Top Marijuana Festivals and Events in The World

August 24, 2023

With the ongoing efforts to legalize marijuana in the U.S. and around the world, there's a noticeable trend of marijuana festivals and events that aim to celebrate freedom, knowledge, and the political legitimacy of the cannabis movement.

Listed below are the 21 most prominent cannabis festivals, parties, conferences, and events that you might want to know about:

High Times Cannabis Cup (Multiple Locations)

The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup is a major event where people come together to celebrate everything related to marijuana. This includes competitions, classes to learn about it, displays of products, appearances by famous people, concerts, and more. This event happens in states where using marijuana for medical and recreational reasons is allowed. It's like a big meeting point for the community of people who are interested in cannabis.

This event has been happening for almost 30 years and is very well-known and respected in the marijuana industry. It's not just about having fun; it's also about supporting the acceptance of marijuana in society. Via High Times Cannabis Cup official website, read more here.

Seattle HEMPFEST (Seattle, WA)

One of the world's biggest festivals dedicated to hemp is the Seattle HEMPFEST. It's known as the ultimate "Protestival" and is the largest gathering related to cannabis globally.

This year, Seattle HEMPFEST is celebrating its 27th anniversary. This festival holds a special place in the global cannabis culture and is considered one of the most important events of its kind. It's known for being the largest annual event advocating for changes in cannabis laws worldwide. However, the title of the biggest event could shift due to a single significant gathering focused on cannabis.

What's more certain is that the Seattle HEMPFEST stands out as an incredibly well-organized and socially responsible event after the festival or rally is over. It might also be the largest annual event promoting free speech in the entire country.

This event pays close attention to politics and is dedicated to upholding important community values. The Seattle HEMPFEST has played a crucial role in shaping both local and national policies surrounding cannabis. Beyond its influence, it has also positively impacted the local economy. In fact, it was Seattle's HEMPFEST that paved the way for citizens in Washington State to legalize cannabis even before any other state did.

Via Seattle Hempfest official website, read more here.

Annual Ann Arbor Hash Bash Michigan

Hash Bash is an annual event that happens in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It used to be on April 1st, but now it takes place on the first Saturday of April at 12 PM on the University of Michigan Diag. During this event, people give speeches, there's live music, things are sold on the streets, and sometimes people even break laws on purpose to make a point. The main goal of Hash Bash is to try to change the laws about marijuana at the national, state, and local levels.

The very first Hash Bash was held on Saturday, April 1st, in 1972. This event was a reaction to a decision made on March 9th, 1972, by the Michigan Supreme Court. This decision said that the law used to punish a person named John Sinclair for having two marijuana joints was not allowed (unconstitutional). Because of this decision, Michigan didn't have a law against using marijuana until after the weekend of April 1, 1972. A person named Chef Ra was a regular part of Hash Bash for 19 years in a row until he passed away in late 2006.

Via Annual Ann Arbor Hash Bash official website, read more here.

The Emerald Cup (Northern California)

The Emerald Cup is a really big event in Northern California that's all about medicinal marijuana. It's also focused on promoting the idea of sustainable farming done outdoors. People know it as the most important and respected competition for organic, outdoor, medicinal cannabis in the whole world.

The folks who organize The Emerald Cup are proud to bring together experts and teachers in the field of cannabis to help out fellow farmers, patients, and attendees each year. This event is like a party for the community, and it's become a worldwide movement that celebrates the best organic, sun-grown medicinal cannabis of the year.

Rolling Stone magazine even called it "the Academy Awards of the cannabis industry." Other people have said things like "an amazing marijuana festival in Wine Country," "the best weed festival in the West, or anywhere else," and "a fantastic place for top-quality everything" when talking about The Emerald Cup.

