Top Rising Cannabis Influencers You Should Follow in 2022

Green Queens: Celebrating Female Cannabis Influencers

June 02, 2023

Instagram stands out as a social platform that possesses a unique blend of gracefulness and variety. It offers a captivating array of breathtaking landscapes, adorable animal snapshots, playful self-portraits, and even those intriguing food shots capturing your culinary adventures, which you inexplicably feel compelled to share with the entire world.

Indeed, Instagram is quite diverse. But in recent years, it has been terminating many profiles related to marijuana, even the ones from Canada where medical marijuana is legal. However, there are still many accounts surviving and gaining lots of followers. The only problem is finding the right accounts to follow.

So I chose to focus on cannabis influencers on Instagram who have the potential to attract attention and followers. It's a niche market with a stigma attached to marijuana, and I greatly admire their courage and willingness to take risks.


  • Be yourself. Be genuine so we can grow together and break the cannabis stigma.
  • Work hard, play hard. Diversify. 
  • Keep your rigs clean. 

If you're not interested in following mainstream celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, or Britney Spears, and prefer to discover "celebrities" in the cannabis industry, your search ends here. Here are the top up-and-coming cannabis Instagram influencers you should follow in 2023.

The Stoned Seattleite

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Meghan is a 29-year-old from Seattle, WA currently working at Hashtag Cannabis & Supply Co in the Fremont neighborhood, she is working towards a business degree with a goal to one day own her own cannabis dispensary. In terms of consuming cannabis, she has a unique approach for every mood, but her favorite bong, Mimi, brings her the most comfort when smoking flower. Meghan favors cannabis as her preferred vice and has a preference for strains rich in the terpenes Limonene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene. Her go-to strains include Candyland, Tropicana Cookies, Wedding Cake, and Falcon 9.

Meghan was also a guest on our One Strain At A time Podcast

Meghan worked in restaurants for ten years before switching to retail cannabis in 2020. Starting as a budtender and now an inventory manager, she enjoys helping new users feel comfortable with cannabis. She wants to promote diversity in the industry and supports causes like the Last Prisoner Project and union efforts.

Fellow Meghan on Instagram @stonedseattleite


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The cannabis industry has deeply impacted Kela's life. Twelve years ago, she was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and ADHD, and she struggled to manage these conditions with conventional medication. However, in 2018, she discovered cannabis, which transformed her life by bringing balance and centeredness to her overall well-being. This experience inspired her to dedicate herself to gaining extensive knowledge about the cannabis-hemp plant.

Upon relocating from New York City to Miami, Kela crossed paths with Alicia Goku, a cannabis influencer from Los Angeles. This connection led Kela to fly to LA and spend two weeks fully immersed in cannabis education. The wealth of knowledge she gained has fueled her desire to establish her own business and become an advocate and trusted communicator, highlighting the profound impact cannabis can have on people's lives.

Kela is now the proud owner of High Vibez Society, a luxury cannabis lifestyle brand that emphasizes the elegance and refinement of cannabis. Her brand curates upscale events, offers a premium Rose Bud Preroll brand called Fumée Rose, and collaborates with CBD Botanical Company oHHo as a Community Creator. Kela's approach combines top-notch products, customer-centric marketing, education, and advocacy to create a well-rounded experience.

Follow Kela on Instagram @highly.sophisticated



Kolby, a well-known Canadian Cannabis Influencer with her Sustainable Stoner Brand, is once again exceeding expectations this year. In March 2022, they organized their first collaborative event with Mind Over Matter Diving, called the Spring Clean-Up. This event holds great significance in Kolby's career and garnered nationwide attention across Canada. Excitingly, there are plans for more events in the upcoming fall. Keep up @kolblaze.

In 2019, Kolby relocated to Kelowna, BC, and took the opportunity during the 2020 lockdown to launch her own brand. Starting her own business is a genuine passion for Kolby, even though it is not her primary occupation. She consistently engages in networking and strives to achieve her goals. Currently, she is focused on developing her portfolio in graphic design, social media marketing, and photography.

