199 Nicknames and Slangs for Marijuana: A Brief Guide

July 31, 2023

Marijuana, also known as cannabis or weed, has a long history of usage and cultural significance. Over the years, a myriad of nicknames and slang terms have been coined to refer to this popular plant. Let's delve into the fascinating world of 201 slang terms and nicknames for marijuana, exploring their brief definitions and historical origins.
  1. 420: This is perhaps one of the most widely recognized terms associated with marijuana. It originated in the 1970s when a group of California high school students used "420" as a code to meet up after school to smoke cannabis. The term has since become synonymous with marijuana consumption and is celebrated on April 20th (4/20) each year.

  2. 710: When flipped upside down, "710" spells "OIL," which refers to cannabis concentrates like hash oil or BHO (butane hash oil). It has become a term commonly used among concentrate enthusiasts.

  3. 20 Bag: Refers to a small quantity of marijuana that typically costs $20.

  4. 40 Bag: Similar to the "20 Bag," but it contains a larger quantity and costs $40.

  5. Alcohol Extraction: A method of extracting cannabinoids from cannabis using alcohol as the solvent.

  6. Aristocrat: A term for high-quality and potent marijuana, suggesting it is fit for royalty.

  7. Backroll: To roll a joint with the adhesive side of the rolling paper on the outside, typically done when rolling a cigar-style blunt.

  8. Bake Sale: A playful term referring to a gathering where participants share and consume cannabis-infused edibles.

  9. Baked: When someone is heavily under the influence of marijuana and experiencing its effects.

  10. Beezlebub’s Basil: A humorous and creative way to refer to marijuana.

  11. Bhang: A traditional cannabis-infused drink from India, often consumed during certain festivals.

  12. Biting one’s lips: Slang for consuming marijuana in secret or discreetly.

  13. Blasting: Refers to using butane or another solvent to extract cannabinoids from cannabis, often to make concentrates.

  14. Blazed: Synonymous with being "high" or under the influence of marijuana.

  15. Blazing: The act of smoking marijuana.

  16. Blitzed: Another term for being very high or intoxicated from marijuana.

  17. Blowing: Slang for smoking marijuana.

  18. Blue Dream: A popular strain of marijuana known for its balanced effects and blueberry aroma.

  19. Blunt: A cannabis cigar, typically made by hollowing out a cigar or cigarillo and filling it with marijuana.

  20. Blunt Wrap: A flavored, tobacco-based wrap used to roll blunts.

  21. Bogart: To selfishly hold onto a joint or blunt without passing it to others.

  22. Bomb Weed: A term used to describe extremely potent and high-quality marijuana.

  23. Bong: A water pipe used for smoking marijuana, which cools and filters the smoke.

  24. Bongwater: The water inside a bong used to filter smoke.

  25. Bouldered: Slang for being very high, likely originating from "boulder," a reference to a large rock.

  26. Bowl: A small pipe used for smoking marijuana.

  27. Bubbler: A handheld water pipe that combines features of a bong and a pipe.

  28. Bud: The flower or "bud" of the marijuana plant, containing high levels of cannabinoids.

  29. Budder: A type of cannabis concentrate with a waxy texture.

  30. Budtender: An employee at a dispensary who assists customers in selecting cannabis products.

  31. Burn One: To smoke marijuana.

  32. Burning one down: Slang for smoking a joint or blunt.

  33. Burnt: Feeling tired or groggy after consuming marijuana.

  34. Can: A slang term for a container or stash box used to store marijuana.

  35. Cannabidiol (CBD): A non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis, known for its potential therapeutic benefits.

  36. Cannabis: The scientific name for the marijuana plant.

  37. Cannivore: A term for someone who loves cannabis.

  38. Carb Cap: A device used to control airflow in a dab rig when vaporizing concentrates.

  39. Cashed: When all the marijuana in a bowl or joint has been fully burned and is no longer producing smoke.

  40. Chasing: The act of inhaling the smoke that escapes while taking a hit from a smoking device.

  41. Cheeba: Another term for marijuana, often used in a playful manner.

  42. Cheeching: Named after the famous actor and comedian, Cheech Marin, this term refers to smoking marijuana.

  43. Cherried: When the end of a joint or blunt glows red and continues to burn without being actively smoked.

  44. Chiefing: Smoking marijuana excessively or constantly.

  45. Chillum: A straight, conical smoking pipe with a bowl at one end and a mouthpiece at the other.

  46. Chronic: Slang for potent and high-quality marijuana.

  47. Clam baking: Slang for hotboxing a small, enclosed space with marijuana smoke.

  48. Clone: A cutting from a marijuana plant that is replanted and grown to create an identical genetic copy.

  49. Closed-Loop Extraction: A method of making cannabis concentrates using a closed-loop system to contain solvents and prevent their release into the environment.