Via The Emerald Cup Official Website, read more here,

New England Cannabis Convention (Boston, MA)

Back in 2014, a group of people got together and had a discussion. They were talking about how there weren't many good places for the growing Cannabis industry in New England to get information and help. They wanted to create events where businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, teachers, patients, supporters, and regular folks could all come together to meet, learn, and get better. They thought it would be a good idea to have local conventions that focus on the New England area and what's happening with marijuana in each state, instead of just copying the big national conventions.

The special thing about NECANN is that they don't just think about what the Cannabis Industry can do for them. They work together with everyone involved in their events – the people who show their products, the sponsors, the patients, and the people who come to see what's going on. This approach has helped everyone involved to get more out of the events, like making more money and growing.

Via The New England Cannabis Convention., read more here.

National Cannabis Festival (Washington D.C.)

In the beginning of 2015, a small group of people who really liked cannabis came together with a cool idea. They wanted to create something called The National Weed Fest. This event would be all about celebrating the progress that's been made in legalizing marijuana in Washington, DC, and all around the country. The folks who started this had a vision for a festival that would show the spirit of the cannabis movement and also recognize the non-profit groups that have been working hard for a long time to end the rules against using marijuana.

On April 23, 2016, about 5,000 people from 30 different states, including Washington, DC, came to the Festival Grounds at RFK Stadium for the very first National Cannabis Festival. It was a whole day filled with music, especially hip-hop legends De La Soul, talks from members of Congress, learning sessions, yoga, games, contests, food, and drinks.

This festival was held just one mile away from the United States Capitol Building, and it really showed how people from all different ages and backgrounds are part of the cannabis community.

Via National Weed Festival official website, read more here.

Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair (Salem, OR)

The main attraction of the event will be Oregon's live cannabis plant competition. Last year's event marked the first time this kind of competition happened anywhere in the world. More than 60 of the best cannabis growers in the state will take part, competing for awards in categories like indica, sativa, hybrid, and CBD. The judges for this competition include notable individuals like Mark Herer (who is the son of the famous "Emperor of Hemp" Jack Herer), Farmer Tom, and Antonio Harvey.

According to Burton, last year's Growers' Fair played a crucial role in making Oregon a role model for how to handle cannabis. It had a positive impact on the economy as well, attracting visitors from outside the state and boosting cannabis-related tourism.

This year's event will also have an exhibit called "Canna Help You." Here, a licensed medical expert with knowledge about cannabis will offer information and education. Attendees can then use this information to discuss cannabis as a wellness supplement with their own healthcare providers. It's important to note that this is not a substitute for a doctor's visit; it's purely meant to provide information and educate in order to reduce the stigma around medical cannabis. The exhibit will showcase various products like topicals, patches you can put on your skin, and edibles.

Via The Oregon Cannabis Growers' Fair's Instagram, read more here.

Hanfparade (Berlin, Germany)

The Hanfparade is a traditional march in Germany that supports Cannabis. It happens every year in August, and we come together to advocate for the legalization of Cannabis for various uses like resources, medicine, and recreational enjoyment.

Last year, there were around 10,000 to 13,000 people from Germany and other parts of the world who joined the Hanfparade. This year, we're aiming to have even more people, so make sure to tell your friends and bring them along!

The Hanfparade is both a march and a movement. It's all about promoting ideas on how to make Cannabis legal. We're working to ensure that people have the right to use Cannabis for things like resources, medicine, and for fun.

Via Hanfparade's Official Website, read more here.

Cannabis Liberation Day (Amsterdam, Holland)

Cannabis Liberation Day is the largest public event about cannabis and hemp in the Netherlands. The VOC foundation is in charge of organizing the seventh edition, which will take place at Amsterdam's Flevopark. The event begins at 2:00 PM and goes until 10:00 PM. And guess what? You don't have to pay anything to get in – it's free!

The main purpose of Cannabis Liberation Day is to celebrate the global cannabis culture. We want to highlight all the positive things that this plant can bring to people's lives. This event also aims to encourage understanding and using hemp in many ways, like as a sustainable resource. At the same time, it stands against the rules that prohibit and restrict the plant, the people who grow it, and those who use it.