KolBlaze consumes cannabis to boost creativity, productivity, and mental well-being. She views cannabis as a medicine that, when used appropriately, can have positive effects on overall health. Breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis use is a crucial goal for her and she aims to challenge stereotypes through her platform.



Chyrl, a 33-year-old from northeast Ohio, is a mother of three with a grandchild on the way in summer 2022. She currently works at a local grocery store but dreams of working at a dispensary as they continue to open across the state. The lack of dispensaries in smaller cities poses the biggest challenge for her to enter the cannabis industry, despite medical legalization in Ohio for six years.

A cannabis user and advocate for many years, and dealing with the aftermath of traumatic events, Chyrl stumbled upon the cannabis community in Fall 2020, during a sesh, and her Instagram, @stoner.nerd420, was born from the bong ashes. Since then, she has befriended many like-minded individuals all across the country. She has built friendships and become an inspiration to others. The community and cannabis has helped her through much of her struggles with PTSD. Favorite strains include Northern Lights, White Widow, and Sour Diesel. 

Apart from her work as an influencer, Chyrl finds joy in creating reels and sharing smoke clouds on her social media stories. During her free time, she often indulges in Netflix marathons with her husband, plays Pokémon Go, or immerses herself in a good book.

Ms. Tea


Meet Ms. Tea, a 31-year-old medical marijuana patient from the East Coast. She is currently undergoing a transformative phase in life while navigating the challenging world of cannabis. Joining the W0lfpackmentality influence community, she found a supportive group within the marketing agency realm, collaborating with emerging cannabis brands and working with CBD, hemp, glassware, and smoking devices.

Expanding her circle of friends on the platform, Ashley's thirst for adventure and curiosity grew. As a young individual, she had been self-conscious about her appearance and actions, finding the process of taking photos or videos to be stressful and time-consuming. However, she realized that images may come and go, and the key to well-being and tranquility lies in doing what brings happiness.

Ash enjoys sharing her knowledge and providing support to her cannabis community. Whether it's about cannabis, glassware, products, cleaning, or even fashion and jewelry, she is always ready to help. Ash understands the significance of support, communication, and connections, and she willingly demonstrates and shares these values with others.

Follow Ash on Instagram @nebulous_tea



Hashyashey or Asheley, a medical patient in Western Washington, discovered cannabis as a life-changing solution for her chronic pain caused by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She now advocates for accessibility in the medical cannabis community while raising awareness about her condition.

Asheley aspires to become an influential figure in the cannabis community and aims to dismantle the stigma surrounding cannabis use, especially for women and women working in the industry. She dreams of playing a significant role in reshaping perceptions and promoting a positive image of cannabis.

Motivated by the desire to challenge misconceptions, she dove headfirst into the cannabis industry. She sought to demonstrate that medical cannabis is not limited to topicals, tinctures, or edibles, but also includes inhalation methods. Having faced judgment for her choice of inhalation as a way to medicate, she aims to break down stereotypes and showcase the legitimacy and effectiveness of this form of medical treatment.



Chrissy, also known as CannaChrissy, resides in Arizona and is a medical patient. While she has a fondness for Indica dabs, she also enjoys using vaporizers and edibles occasionally. With a degree and career focused on helping businesses enhance their brands, Chrissy has spent the better part of the last decade developing creative, trend-setting, and viral marketing campaigns and content.

Working hand in hand with her creative partner and husband, Chrissy has established a formidable creative force that assists brands in monetizing their media on a global scale. Her current content centers around providing creative tips, lifestyle content, plant education, and delving into all things witchy.

For more follow her on all socials at @cannachrissy.

Tara Grace

Top Rising Cannabis Influencer Instagram Accounts You Should Follow in 2022

From heroin addict to cannabis activist, Tara, better known as @cannamindful on Instagram, is a content creator, business owner and MA cannabis patient.

