A Simple and quick Receipt to Make the Best Weed Brownies

July 03, 2023

Among all edibles, weed brownies hold the distinction of being the most iconic. Even for seasoned bakers, the prospect of making them can be intimidating. However, the underlying science behind these cannabis-infused brownies is rather straightforward.

Cannabinoids such as THC have a propensity to dissolve in fats, making them readily absorbed by fatty substances. Recipes for weed brownies capitalize on this characteristic by incorporating a cooking fat.

Let's jump to it

here is the best and easiest Weed Brownies Recipe

  • A brownie mix 
  • Replace the same amount of butter recommended on the box with Cannabutter - Best to start off with our 1 Gram Cannabutter recpie. 


  • Follow the instruction on the box
  • Replace the regular butter with the exact same amount of the cannabutter you made.

Important Tips

  • Don't forget to to Decarboxylated your flower before start making the cannabutter

  • Grinding the cannabis but too fine

  • Be sure to spread the cannabutter evenly in all parts of the mixture. This way, every bit will have the same strength, and you'll get a consistent experience when you eat or drink it.

  • If you follow our 1 gram cannabutter recipe, you will see the process to calculate the potency in the batch, or trial and error. Start with a smaller portion.

  • Increase the amount of weed you use in the receipt if you'd like more potent edibles. 

  • If you're having marijuana brownies for the first time, it's important to go slow. Begin with a tiny bit to understand how much THC is in them and if it's okay for you. This helps avoid any uncomfortable effects.


    No matter how yummy your brownies are, it's important not to eat them all quickly. Eat them one by one. If you're new to this, start with a small brownie. And remember, it takes around 90 minutes for the brownies to work in your body.

    When you devour brownies rapidly, it can lead to too much THC entering your system suddenly, which might make you feel very high and uncomfortable. To avoid this, enjoy the brownies slowly, giving your body time to process and respond to the THC.

    Starting with a small brownie if you're a beginner is a good idea because it lets you gauge how your body reacts before trying more. Additionally, patience is key – even though you might not feel anything right away, the effects will kick in, so don't be tempted to consume more hastily. Waiting for around 90 minutes allows the brownies to go through digestion and then take effect, ensuring a more pleasant and controlled experience.

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