Mastering the Art of Smoking Weed: Coughing Demystified, Tips to Reduce It, and Enhancing Your Experience

November 29, 2023

When smoking weed, coughing is common. It doesn't make you a 'noob.' Even regular cigarette smokers experience it. There's no need to feel ashamed. For beginners looking for a smoother weed consumption experience, weed vapes can be a great option, and Vapo Vapes provides some of the best vapes in the market.

When smoking weed, coughing is common. It doesn't make you a 'noob.' Even regular cigarette smokers experience it. There's no need to feel ashamed.

So first, if you feel the urge to cough, cough it away. Relieve your lungs and let those toxins out. Second, it's part of the whole smoking weed experience.

I've been dry herb vaping daily for a couple of years now, and my lungs have slowly adapted, but many times I find myself coughing like it's my first time.

So when you start coughing after hitting a bowl, don't hold it in; cough it away. It will actually get you more baked, which I will elaborate on later in the article.

Don't choke yourself. And don't worry about what people will say about you. I get it though, it can get embarrassing, especially when you're passing around a bowl or a bong while having a conversation.

I've been contemplating researching this to provide the best answers for all your questions, and here it is:

Why does weed make you cough?

Continual coughing is usually caused by some type of irritation, with the lungs reacting to it.

Firstly, temperature plays a role: The smoke feels smoother when using a bong or bubbler because the water cools it down, making it easier for the lungs to handle. Some stoners even add ice to their bongs to further cool the hit. Coughing may be partly caused by the hot smoke, as the temperature of the smoke can exceed 100 degrees. The sensitive tissues in the throat and lungs are the first to react when a foreign substance enters the body, causing a response.

Regarding smoke: Cannabis smoke contains some of the same irritants found in cigarette smoke. Once smoke is in your lungs, they go into defensive mode, producing excess mucus, which causes coughing. This is essentially an attempt to clear out the irritants and mucus caused by the smoke.

The quality of the herb also matters: Bricked up weed is typically harsher than higher quality bud. The quality of weed you're smoking can directly impact the likelihood of experiencing a coughing attack. Poor quality weed may contain residual pesticides, dust, and other particles that negatively affect your smoking session.

Why does coughing make you feel more 'baked' when smoking?

Yes, it can have that effect.

You might actually utilize this to enhance your smoking session by giving a small cough, which can theoretically expose more surface area in your lungs to the smoke or vapor. When you cough, your lungs expand as they gasp for oxygen, and in turn, the capillaries in your lungs expand as well. This expansion could potentially expose certain areas of the lung to smoke that wouldn’t otherwise be reached; parts of the lungs that don't normally get used much.

It's important to note that the idea of coughing increasing the effects of smoking marijuana is largely anecdotal and not scientifically proven. The explanation about lung expansion and exposure to more surface area is a hypothesis and should be considered as such. In reality, the feeling of being more 'baked' after coughing could be due to a variety of factors, including the physiological effects of coughing itself or the increased heart rate that often accompanies coughing.

Try this method and let me know if it works for you in the comments below: 

Focus on controlling your breath. Tilt your head slightly back to help keep your airway open. Then, breathe in deeply through your nose, allowing the smoke to clear from your throat. This technique might help in managing the smoke inhalation more comfortably. Remember, it's important to listen to your body and not force any uncomfortable breathing practices.


    How can you stop coughing? Here are a few tips to avoid coughing after taking a hit

    If you find yourself coughing hard when you hit the bowl, you might want to train yourself not to cough. Below are some useful tips to help you avoid coughing after you take a hit. Please share your experience in the comments below.

    General Tips

    1. Prepare for Your Hit: Before taking your hit, take a deep breath and completely exhale. Inhale a little fresh air before and after your hit to mix it with the smoke, making it less harsh and ensuring it reaches your lungs rather than lingering in your throat or mouth.

    2. Consistency in Method: Stick with one smoking method and device. Whether it’s a bong, bowl, or vaporizer, getting accustomed to a specific gadget helps you gauge the right amount of smoke or vapor for you.

    3. Manage Smoke Inhalation: Don’t hold the smoke in your lungs for too long. THC is absorbed quickly, usually within a second. A good practice is to count to three and then exhale, allowing the smoke to swirl in your lungs briefly.

    4. Water Temperature in Bongs and Bubblers: If you're using a bubbler or bong, consider using warm or hot water for a smoother hit. While cool water or ice can make the throat hit harsher, warm water keeps the hit moist and gentle.

    5. Switch to a Vaporizer: Vaping offers a more rounded high and is gentler on your lungs. You can customize the temperature and even though you might still cough, it’s generally less harsh.

    6. Explore Edibles: Edibles offer a different experience with a potentially longer-lasting high. Start with small doses to find your comfort level. Combining a small amount of smoking with edibles can enhance the effects.

    7. Mint as a Remedy: Some say mint can help, though I haven’t personally tried it. If you do, share your experience in the comments below.

    8. Storage and Grinding: Keep your weed fresh in an airtight container and use a good grinder.

    9. Hydration and Citrus: Swallowing helps reduce throat irritation. Drinking cold beer, water (preferably with lemon), or thick fruity drinks can be soothing. Citrus increases saliva production, helping with dryness. Lemonade is particularly effective during a session. If no drinks are available, dry swallowing can also help.

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    Remember, these tips are based on personal experiences and may vary for each individual. It’s important to find what works best for you and always prioritize your health and safety.


    Remember the following... 

    • Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint! Avoid torching the entire bowl at once. Take smaller hits that you can comfortably hold. Opt for 10 small hits instead of 3 big ones to reach your desired effect. It can also be beneficial to pack bowls that you can clear in one hit.

    • Consider using a smoke filter, such as those with active charcoal, which can enhance the smoothness of the smoke. 

    • Experiment with different smoking methods. Those that filter smoke through water, like bubblers or bongs, tend to provide a smoother hit. Adding ice to the bong can further cool the smoke. Remember, the technique for hitting a bowl differs from that of a bong, and switching from a bong to a pipe requires a gentler pull to avoid harshness.

    • For joints, consider using filters and avoid mixing with tobacco. Tobacco can be harsher on the throat and is typically inhaled differently than weed. Using pure cannabis in joints can provide a smoother experience.

    • Regularly cleaning your smoking device is crucial. This helps remove particles and leftover resins that could irritate your throat and lungs. A clean piece ensures a purer smoking experience, reducing the inhalation of double burnt substances.

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    Finally, don't give up! You will be just fine. 

        Stay toasty my friends. 

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