Airvape Legacy Pro: A Premium Portable Vaporizer with Impressive Performance and Versatility

August 01, 2023

After purchasing my Dynavap - the M - I was initially blown away by its simplicity and great performance at an affordable price. However, with daily use, I began to notice a few significant drawbacks. Having been accustomed to the convenience of electronic vapes, like the XMAX Vital, I missed the discreetness and button-activated ease of use.

To address the limitations of the Dynavap, I purchased a Storz & Bickel Crafty+ for specific use cases. Unfortunately, I discovered that the fixed temperature of 410 °F was ideal for dry herbs but not concentrates, and its battery life didn't last a full day of heavy use. Considering the Mighty+ for extended battery life, I found myself at a crossroads until I stumbled upon the Airvape Legacy Pro.

Upon researching AirVape Legacy Pro, I realized it was exactly what I needed. With a maximum temperature of 464 °F and a removable 3,200 mAh 18650 battery lasting twice as long as the Crafty+, the Legacy Pro stood out as a pocketable powerhouse. Moreover, it was more accessible and affordable than other options I had considered. Now, after five months of using the Airvape Legacy Pro, here's a detailed review.

Unboxing Airvape Legacy Pro 

The Airvape Legacy Pro comes in elegant and sturdy packaging, reflecting its status as a premium device. The outer box features tasteful branding, while the inner box has a magnetic lock and a trippy design.

Inside the box, you'll find the device, a removable battery, a concentrate pad, a USB-C charging cable, tools, and extra screens – a thoughtful inclusion for easy maintenance.

Airvape Legacy Pro Style, Materials & Dimensions

The Legacy Pro's impressive compactness makes it easily fit in hand and pocket, measuring around 4.6” tall by 2” wide and weighing 232 gm. While slightly heavier than the Crafty+, it's comparable in weight to the Mighty+.

Made of 'aerospace aluminium' and featuring a black-and-gold color combination, the Legacy Pro exudes a premium feel. Additionally, Airvape released a 'Steampunk' version with a brown and green color combination.

The device's rounded corners contribute to its appealing look and excellent ergonomics, while the hemp-based fabric and vegan leather used on the body enhance the luxurious feel. The Legacy Pro's door with a swinging hinge opens to reveal the interior.

Inside the device, you'll find the gold-plated heating chamber, a gold-plated micro-dosing disk, a stirring tool, and another door that allows access to the battery and glass tube.

The Legacy Pro includes a removable black ceramic mouthpiece with a tapered shape, ensuring comfortable sipping.

Device Control: Simplicity and Customization in an Electronic Dry Herb Vaporizer

One of the primary attractions of electronic dry herb vaporizers is their ease of use, and the Legacy Pro lives up to this expectation. With only three buttons – a power button and up/down buttons to control the temperature – the device offers simplicity. The small LCD screen displays temperature and mode information.

The power button pressed thrice turns the device on and off, while the up/down buttons control the temperature. Holding the up and down buttons together toggles between on-demand and session mode, and temperatures above 427 °F activate 'wax mode' for concentrates.

By holding the Power and Up buttons together, you can increase the default 3-minute session time to 5 or 10 minutes, depending on your preference.

Battery Performance: The Legacy Pro's Long-Lasting Power and Convenient Charging Options

The Legacy Pro's long battery life was a major selling point, and it didn't disappoint. Lasting 8-10 sessions at high temperatures, it outperforms the Crafty+ by double the sessions.

The swappable battery allows for easy replacement on the go, enhancing long-term durability. Moreover, the device's USB-C charging port supports wireless charging, including compatibility with Apple's MagSafe wireless charger, achieving a full charge in around 6 hours.

Device Performance: The Legacy Pro's Impressive Performance and User-Centric Improvements

Performance is crucial in any vaporizer, and the Legacy Pro had a lot to prove as the successor to the Airvape Legacy, which faced criticism for poor design decisions and herb combustion. However, the Legacy Pro managed to overcome these challenges.

As a hybrid device, it combines convection and conduction for herb extraction. While it works best with a full bowl, a half bowl also performs well, especially when adjusting the micro-dosing disk. The heating can sometimes be uneven due to bottom-to-top heating, but the included stirring tool helps achieve even extraction. Additionally, using dosing caps mitigates the need for stirring.

