Benefits of Vaping Weed - 7 Reasons To Vape Weed Instead Of Smoking It

November 15, 2023

If you’re planning on getting a vaporizer soon, you may want to understand why you're spending $150, all the way up to $500, on a vaporizer, the benefits and what you’re getting yourself into.

A vaporizer is like any other product you buy, a TV, a phone, shoes, or even a mattress, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Top of the line vaporizers, such as the Volcano, will deliver all the benefits you're looking for, but you will need to save up for the best you can get. 

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First off, you need to understand the difference between the vaping high and the smoking high. There is a huge difference between the two, so if you end up buying one, don't expect the same experience. This blog post can help you to have a better understanding about this issue: How to Choose a Vaporizer: Vaporizer high or Smoking high?

What Are the Benefits Of Vaping Weed? 

  • Efficiency: It's one of the most efficient ways to consume weed. Proper use of a vaporizer allows you to extend your marijuana supply over time, potentially saving you a significant amount of money within a year. Additionally, the Already Vaped Bud (AVB) can be reused for making edibles. Important note: DO NOT smoke your AVB.

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  • No toxins from combustion:

    If you're a regular smoker, you're familiar with the chest pain that comes from too many joints, whether it hits the next day or an hour later. The resins, smoking byproducts, and toxins deposit in your lungs, causing discomfort. Vaping cannabis offers a nearly combustion-free experience, eliminating these harmful aspects. Since you're not burning the herb, there's minimal tar. This results in what many call a 'cleaner' high.

  • Better for your Lungs: Since I switched to vaping, I've realized that I don't get winded as fast as I used to when I smoked the old fashion way. A simple experiment I've done, I just smoked a blunt and exhaled into a napkin, it quickly turned into brown from tar residue. I repeated the same experiment but with a vaporizer, I saw almost no discoloring. To be clear, I'm not saying vaping is completely harmless, but it's way less harmful for your lungs than smoking. 

  • Produce less smell: Vapor doesn't have the same strong or far-reaching smell as smoke and fades away much faster. Joints, blunts, and even bongs and pipes can be pretty stinky. While vaping marijuana doesn't entirely eliminate the smell, in my experience, it's different and less noticeable than when smoking. Also, the scent from vaporized weed doesn't linger as long—weed smoke can stick around for days, but weed vapor tends to dissipate in about 20 minutes.

  • Enhance your high: The high from vaporizers does feel a bit different compared to smoking. While you're still smoking weed, the experience is not quite the same; it comes with a slightly different flavor. It's more of a head-high, and the sensation may vary at different temperatures. Check out our blog post on the different between vaporizer high and smoking high here. Once you get the hang of your vaporizer, it's potent; even low-quality weed will get you high AF. Sometimes you might miss a bong hit, but there's no problem switching things up. When you come back to your vaporizer, you'll understand why vaping weed can be superior. The high also lasts longer. Way longer.

  • Discreet and less Conspicuous: It is less conspicuous. You might also consider exploring options like the Smoke Buddy, fans running with towel under the door, etc. However, The pricier and the better on-demand quick extraction vaporizers tend to be relatively large, so not as discreet as you want them to be, but they're still portable and hit way better. 

  • Better flavor: When you inhale from a bong, the diverse flavors of various strains are often overshadowed by the harshness of smoke and tar. Yet, with prolonged vaping experience, a revelation occurs. Vaping allows the nuanced and distinct tastes of different strains and top-quality weed to shine through, unencumbered by the undesirable elements found in traditional smoking.

  • Less harsh, less cough: Vapor feels warm, not as intense as smoke. Once you switch, you'll feel how much easier and more comfortable vaping is, not just for your lungs but also your throat. Ditching combustion reduces irritation in both. Yet, with higher temperatures, vaping can get harsh. That's why some vaporizers have glass attachments or users vape with a bong to cool it down. Most dry herb vaporizers include bong adapters or WPAs (water pipe adapters), so you can stick with your favorite bong or water pipe hassle-free.


You do get what you pay for in the realm of vaporizers. While acknowledging the appeal of popular models like The Pax due to their aesthetics and portability, it cautions that, considering the investment, alternative vaporizers offer superior value.

The recommendation is straightforward: if immediate affordability is a constraint, the advice is to exercise patience, conduct thorough research, and invest in the best possible option. The underlying message underscores the importance of choosing a vaporizer wisely to ensure not just monetary value but also a device that aligns with individual needs and preferences. It stresses that acquiring a subpar vaporizer may lead to underutilization, emphasizing the significance of making a well-informed, cost-effective investment in this essential cannabis accessory.

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If you want help with choosing the right vaporizer for your lifestyle and a discount on a vaporizer of your choice, please reach out here, I would love to help out.  

Stay toasty my friends..

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