The Women of Women-Owned Cannabis Brands

August 01, 2022

When NBC stated “the future of cannabis is female” they weren’t wrong. Women for hundreds of years have bravely advocated for the rights of cannabis use. Dating back to the 4th century B.C. when the first hard evidence of cannabis consumption was found in the abdomen of a teenage girl. Between PMS symptoms, childbirth, and menopause cannabis has been the female saving grace. 

In 2022, women are stepping up more than ever to make a voice for this ancient herb. They’re making it known that it’s a part of their culture as much as anyone's. Women are showing that their input is vital to growth, demanding all-encompassing and intentional brands. Not only are they fighting for minority representation in the industry and educating others, but they’re ensuring the plant is respected for its abundant healing properties. 

Women Who’ve Helped Pave The Way

  • Jane West: In 2013, Jane hosted cannabis-friendly events in Denver that soon received both wanted and unwanted national attention. This led to her receiving criminal charges and an onslaught of canna-curious women asking for business advice entering the industry. As of today, Jane West has created a line of glassware, accessories, travel, and CBD collections. Her company is over 80% minority held and has been spotted by TIME Magazine, CBS this Morning, and Inc.com. 

  • Carolina Vasquez Mitchell: Carolina Vasquez Mitchell is a cannabis scientist and entrepreneur who formulates products that heal and provide relief for insomnia, anxiety, and pain. Alongside her best friend, Dr. Jannise Babbush (Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry), she created Dreamt, a cannabis brand offering a good night’s sleep aid. Not to mention her passion project, ​​Luchador, a recreational THC brand with flavors inspired by her home country of Mexico. Carolina finds being an immigrant and a woman in the cannabis industry is hard and often lacks the respect deserved. She’s determined to make a stance introducing food safety into the industry as a chair member of the Institute of Food Technologists, in the cannabis division. 

  • Enid Parham: Destigmatizer, chef, and CEO of LuckyPistil, Enid Parham is a cannabis-loving single mother educating on the proper dosage within edible consumption and the therapeutic properties of the plant. She’s also an advocate ​​for sustainable farming, and for cannabis criminal justice reform. 

  • Hope Wiseman: CBS reported Hope Wiseman to be the youngest marijuana dispensary owner in the US at age 29, co-founder of Mary and Main. Being a POC, a woman, and about 20 years younger than other leading professionals, acquiring access to capital was made extremely difficult. Through fundraising, Wiseman made her dream possible and started not just a dispensary but a place for minorities to thrive.

  • Kate Miller: The CEO and Co-Founder of Miss Grass, Kate Miller started as a budtender in college and then worked her way through the entertainment industry finally launching missgrass.com 10 years later to help other women “get good weed.” Their content-led and community-focused approach gained the loyalty of cannabis consumers nationally and was recently noticed by Forbes. The 2022 rebranding of Miss Grass created an opportunity to continue the ongoing effort of growing the industry.  One dollar from every Flower and Mini purchase was collected and donated to the Women’s Prison Association in addition to donating 1% of all online purchases to a nonprofit of choice.


Since the legalization of marijuana, the percentage of women holding executive-level roles in the industry has declined from 37% to only 22%, and even worse, less than 5% of executive positions at cannabis-focused investment firms are held by women. Women are feeling less confident entering the industry and it’s hard to tell why. It’s so important to know the women that represent the cannabis industry and to support them in their efforts of creating an all-inclusive community around this healing herb. Their representation shows other girls that it’s possible for them too because marijuana and the business of, is universal.

About the author

R. K. Fleming is a college graduate, wife, and friend who spends her time advocating for mental health awareness and cannabis education. She is currently publishing her first poetry book and creating a free online course with non-emergent self-help resources. 

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