After struggling through detoxes, rehab, overdoses, and imprisonment, Tara turned to cannabis. Initially, she didn't consider herself in recovery due to the substance's mind-altering nature and lack of acceptance in the recovery community. However, after achieving years of sobriety from heroin and finding support among others who had similar experiences, Tara found peace and embraced her journey of recovery.

Currently, Tara co-hosts the podcast "Beyond The Rooms," manages her online shop called A Blazin Grace, and devotes herself to destigmatizing and advocating for cannabis as a pathway to recovery. Her affinity for the cannabis community on Instagram is profound, as it provided her with a space to authentically express herself. Keep an eye on Tara, as she is poised to make significant contributions to the community!

Veronica Castillo/Vee


Veronica Castillo is the Traveling Cannabis Writer, follow her on instagram here. Born and raised in Miami/ South Florida, Veronica is a Writer, Editor, and Publisher, with a pre-Cannabis background in insurance and human resources. She contributes to multiple cannabis industry publications such as; Leafly, Ganjaprenuer, and Skunk Magazine to name a few, and manages her blog Vee traveling

Veronica's profound healing journey with cannabis led her to a commitment: spreading the truth about its incredible potential. She now travels across the United States, educating and enlightening others about cannabis and hemp. Additionally, Veronica collaborates with companies in the psychedelic space, such as Tabularasa and Microdose Psychedelic Insights.

Veronica loves to consume cannabis by way of smoking flower primarily; and loves all things: lemon, haze, and diesel.

Alicia Goku


Alicia Goku is a fire cannabis influencer taking the world by storm from Newark, Delaware. She moved from the east coast to California in January of 2020 to excel more in the industry and has been working hard since the move. Follow her on instagram here.

Alicia's advice to influencers is to stay genuine and true to themselves. She has a strong love for the cannabis community and encourages everyone to stay happy and elevated. Working with notable companies like stiiizy and kandy pens has been a blessing for her. Alicia's ultimate goal is to open her own dispensary and have her own strains on shelves, possibly as early as this year.r!

Riley Kirk


Riley Dee, a cannabis educator originally from Maine, is now flourishing in New Hampshire. Their journey began with a fascination for traditional natural products and the exploration of natural medicine. Riley's interest in plants grew as they delved into the study of native plants in the northeastern region, extracting their beneficial components and conducting extensive research. This led them to discover the potent healing properties of plant-based chemicals. Seeking further knowledge, Riley pursued graduate studies in pharmaceutical sciences with a specific focus on natural products.

At the beginning of 2021, Riley transitioned into the role of an influencer due to their dissatisfaction with the abundance of misinformation online. In January, they created a TikTok account dedicated to cannabis education, and it has quickly amassed a following of 300,000 followers.

Riley is on the verge of introducing their own cannabis educational platform, which aims to provide affordable and accessible education on cannabis. The platform will feature insights from industry professionals and qualified scientists.

Lady Weedy


Meet LadyWeedy, a Parisian influencer in the cannabis community. Follow her on Instagram here to stay connected. With an open mind and a love for exploring different cultures, she has lived in various countries including Morocco, Spain, the US, and her current home of France for the past decade. It was during her first year of Business School that she first developed a connection with Mary Jane, and the positive impact it had on her life led her to continue embracing cannabis ever since.

LadyWeedy aimed to challenge negative perceptions of weed. Through her Instagram account, she shared her daily life with weed, emphasizing that it hasn't negatively affected her. She hopes to demonstrate that weed is more than just a drug—it's a way of life.

Lady Weedy loves weed and having the opportunity to communicate with a community of people who share her passion was key. She is also very creative and loves to take pictures, edit them and play with the colors, her account @lady.weedy helps her canalize all of that energy in one point.

Bong Bae


Bong Bae, a Canadian cannabis activist, began using cannabis medicinally at the age of 14. She entered the cannabis industry by starting an Instagram blog to promote the normalcy of cannabis use and connect with fellow users. Through her account, she made valuable friendships but also became aware of the challenges faced by the medicinal cannabis community.