Kudos to Airvape for taking user feedback seriously and making improvements. Upgrades to the heating mechanism eliminated combustion issues. I have successfully used oil and hash in the Legacy Pro without any problems. For concentrates, it's best to skip the concentrate pad and use the micro-dosing for conduction heating. Dosing caps also work effectively with hash.

The Legacy Pro features two modes – session and on-demand. Session mode ensures continuous heating with more conduction, while on-demand mode heats the bowl primarily through convection, keeping herbs fresher for longer.

While the Legacy Pro's air path is complicated, incorporating a metallic bowl, glass tube, and ceramic mouthpiece, it tends to mute flavors compared to vapes with a single-material vapor path. Cooling is adequate, but for bigger hits, using the device with a bong using the water-piece adaptor is preferable.

The draw resistance can be slightly tight with a full bowl initially but improves with continuous use.

Cleaning & Maintenance: Taming the Mess in the Legacy Pro

Keeping the Legacy Pro in top shape demands some effort, especially without the use of dosing caps. The device's numerous parts and screens tend to accumulate resin and herb debris, making regular cleaning necessary. When loading and unloading the bowl, herbs can scatter and stick around, but a brush and blowing air can easily clean up the mess.

To tackle the maintenance challenge, dosing caps prove to be a game-changer, significantly reducing the mess and simplifying the cleaning process. While they come at an additional cost, their convenience and effectiveness make them a worthwhile investment. Cleaning the glass tube, metal screens, bowl, and silicone pads can be achieved using iso-dipped cotton buds, and the ceramic mouthpiece and its metal screen require thorough scrubbing to remove accumulated gunk. Embracing regular maintenance, especially with dosing caps, ensures the Legacy Pro performs at its best.

Airvape Legacy Pro: User Insights and Recommendations from the Vaping Community

The following comments showcase the diverse opinions and experiences of individuals who have used the Airvape Legacy Pro, providing valuable suggestions and insights for potential buyers and current users alike: 
  • Some users recommend buying the official battery from either Arizer or 420 EDC. Additionally, they suggest getting custom stems from Mark, such as the Pill Botl and Helix, which have received positive feedback for their performance.

  • There is uncertainty among users regarding the materials used in the oven and heater coil. While some believe the oven is gold-plated, the actual composition of the heater coil remains unknown.

  • Several users praise the Legacy Pro as a solid device and appreciate the valuable insights shared in the review.

  • Concerns are raised about the bowl's limited capacity, with some users finding it annoying to reload bowls frequently, especially when using the device for casual vaping sessions.

  • Users inquire about the device's isolated air path, expressing uncertainty about whether the air path is fully separated from the battery and electrical components.

  • Some users report that dosing caps burn the herb too easily, causing difficulties in using the device for this purpose.

  • One user shares their experience of using the DC Elev8r and the AVLP, highlighting the latter's slightly loose Water Piece Adapter (WPA) and expressing gratitude for insights that helped them identify the issue.

  • While acknowledging that the review felt somewhat advertising-esque at first, a user agrees with most of the points, particularly appreciating them as an Airvape Legacy Pro user.

  • Another user discusses their experience with the WPA, suggesting that reaching out to customer support may help resolve potential issues with the mouthpiece. 


Airvape Legacy Pro: The Ultimate Vaping Solution

The Airvape Legacy Pro proves to be a game-changer, offering an ideal balance between simplicity and customization. With user-friendly controls and versatile temperature settings, it caters to a wide range of preferences. The pocketable powerhouse, with its premium build and aesthetics, makes it an attractive option for vape enthusiasts. The device's long-lasting battery life and convenient charging options further enhance its appeal, ensuring extended vaping sessions without interruptions.

The Legacy Pro's impressive performance and improvements over its predecessor showcase Airvape's commitment to addressing user feedback and refining their products. The hybrid heating mechanism, combining convection and conduction, delivers consistent and flavorful draws, while dosing caps emerge as a valuable accessory, streamlining maintenance and reducing mess. Although the air path's complexity slightly impacts flavor, the device still offers satisfying cooling for enjoyable sessions.

While some may find the Legacy Pro demanding in terms of cleaning and maintenance, embracing dosing caps greatly simplifies the process and ensures the device's optimal performance. Overall, the Airvape Legacy Pro stands as a testament to Airvape's dedication to creating a top-notch vaping experience, garnering positive feedback from the vaping community and positioning itself as a compelling option in the world of dry herb vaporizers.

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