration and why you're likely to share the same sentiment.

Ardent FX Decarboxylator Review

Standing beyond the realm of a conventional decarboxylator, the Ardent FX emerges as a sophisticated cannabis processing apparatus. Often regarded as a complete cannabis kitchen, this device possesses the extraordinary capability to effortlessly transform raw cannabis into an assortment of edibles, oils, and tinctures.

Ardent FX All In One Decarboxylation & Baking Unit

  • All-inclusive, single-unit functionality
  • Simultaneous decarboxylation and baking of edibles
  • Ensures comprehensive activation of cannabis compounds

PROS (+)

  • Eliminates the need for grinding
  • User-friendly operation and easy cleanup
  • Cool-to-touch exterior

CONS (+)

  • Higher price point
  • Lack of sound alert upon completion

Compact and lightweight, the Ardent FX seamlessly plugs into standard electrical outlets, allowing it to perform its magic in various spaces within your home. Its design complements kitchen aesthetics, seamlessly integrating with existing countertop appliances.

Primarily designed for decarboxylating and infusing botanicals, the Ardent FX takes the process a step further by offering in-device baking of edibles. Beyond fully activating THC, CBD, and CBG within the processed flower, this device features four settings – A1, A2, Infuse, and Bake – catering to a diverse range of functions such as activation, infusion, melting, and baking.

  • A1 – Activate THC: Precisely regulates the optimal temperature for decarboxylating THC and CBG.

  • A2 – Activate CBD: Tailored to activate CBD at its optimal decarb temperature.

  • Infuse: The provided lower temperature setting serves a distinct purpose: infusion, not decarboxylation. Its function is tailored to infusing activated material into your choice of butter or oil. This is especially beneficial for enhancing the potency of your creations.

    When using the Ardent FX machine for infusion, expect a processing time of approximately 2 to 3 hours, which varies based on the specific technique employed. It's important to note that this time estimation doesn't cover the duration required for the straining phase of the final product. In essence, the lower temperature setting optimizes the infusion process, and the Ardent FX machine expedites this procedure, lasting 2 to 3 hours depending on the method used, without accounting for the straining period.

  • Bake: The highest temperature setting, designed for baking infused treats.

Using the A1 or A2 settings involves placing whole or ground flower in the chamber and powering up. When infusing oil, the stainless steel inner cavity serves as a suitable receptacle. The package includes the main chamber, lid, durable base with an electrical connector, and a custom carrying case for easy transportation.

What's so good about Ardent FX 

The Ardent FX's excellence lies in its premium construction, capable of processing up to four times the herbal material compared to its predecessor, the Ardent Nova. The improved silicone lid and cover ensure odor containment, making operations virtually odorless.

Temperature settings are thoughtfully calculated for optimum results, consistently delivering pure, potent, and terpene-rich extracts. This device accommodates individuals seeking CBD, CBG, and THC supplementation.

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How Can Ardent FX Be Improved?

The Ardent FX comes exclusively in a vibrant purple hue. While some may find this stylish, it stands out among the usual white, black, and chrome appliances on your counter. This might seem trivial, but there are potential consequences. The color's boldness could attract attention from guests, leading them to ask about it.

This isn't a concern when discussing it with well-informed individuals. However, if you have guests who aren't comfortable with cannabis, its visibility might lead to awkward moments.

Despite being a top-notch product, its price of about $300 makes it one of the pricier decarboxylators available. While most of its features are cutting-edge, it's surprising that the Ardent FX lacks audio cues to indicate the completion of its processes.

Ardent FX Design Characteristics

The Ardent FX boasts a sleek and classy appearance, crafted to meet the highest industry standards for its build quality.

When comparing the upgraded Ardent FX with the original Nova model, both machines make it easy to decarboxylate herbs by simply pressing a button. The most significant distinction between them is their physical size and overall capacity.

If you enjoy creating your own edibles often, you'll probably be working with more potent infusions that need a larger amount of herbal material to be effective. In such cases, the FX is a much better option to fulfill these requirements.

Ardent FX Cost Considerations

Although the Ardent FX has a price tag of approximately $300, it might seem a bit high for many potential buyers working with a budget. However, it's important to understand that you're getting good value for your money.

Considering the current high prices of premium cannabis, opting for the Ardent FX is a smart move. After your flower goes through the unit's process, it becomes twice as potent. This means that, in the long run, the money you save on using less flower could eventually make up for the initial higher cost of the FX.

Ardent FX's Durability and Longevity

The Ardent FX Decarboxylator is a top-tier device made according to the highest industry standards. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it's more robust than many similar machines. The airtight silicone top ensures that the straining process is mess-free, preventing leaks and spills. It also includes a triple-tier cooling rack that's safe for food and resistant to rust.