With a Bachelor's degree in Biology in hand, her passion for assisting patients in need of quality medicine led her to take action. She established an online dispensary called Mastertokes, where she cultivates, extracts, and oversees operations. The primary focus of Mastertokes is to provide affordable medication to Canadians, prioritizing patients over profits.

Bong Bae has been deleted from instagram 14 times, but still continues to advocate for those who need cannabis most.

Follow her on instagram here.

The friendly Marshmellow


Chelsea, also known as  The_friendly_marsh_mellow on Instagram, is a content creator who advocates for cannabis and mental health. She began her journey in the growing cannabis community of Washington D.C., collaborating with different vendors. In August 2020, Chelsea made a move to the scenic mountains of Colorado.

Chelsea is dedicated to destigmatizing both cannabis and mental health. Since 2017, cannabis has played a significant role in her life. Dealing with chronic pain and various mental health challenges, Chelsea found cannabis to be her alternative to heavy pharmaceuticals. It became her "exit drug" and a source of relief.

Chelsea's father grew up in a conservative environment and held negative perceptions about cannabis and its culture. This inspired Chelsea to become a cannabis advocate and educate individuals, including her father, about the subject.



Laney, a Dance and Film major at UC Berkeley, with minors in Art History and human rights, resides in vibrant San Francisco. She enjoys discovering new places to smoke and have picnics. With a father who acquired growing knowledge from the Humboldt brothers, cannabis has always been a significant part of her life. Laney has a deep understanding of her connection with the plant and strives to challenge the stigma, particularly in her academic environment..

Laney's family is deeply involved in cannabis, with her boyfriend specializing in craft cannabis, her dad advocating for legalization in Costa Rica, and her uncles running Big Sur Cannabotanicals. She enjoys Sativa strains like Super Lemon Haze and Jack variants, and hopes to combine her love for dance, therapy, and cannabis.



So this newbie in the cannabis industry, Golden, her professional name, is from Quebec, Canada. Her instagram page @just.a.cute.stoner.girl reflects her spontaneity and creativity to share cannabis and everyday content. Educated with a master’s degree in chemistry, this cute stoner girl promises to bring natural, smart and beautiful content and be as truly to herself in this social media journey.

Golden, a newcomer in the cannabis industry from Quebec, Canada, goes by the professional name  @just.a.cute.stoner.girl on Instagram. Her page reflects her spontaneity and creativity as she shares cannabis and everyday content. With a master's degree in chemistry, Golden brings a natural, intelligent, and beautiful perspective to her content, staying true to herself on this social media journey.

As a cannabis advocate, her main goal is to educate people about the industry's basics and benefits. She believes it's important for people to understand the potential of this plant. Through fun and informative content, she shares facts, favorite products, and supports small companies.

Nessa Tall


Nessa Tall started her career in medical cannabis in 2020 when cannabis became available in her home state of Utah.

Her passion for the plant ignited when a friend gave her a topical to alleviate joint pain. Discovering a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals, she delved into researching the plant's medicinal benefits and the history of prohibition.

Wanting to connect more with the local community, Nessa created her cannabis Instagram account @loch.ness.toker in 2019 to spread positivity, share her journey, and help break the stigmas surrounding cannabis use. She currently works as a Wellness Associate (budtender) and a Compliance Specialist for Utah’s first Cannabis Pharmacy.

To engage with the local community, Nessa established her cannabis Instagram account @loch.ness.toker, in 2019. Through this platform, she aims to promote positivity, share her personal journey, and challenge the stereotypes associated with cannabis. In addition to her online presence, Nessa holds positions as a Wellness Associate (budtender) and Compliance Specialist at Utah's inaugural Cannabis Pharmacy.

The Sober Stoner


Lainie Ruth aka The Sober Stoner is a cannabis advocate & activist, and a social media influencer. She is from Texas, USA. 

