Top 3 Cannabis Delivery Services in California

January 25, 2021

By Emma Grace

In the modern world, it seems like pretty much everything can be ordered online. Amazon has almost everything you could dream of; grocery stores are offering delivery services; practically any retail store offers shipping these days. The one thing the world has been lacking, however, is awesome cannabis delivery services. If you’ve been puzzling over how to find a good delivery service for your marijuana needs, look no further! Here are the top three cannabis delivery services in California.

Why Should You Use A Delivery Service?

So the big question the skeptics are asking right now is: why? If you can just get in your own car and drive to the dispensary, why shop online? Well, here’s a few good reasons for you:

  1. It’s perfect for the first-timer. Going to the dispensary for the first time can be a bit intimidating. Not knowing what you’re looking for is scary, and you could be too nervous to ask the right questions or get the best product for you as an individual. Browsing online means you can take all the time you need to shop around--no pressure of a long line behind you or other people who look like they know what they’re doing. A good website will also have a boatload of information about each and every product, meaning you could spend hours finding exactly what’s right for you. 

  2. We’re in a pandemic, people. With COVID-19 cases at an all-time high, it’s paramount that we stay home. Instead of going to the dispensary and taking hours to ask questions and find the right product, all while breathing around other human beings (which at this point seems borderline illegal) do your shopping online. It keeps you and others safe while still providing you with the perfect product.

  3. Sub-point: with unemployment spiking as well, ordering your products online helps delivery drivers keep their jobs. And if you’re in a position to be extra-charitable or to simply help somebody out, tip your delivery driver. Just a couple of bucks could make their day.

  4. Cannabis delivery services are legit. They can’t operate underground, and because of their convenience, they help push out black-market products from the community. Most of them are also locally-based, which means you’re directly helping someone in your community without participating in any illegal or harmful activities.

  5. They can provide safe and medical-grade products to those who can’t drive. Many people who rely on medical marijuana for pain management or anxiety can’t physically go to the dispensary to buy the products they need, so delivery services bring the product to them. Delivery services are also great for people without a car, or who can’t travel for any number of reasons.

What To Look For In A Delivery Service

When hunting for a good cannabis delivery service, it’s important to look for three key things:

1. They have descriptions of every product. Every product is clearly labeled with the following:

    1. THC versus CBD content
    2. How to ingest it
    3. Whether it is Indica, Sativa, or a Hybrid
    4. A general description of the product and what it’s designed to do

Having these four things is really important in selecting the right product for you. If the delivery service you’re looking at doesn’t have these, it’s time to move on.

2. Where they deliver to. If you live in Colorado and are browsing a delivery service in California, then that one isn’t for you. That being said, this article is for California-based delivery services, so if you aren’t from California, you might be disappointed if you look at the delivery services I’ll be talking about in a little bit.

3. They have what you’re looking for. It may seem like kind of a “duh” thing, but if you’re looking for edibles and the company only has vaping devices, then that isn’t the site for you. A cannabis delivery service should also be well-rounded, so if the site you’re looking at only has one type of product, it’s probably best to steer clear, anyway.

All three factors are super important in picking the right delivery service for you, but you’re in luck because you don’t even need to go browsing for a delivery service (if you live in California, of course). 

Now, here are the top three California-based delivery services, just for you.

First: Amuse

Honestly, I should just stop writing right here and now. Amuse has everything you could possibly think of, from flowers to tinctures; edibles to vape pens to pre-rolls. They even have a lubricant, just in case you’re into that. Their website is easy-to-use, clean, and simple, while providing all the information you could ever need. They have products for the first-timer or the experienced smoker and have products for every possible way you could ingest marijuana. The pricing is very much fair, and nothing is overpriced. They also have extensive descriptions of all of their products, including the strain and potency. Long story short, this is the perfect website for everyone, regardless of experience level or preference of product. And what kind of person would I be if I didn’t give you the link right here. So check them out--if you’re disappointed in what they offer, you may want to rethink your standards.

Second: Eaze

Eaze is another great delivery service that caters to a huge area (including all of LA County). They also have pretty much everything you could dream of, including peanut butter cups and sodas, but their website isn’t quite as pretty as Amuse’s. They have fair pricing as well and have extensive descriptions of their products, including how each product is designed to make you feel. For beginners, that can be really helpful as well, since you may not know exactly how each strain/level of potency is meant to affect you. Here’s their link if you’re interested in seeing what they have to offer, but in my humble opinion, Amuse is still the superior choice.

Third: Goddess Delivers

Goddess Delivers is yet another delivery service that caters to the whole state of California. They offer a wide variety of products, including vegan edibles, but not quite as much to choose from as Amuse or even Eaze. They do offer products that are solely CBD, which is nice for people who are looking for pain relief or something to calm their anxiety. They also have CBN-based products for those who struggle with relaxation/sleeping (I know I do). Their prices seem a little higher than other companies, but their products are legit. They offer everything that Amuse does, but here’s their link if you want to check them out.


You really can’t go wrong with any of these websites, in my opinion. They all offer a wide variety of safe and trustable products, all at competitive pricing. Again, Amuse is definitely my top choice, because you just can’t beat their variety and pricing. If you’re looking into trying a cannabis delivery service, these are all great choices, but that’s my number one recommendation. Remember: delivery services are a fantastic way to get the products you need without the pressure or long lines of an in-person dispensary, so definitely check these awesome sites out!

About the author

Emma Grace is a full-time student, writer, and lover of Marvel movies. She spends most of her time ignoring her responsibilities in favor of reading, learning global geography, and finding new ways to prepare instant noodles. She lives with her parents and sister and a very needy dog named Eloise.

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