  50. CO2: Short for carbon dioxide, a solvent used in some extraction processes.

  51. CO2 Extraction: A method of extracting cannabinoids from cannabis using carbon dioxide as a solvent.

  52. Cola: The dense cluster of buds that forms at the top of the main stem of a female cannabis plant.

  53. Concentrate: A highly potent cannabis product made by extracting cannabinoids and other compounds from the plant material.

  54. Cone: A pre-rolled joint shaped like a cone, typically larger at the top and tapering down.*Cooked:** Slang for being high or intoxicated from marijuana.

  55. Cotton Mouth: The dry and sticky feeling in the mouth often experienced after consuming marijuana.

  56. Couchy: A term used to describe the heavy, sedative effects of certain marijuana strains.

  57. Cross Faded: Being intoxicated by both alcohol and marijuana simultaneously.

  58. Cross Joint: A type of joint with an additional joint perpendicular to the first, forming a cross shape.

  59. Crutch: A small, rolled-up piece of paper or cardboard used as a mouthpiece for joints or blunts.

  60. Crystals: The trichomes on cannabis buds that contain high concentrations of cannabinoids.

  61. Cure: The process of drying and aging harvested cannabis buds to enhance their flavor and potency.

  62. Dab: A small amount of cannabis concentrate, typically vaporized on a hot surface and inhaled.

  63. Dabber: A tool used to handle and apply cannabis concentrates.

  64. Dabbing: The act of vaporizing and inhaling cannabis concentrates.

  65. Dank: Often used to describe high-quality marijuana with a potent aroma and flavor. The term "dank" originates from the word "dankness," which refers to something being wet or humid.

  66. Decarboxylate: The process of heating marijuana to activate its psychoactive and medicinal properties by removing a carboxyl group from the cannabinoids. This process is essential for making edibles and tinctures.

  67. Diesel: A popular strain of marijuana known for its pungent, fuel-like aroma. The name "Diesel" likely stems from its strong scent reminiscent of diesel fuel.

  68. Diffuser: A part of a smoking device, such as a bong, designed to break up smoke into smaller bubbles, cooling and filtering it before inhalation.

  69. Dime Bag: Refers to a small quantity of marijuana, typically worth $10.

  70. Dispensary: A legal establishment where medical or recreational marijuana is sold. These businesses often provide a variety of cannabis products and are staffed by knowledgeable "budtenders."

  71. Ditch Weed: Low-quality and wild-growing cannabis, often containing little to no THC. It earned the term "ditch weed" due to its prevalence in roadside ditches.

  72. Dome: The rounded top part of a dab rig or bong, designed to capture and concentrate the vapor before inhalation.

  73. Domeless Nail: A type of nail used in dab rigs that doesn't require a separate dome, simplifying the dabbing process.

  74. Doobie: Slang for a joint, typically rolled with marijuana and rolled in rolling paper.

  75. Dope: A general term for marijuana, originating from the Dutch word "doop," which referred to a thick sauce or dip.

  76. Down smoke: To smoke marijuana.

  77. Downstem: A component of a water pipe (bong) that extends into the water, diffusing smoke and creating smoother hits.

  78. Dugout: A small, portable, and discreet device designed to hold a one-hitter (a small pipe) and a stash of ground marijuana.

  79. Durple (or Durp for short): A playful and creative term for marijuana.

  80. Dutch/Dutchie: Refers to a blunt rolled using Dutch Masters or similar cigar wraps.

  81. Earwax: A type of cannabis concentrate with a sticky, wax-like consistency.

  82. Edibles: Cannabis-infused products, such as brownies, gummies, or cookies, designed to be consumed orally.

  83. Eighth: An eighth of an ounce, equivalent to approximately 3.5 grams of marijuana.

  84. Enchanted salad: A humorous way of referring to a mixture of various strains of marijuana.

  85. Endo: Slang for high-quality marijuana.

  86. Ent: Derived from "tree-ent," a term used in the "Lord of the Rings" series to describe tree-like creatures. "Ent" refers to a person who enjoys spending time with cannabis, like the ents with their trees.

  87. Extract: A concentrated form of marijuana that can be produced using various methods like CO2 or solvent extraction.

  88. Fatty: A large, thick joint or blunt, often containing a generous amount of marijuana.

  89. Fire: Slang for high-quality marijuana, often used to describe strains with exceptional potency.

  90. Firing one up: Preparing to smoke marijuana.

  91. Florist: A code name for someone who sells marijuana.

  92. Flower: The dried buds of the marijuana plant, containing the highest concentration of cannabinoids.

  93. Fried: Slang for being heavily intoxicated by marijuana.

  94. Funky broccoli: A whimsical term for marijuana, likening the plant's appearance to broccoli.

  95. Ganja: A term for marijuana, primarily used in South Asia and the Caribbean.

  96. Gasper: A rolled cigarette containing a mix of tobacco and marijuana.

  97. Getting the wind: A term for smoking marijuana.

  98. Giggle bush: A playful and lighthearted term for marijuana.

  99. Glass: Refers to smoking devices made of glass, such as bongs or pipes.

  100. Going loco: Slang for getting very high or intoxicated from marijuana.

  101. Grass: A classic and straightforward term for marijuana.

  102. Green: A simple and common term for marijuana.

  103. Green Crack: A popular and potent strain of marijuana with a high-energy and uplifting effect. The name "Green Crack" comes from its energetic nature and not from any harmful substances.