Professionally, Lainie Ruth is a licensed and certified coach. Her specialty is youth soccer and volunteer addiction recovery coaching. 

She founded a nonprofit organization called Recovery with Cannabis @recoverywithcannabis also known as Maintaining My Recovery with Cannabis. This is a support community for anyone who is in addiction recovery and uses cannabis as a tool for their recovery.

She advocates for the those that see cannabis as an exitdrug from addiction leading them to a gateway to recovery.

Provisional Stoner


Ariana, a.k.a the “Provisional Stoner,” is a multimedia artist, cannabis advocate, and content creator based in Montana. She started her cannabis page in 2018 while finishing up her degree at the University of Montana. Cannabis was an incredible outlet for her as she struggled with navigating the balance of finishing school and taking care of her mental health. After experiencing the healing properties of the plant first hand, she immersed herself in the cannabis space and gained in-depth knowledge on the industry.

Ariana is dedicated to making a positive impact on society and the environment. She believes that the cannabis community can redefine the stereotypes associated with being a "stoner" and is actively involved in promoting conscious consumption and thought leadership.

Siierra Spring


Sierra grew up in a family that embraced cannabis as a medicinal herb, but faced a different perspective in Utah where it wasn't widely accepted. She made the move to California as soon as she could and landed a job as a budtender at West Coast Cannabis Club in Palm Springs. With her in-depth understanding of cannabis's scientific workings, including its effects on the body, terpenes, and the endocannabinoid system, she takes pride in helping customers find exactly what they need.

Sierra is passionate about helping people with medical problems by providing cannabis recommendations and dosages. She loves the ever-growing cannabis industry and the opportunity to learn new information that can benefit others.



Meet Amy Mothercraft. She is a crafty cannabis loving mom out of the Pacific Northwest. Since starting to smoke in high school, Amy has been an avid consumer and advocate for legalization of both medical and adult use cannabis. Living in a green state, she has been able to take her background in events, social media, and merchandising straight to the industry.

Amy immediately saw a need for more representation of not only women, but moms in cannabiz. She started Mothercraft as a creative safe space for cannabis friendly parents—hosting tutorials and live crafts, while breaking down stereotypes and busting up stigmas. Visit @amymothercraft on IG to get your stoner craft inspiration and for accessories with a purpose and creative collaborations.

Jess Loves Cannabis


Jess, better known as @jesslovescannabis on Instagram, has been working with cannabis from an early age of 18. Born and raised in Michigan, she always knew that cannabis was her passion and going to be a big part of her life. Jess currently works primarily as a grower and social media promoter in her free time.

Jess would like to see more scientific research and testing in the cannabis industry, as well as basic information being more easily accessible for those wanting to learn or those working in cannabis retail spaces. Jess found that smoking and medicating with cannabis helped ease her daily anxieties as well as chronic pain from foot surgeries. Jess’ favorite strains are primarily indicas such as Dosido, but occasionally enjoys a flavorful sativa like super lemon haze.

Jess faced controversy from her family when she first began using cannabis, but after educating them and showing healthy habits, they eventually became understanding and accepting. Photos by @cannacaptures_bynikki



Jourdan Jade began her cannabis career selling cannabis at the age of 16 in her hometown of Vallejo, CA. She worked as a budtender during high school & college. After college, she did pharmaceutical sales, working with oncology patients & was moved by their success with medicinal Cannabis therapy. She began leading free local educational classes on CBD/THC.

After leaving Pharma, she started public speaking at various cannabis expos & conferences on her advocacy of cannabis as a plant medicine alternative over pharmaceutical products, & became a sales rep for several CBD lines. After legalization, she worked as an account manager for several THC brands. Jourdan soon founded her own hemp CBD brand, called Jade Healing Co ( Jourdan also began cultivating cannabis at age 20 & continues to cultivate in Northern California. Jourdan has consumed cannabis daily for over 15 years & prefers Indica strains rolled with Backwoods.

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