Via The Cannabis Liberation Day official website, read more here.


420 Rally (Denver, CO)

The 420 Rally aims to continue the legacy started by Governor Pothead Ken Gorman. If we count the years when he first began what has become the world's biggest and most active gathering of people who smoke, the Denver 420 Rally has been at the forefront of promoting cannabis freedom for more than 20 years.

Sadly, Ken was attacked and killed in his home in February 2007, and the people responsible for it have not been found yet. We want to make sure we remember his bravery and the sacrifice he made.

Via 420 Rally official website, read more here


Cannafest (Prague, Czech Republic)

Cannafest is one of the world's largest festivals dedicated to weed. It's a global trade show that focuses on cannabis and medical herbs. Cannafest is actually the biggest cannabis fair anywhere. In its ninth year, the event will take place in 2018 at the PVA Expo in Prague-Letnany, which is a beautiful location.

When you visit Cannafest, you can expect to see interesting displays from exhibitors who come from all over the world. They will be showcasing things like technology for growing cannabis, fertilizers, seeds, tools for smoking, and vaporizers that people use to inhale cannabis. You can also find various cosmetic products made from hemp, clothing, and yummy food made from hemp that you definitely shouldn't miss trying. At Cannafest, there's also the Cannafest Stage and Cannafest Cinema, where you can enjoy some entertainment.

Each year, more and more people are becoming interested in Cannafest. In the previous year, there were 252 exhibitors from 25 different countries. The organizers are confident that this year will be even bigger and more successful than before.

Via Cannafest official website. Read more here.

Errl Cup (Phoenix, AZ)

The Errl Cup was established in 2015 with a mission to assist patients in Arizona in obtaining safe and reliable medicine. This idea came about after one of the owners, Jim Morrison, lost his sister to MS. She used cannabis to help manage her symptoms, but it was challenging for her to find medicine that was clean and consistent.

Not long after that, in 2015, Jim and Jay took it upon themselves to create the Errl Cup. They funded it from their own money and organized the first-ever Arizona Cannabis Event and Awards.

"Errl cup is the complete opposite of any other weed fest or awards show. They don't sell their judging boxes, charge patients for admission or give them a bad experience like most other cups do." 

Visa Errl Cup official website, ready more here. 

The Cannabis Wedding Expo (Multiple Locations, CA)

The Cannabis Wedding Expo offers a chance for couples and businesses related to cannabis to come together and discover how to incorporate cannabis into their wedding day in a tasteful and smart manner. This event is all about having fun and learning. People in the wedding industry are starting to embrace the idea of cannabis weddings!

At the expo, experts from the cannabis industry will be there to teach participants about using cannabis safely. They'll talk about things like how much to use, especially when you're hosting guests, and how to pair cannabis with food and drinks to create a great experience for everyone.

Via The Cannabis Wedding Expo official website, read more here.

Hempcon - 420 Freedom Fest (San Bernardino, CA)

Hempcon is a special event focused on medical marijuana. It's designed for people who might find medical marijuana helpful. This event is going to be one of the most important of the year, featuring live performances and a wide range of exhibits. You'll find everything from places where you can get medical marijuana to educational institutions, equipment, and other related things.

Hempcon is not just about fun, it's also educational. There will be a whole weekend filled with talks and presentations by leaders in the industry, people who support it, and lawyers who know about the laws around it. Whether you're someone who might benefit from medical marijuana or you're just curious to learn more about it, this event has something for you.

Via Hempcon official website, read more here.

Cannifest - Humboldt’s Manifest Cannabis Festival & Trade Gathering (Eureka, CA)

The world is undergoing changes, and the way we think about Cannabis is changing too. Cannifest is a special event that celebrates one of the most important plants we grow, especially considering the exciting time we're in. This event offers an opportunity to work together for a sustainable future for cannabis farming in our community. The festival acts like a bridge that brings us closer together, encourages us to take pride in our traditions, and helps us overcome the things that used to separate us.