With proper care and use, the Ardent FX can offer years of reliable performance. Additionally, the company provides a full warranty for all their products. But remember, the warranty applies only if you buy your device directly from the Ardent Life Store.

Using the Ardent FX: Step by Step

  1. Take out the FX Unit and its power base from the purple carrying case.
  2. Plug the base into an outlet, but remember that the base shouldn't get wet, so use it on a dry surface.
  3. Set the FX unit onto the base charger. The power light will be green, and one of the four settings will be lit in yellow.
  4. Click the "M" Mode Button to go through the four settings and choose the heat level you want.
  5. Open the top of the FX, place your material inside, and fully reattach the top.
  6. Choose from these modes:
    • A1: Activates THC and CBGA; optimized to change THCA to THC
    • A2: Activates CBD; optimized for changing CBDA to CBD
    • Infuse: For infusing your activated material into oil or butter; this runs at a lower temperature.
    • Bake: The highest temperature, suitable for baking treats.
  7. If you're decarbing flower, only use what comfortably fits. Don't cram it in; it can harm the flower's trichomes and the unit.
  8. For infusion, place oil directly inside the stainless steel cavity.
  9. Press the Power button to start the cycle. The button turns from green to red to show the cycle is ongoing.
  10. After A1 and A2 cycles, the Power button will flash red, indicating cooldown. Wait for the cooldown to finish before opening the FX.

How to Make Extracts Using the Ardent FX

  1. After the A1 or A2 activation cycles, pick your preferred oil or butter and add it to the activated material inside your FX.
  2. Use the "M" button to switch to Infuse mode and press the Power button to start the low-temperature infusion process.
  3. Once the infusion cycle is done, you can either store the infused oil or include it in your favorite baking recipe and bake using your FX.
  4. If you want to bake, follow steps 3 and 4 to activate the Bake cycle.
  5. When you're done using it, either wash the FX unit by hand or place it in the dishwasher. Just be careful to keep the detachable power base dry. Make sure the device is completely dry before putting it back on the base.

The Final Opinion: Ardent FX Assessment

The Ardent FX is made for those who want a simple, one-button way to turn their raw cannabis into a powerful, easy-to-use product that enhances their cannabis experience. This device takes minimal effort but provides pure and potent results.

If you only occasionally use infused edibles, spending $300.00 on an Ardent FX might not be the best choice, unless you're able to comfortably afford it.

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November 07, 2023

I bought it and about 2.3 months, the timing changed on the machine. I bought insurance to return it and the post office has failed doing so. It never reached Torrance, CA and the postmaster there couldn’t find it in their PO building. Now, I have a machine I’ll have to pay about $30 to return which will make my going to the PO about 6x to check on the status, ensure it was wrapped wand labeled properly, and it was lost but the PO said it was returned to me (they don’t have proof that occurred and I confirmed with our mail guy he never saw it (Ryan has been super and there’s no reason not to believe him). But it’s lost and I’m asking for a refund that the PO first denied because they said they didn’t see insurance coverage (and it was on the damn box so customer support by phone easily saw it). But this all began with a machine that should’ve lasted what … a couple years for a price of about $250? I had seen enough complaints about the product and I shouldn’t have bought it.

Ardent decarbs easily (I did see a more toasted batch just before returning it) and the last infusion failed (that cost me 7G of flower). I used the directions I’ve always used and I never put any flower directly in the machine (I bought the sleeve). But, since the timer after a little over 2 months started changing (on its own), it was time for a return. It’s over a month later. now Ardent sent a replacement before getting my FX back. Now, the return for THEIR machine is going to be mailed for about more than I paid to ensure it arrives without a problem or I will have to pay Ardent for their machine. I suggested NOT to send their machine until they receive the consumer’s – the is getting costly. My spouse is looking for a medical device and I just said DON’T BUY over the internet unless the return policy makes sense based on what happened to me.

I am not buying another. Recipes aren’t good (decarb, infuse work then don’t, I guess, and don’t use the machine to bake it based on consumer vs paid-for reviews and they are different often enough). It’s too expensive for a 2-in-one. I’m not sure what I’ll do other than use the old manual method. I also found a nice-looking and simple machine (nothing can break in it) for $40 for infusions. I’ve used a flashlight to monitor decarbing before and I’ll do it again.

It is the best decarb/infusion machine that I researched but I’ve seen enough complaints about it breaking+ my own + the high cost + return cost= wish the black-owned company the beet of luck and I’m NOT buying it again. It’s not worth it.

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