Marketing Services for The Cannabis Industry

Monroe Blvd offers a plethora of different services for businesses in the cannabis industry. From writing content services such as blogs, articles, magazine publications, biographies and web copy specifically for the cannabis niche to social media management services for businesses both big and small, here at Monroe Blvd. we offer it all.

We know that SEO is essential for businesses to succeed in this ever-growing industry and culture. That is why all of the writing content services offered by Monroe Blvd will keep your keywords and SEO strategy in mind. Whether you are just in need of a single product review or description, or someone to manage your daily blog 7 days a week we have you covered.

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Our small team of writers offer over 50 years of firsthand cannabis knowledge to help your brand succeed. Our writers have provided writing services to businesses and organizations within the cannabis niche globally and are here to help you get the content you need. We don't want you to have to break the bank just to get your website to rank. That is why we offer some of the most competitive prices for cannabis specific writing content available today.

Writing Services Pricing

  • 10 Cents per Word – General Content such as Blogs, Website News Articles, Biographies, Product Descriptions, Reviews (Blogs and Articles include 1 backlink to reputable and appropriate source)
  • 25 Cents per Word – Magazine Publication Content and Web Copy
  • Interviews, Patient Stories, and other highly researched and backlinked work available upon request. Pricing based on specific needs.

When it comes to social media, it’s essential for businesses today in any sector to maintain an active presence. Unfortunately, not many business owners can find time to maintain a daily interactive presence with their social media following. That’s where social media management services from Monroe Blvd. can help. Whether you’re just looking for a post a day to help you maintain a presence when you can’t devote your time to social media or if you’re looking for someone to manage your entire social media presence, the professionals here at Monroe Blvd. can help. Our team can help with managing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn pages. We offer different social media management service packages to fit your budget and specific needs. Contact us today to learn more!

Social Media Management Services Pricing

Simple Packages – Includes only a simple post with non-branded associated picture

$50 weekly / $175 Monthly – 1 Post a Day to 1 Social Media Platform

$75 weekly / $275 Monthly – 1 Post a Day to 2 Social Media Platforms

$100 weekly / $375 Monthly – 1 Post a Day to 3 Social Media Platforms

$125 weekly / $475 Monthly – 1 Post a Day to 4 Social Media Platforms

$150 weekly / $575 Monthly – 1 Post a Day to 5 Social Media Platforms

Complete Packages

  • Includes 2 Posts a Day on Each Purchased Platform
  • Includes 1 Branded Meme Weekly per Platform
  • Includes Interaction such as liking other pages or individuals, replying to comments, following other accounts, follow backs etc…
  • DOES NOT include replies to direct or private messages to the page. We do not handle replies to inquiries specifically for the company, brand, business, or organization.

1 Platform – $100 Weekly / $375 Monthly            

2 Platforms – $150 Weekly / $575 Monthly

3 Platforms – $200 Weekly / $775 Monthly

4 Platforms – $250 Weekly / $975 Monthly

5 Platforms – $300 Weekly / $1175 Monthly

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