However, while dealing with recent changes in the marijuana industry, both at the state and local levels, Humboldt Green wants to let all its supporters know that they won't be able to have CANNIFEST 2018 in May. This is because the Humboldt County Planning Division, Redwood Acres Fairgrounds, and Humboldt County Fairgrounds haven't established the necessary rules and regulations yet.

Via Cannifest official website, read more here.

Thrive Cannabis Conference (Miami, FL)

The legalization of marijuana was a big step in ending a long-standing prohibition in America. This move also marked the start of the country's fastest-growing industry. This change brought many advantages to our society and way of life. In particular, areas like business, technology, and science are key aspects that will allow entrepreneurs to make the most of this new and open market. What we've witnessed so far is just the beginning.

Cannabis is on its way to becoming one of the most impactful contributors to the American economy. Let's take a closer look at the opportunities it brings and weigh the pros and cons of the industry. The potential for significant success exists within the cannabis field. By gaining knowledge and persevering, you can work towards achieving that success.

Via Thrive Cannabis Conference official website, read more here

Golden Tarp Awards (Redway, CA)

Strict testing rules mean Golden Tarp Awards re aiming for really great quality here—top-notch dankness, you could say. This competition is all about cannabis flowers, but it's only for farmers who use a method called light deprivation. To make it to the top 16, your flowers need to be both clean and super potent.

The Golden Tarp Award is a way to celebrate cannabis that's grown using sunlight, using special techniques to control when the plants get light and dark. This helps them grow well by using natural light, but they still end up with the great looks that indoor-grown cannabis is known for.

Via Golden Tarp official website, read more here.

Canapa Mundi - International Cannabis Fair of Rome, Italy

Canapa Mundi is a big celebration dedicated to a special plant that's known for its strength, health benefits, care for the environment, and our history. In 2017, it had 7,500 square meters of space, 120 stands, and was visited by 23,000 people, including 6,000 professionals. In 2018, it grew to 9,000 square meters with 150 stands, and even more visitors were expected.

It's a great opportunity for the people who have stands there, and visitors can have fun and learn a lot. This event is also important for changing our society and helping an important part of our economy to grow.

Canapa Mundi is like a big meeting place for everyone involved in this plant – from those who grow it to those who use it, sell it, and more. There are stands to check out, workshops to learn from, talks to listen to, and even movies and displays. You can find all sorts of things there, from food and clothes to things like products for growing, materials that are better for the environment, tools for using cannabis, and more.

People from all around the world and from all different parts of life are interested in Canapa Mundi. It's a place where everyone comes together.

Via Canapa Mundi official website, read more here

 Cultiva Hanfmesse (Vienna, Austria)

Get ready for the Cultiva Hemp Expo and Cultiva Cannabis Congress 2018! From October 12th to 14th, the Austrian CULTIVA Hemp Expo will be happening at the Event Pyramid in Vösendorf, near Vienna. This is the 11th time they're doing it! More than 150 exhibitors will be there, showing off the coolest new stuff related to hemp on a big space that's as big as an exotic garden, about 6,000 square meters. They'll cover everything from how to grow hemp, take care of it, fertilize it, protect it, and even the newest books about it. You'll also see things like beauty products, clothes, and super healthy food made from hemp. There are a lot of new and amazing things to see and learn about when it comes to useful and medical hemp, and you'll get to see them all in a beautiful botanical garden inside a huge glass pyramid near Vienna.

At the same time as the Hemp Expo, they're having the Cultiva Cannabis Congress. This is where experts from all over the world come together to talk about really important stuff. There will be big speakers who are experts in science, research, medicine, and politics. They'll talk about lots of things, like how cannabis is used in medicine, how it can be used for many things, legal stuff, indoor gardening, and even how hemp can be used as food. This year, they're focusing a lot on how cannabis can be used for medicine and what the rules are for using it..

Via Cultiva Hanfmesse official website, read more here.

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