Why Does My Weed Smell Like Lemons

Why Does My Weed Smell Like Lemons?

November 14, 2022

If you’ve ever bought some weed and it smelled different, you may have freaked out a little bit. And if it smelled like fruit, or lemon, for example, you might have gotten quite curious.

Well, contrary to what you might think, the lemony smell is not due to contamination; the different smell in your weed is no cause for alarm.

The flavor profile, which is primarily brought on by the terpenes, is the key reason why your marijuana smells like lemon. Other factors exist as well, such as marijuana's past handling and storage practices.

Lemon-Smelling Weed?

There are quite a few reasons why your weed might have a lemony fragrance, so let’s run through them.

  • Terpenes and Strains

Okay, so generally speaking, the strain of your marijuana is what will cause it to smell like lemons.

Additionally, this is related to the terpenes that are present in marijuana. If you don't know what a terpene is, it's basically an essential oil, which may be found in several plants and occasionally even in animals. Terpenes play a significant role in how a particular strain smells, tastes, and affects a user physiologically.

The second most prevalent terpene in marijuana, after myrcene, limonene is prized in other cosmetic products and used as a natural flavor. This terpene is well known for having a citrusy, lemony scent. It aids with physical health, as stress relief and also a mood stabilizer, and could be antimicrobial and fungicidal.

  • Marijuana Variant

You may already be aware that there are two primary varieties of marijuana. These strains include Sativa and Indica varieties.

If you haven't heard, Indica is thought to give users a calm high that makes them want to relax and go to sleep. Indicas are frequently referred to as being "In da couch" because of their strong sleepy effects. On the other side, Sativa strains are thought to offer you a more energizing and upbeat high.

As for those terpenes, Sativa strains are typically those that have a citrus or lemon scent to their marijuana. This is because Sativa tends to have higher concentrations of these terpenes.

Sativa strains frequently have limonene, a terpene that gives out a lemon-like aroma. Yes, there are also some strongly scented lemon Indica strains, although they are far less frequent. Cannabis with a citrus aroma are of Sativa origin in most cases. 

Both Sativa and Indica seeds need to be of good quality like those offered at the Herbies Seeds shop to get the best traits in the plant.

  • Storage Choices

Another argument is that it was simply stored alongside lemon or other citrus peels. Numerous people who keep rather large volumes of marijuana in storage for extended periods frequently keep it with something else, such as a citrus peel.

This is just because it will give the marijuana a citrus scent, and some people prefer that. Another explanation, though, is that the citrus will gradually release its moisture into the marijuana, keeping it moist. Of course, one of the most important things to do while preserving marijuana for a long time is to prevent it from drying out.

  • Lemon-Scented Treatment

Another explanation is that some cunning individual chose to chemically treat it to change its aroma. There are certain drops available that you may apply to marijuana to change the flavor and aroma.

Although they are generally safe, they are still not a true representation of what weed actually tastes like. Furthermore, if we're talking about street vendors, some even flavor their weed with stuff like lemon-scented Pine-Sol and Windex to make it smell better and appeal to potential consumers.

Naturally, smoking marijuana that has been treated with these chemicals is not a good idea. However, if you have any experience and there is Pine-Sol on your marijuana, you should be able to identify the difference.

Lemon-Smelling Marijuana Strains

The potency of the hybrid marijuana strain Limoncello, also known as Limoncello 28, ranges from 14% to 18% THC.

It has a flavor profile that many people describe as combining sweet cherries and sour lemon with earthy undertones. It is very intense but delightful.

This High Times Cannabis Cup champion in 2008 and 2009 is a cross between the cherry pie and lemonade varieties.

This marijuana kind is reported to be excellent for unwinding after a demanding day at the office and to be able to ease mild to severe nausea, migraines, and other symptoms.

Another well-known marijuana variety with a lemon scent is called Lemon Tree. It is a cross between the strains of Sour Diesel and Lemon Skunk, two separate Sativa and Indica hybrids.

This marijuana smells both sweet and sour, primarily like fresh lemon with hints of fuel.

This strain has a very high THC content and is well recognized for giving users a powerful head high along with a clear-headed high. It also has a reputation for having extremely calming, soothing, and relieving effects.

With more than 20% THC, this strain is regarded as one of the strongest lemon-scented varieties available.

Another marijuana strain with a strong lemon scent is called Lemon Cake. Lemon Skunk and Cheese are combined to create this highly potent Sativa-dominant marijuana strain.

Because of this, it has a musky cheese undertone along with very pronounced lemon and citrus smells.

This strain is fairly potent and can contain up to 25% THC. However, smoking marijuana produces an excellent balance of creativity and relaxation.

The majority of people advise doing this strain to relieve tension, nausea, and physical discomfort.

Lemon Skunk is made by combining two existing skunk strains that have distinct lemon smells and aromas. This award-winning hybrid that appeared on the High Times top ten strains list in 2009 has a THC content of up to 22%.  

With a skunky undertone, this strain has a very strong citrus flavor. When smoked, it creates a very energizing feeling that can lift your spirits and make you feel happy. It also promotes a lot of creativity.

It also has calming bodily effects, though, which can aid with a range of ailments, both physical and emotional.


In conclusion, lemon-smelling weed has no adverse effects and is only brought on by the chemical composition or storage of marijuana. Access to information is key, and top-notch seedbanks like Herbies pride themselves in providing accurate information that increases the satisfaction of their customers. 

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