  104. Green Out: The feeling of discomfort, anxiety, or nausea experienced when consuming too much marijuana.

  105. Grinder: A device used to break down marijuana into smaller pieces, making it easier to roll into joints or load into bowls.

  106. Half: Short for a half-ounce of marijuana, equal to approximately 14 grams.

  107. Hash: A concentrated form of marijuana, traditionally made by collecting and pressing the resinous trichomes from the cannabis plant.

  108. Haze: A term for certain strains of marijuana with a distinct and potent aroma.

  109. Head Change: Refers to the shift in consciousness or perception experienced after consuming marijuana.

  110. Heady Glass: High-quality, artistic, and intricately designed glassware used for smoking marijuana.

  111. Herb: A straightforward term for marijuana.

  112. Herbo: A playful variant of "herb," used to refer to marijuana.

  113. Hippie Lettuce: A playful and nostalgic term for marijuana, harkening back to its association with counterculture movements in the 1960s.

  114. Hitting the hay: Slang for smoking marijuana.

  115. Hobbit spinac: A whimsical term for marijuana, combining references to hobbits and spinach.

  116. Hog Leg: A large and thick joint or blunt, similar to a "fatty."

  117. Hookah: A device used to smoke flavored tobacco, but can also be adapted for smoking marijuana.

  118. Hot Box: The act of smoking marijuana in a small, enclosed space, such as a car or a bathroom, to create a dense cloud of smoke.

  119. Hybrid: A strain of marijuana that is a cross between two or more different cannabis varieties, usually an indica and a sativa.

  120. Hydro: Short for hydroponically grown marijuana, which is cultivated without soil in a nutrient-rich water solution.

  121. Ice Wax: A type of cannabis concentrate made using ice water and agitation to separate trichomes from the plant material.

  122. Indica: One of the two main species of marijuana, known for its relaxing and sedative effects.

  123. Iso: Short for isopropyl alcohol, used to make "ISO hash" or "QWISO" (Quick Wash Isopropyl Alcohol hash), a form of cannabis concentrate.

  124. Jack Herer: Named after the famous cannabis activist and author, Jack Herer, this term refers to a popular and potent strain of marijuana known for its cerebral effects and spicy, piney flavor.

  125. Jazz Cabbage: A humorous and light-hearted term for marijuana, referring to the relaxed and mellow feeling it can induce.

  126. Jefferson Airplane: A playful reference to the iconic rock band "Jefferson Airplane" from the 1960s, used as a slang term for marijuana.

  127. Jelly Hash: A cannabis concentrate with a jelly-like consistency, often made using ice water extraction methods.

  128. Joint: A classic and ubiquitous term for a rolled cannabis cigarette, typically containing marijuana and rolled in paper.

  129. K.G.B.: Slang for "Killer Green Bud," used to describe potent and high-quality marijuana.

  130. Kaya: A term for marijuana, particularly popular in the Caribbean and Jamaica.

  131. Kief: The fine, powdery crystals of resinous trichomes that separate from the marijuana plant. It can be collected and used to make hash or sprinkled on top of a joint or bowl.

  132. Killer Bud: A term for exceptionally potent marijuana with strong effects.

  133. Kind: Slang for high-quality marijuana, often used to describe strains with pleasant and desirable effects.

  134. Kush: A term referring to a particular lineage of cannabis strains originating from the Hindu Kush mountain range. It is often used to describe strong indica strains.

  135. Laughing Grass: An affectionate and playful term for marijuana, alluding to the laughter-inducing effects it can have on some individuals.

  136. Left-Handed Cigarette: A discreet and euphemistic term for a marijuana joint, used to avoid direct reference in public settings.

  137. Lid: An old-school term for a small quantity of marijuana, typically an ounce or less.

  138. Live Resin: A type of cannabis concentrate made by extracting fresh, frozen marijuana plant material to preserve its terpene profile.

  139. Loud: A term used to describe pungent and aromatic marijuana, often synonymous with high-quality buds.

  140. Marijuana: The widely recognized and official name for the cannabis plant, derived from the Spanish word "marihuana."

  141. Marijuana Slang Terms: Refers to the extensive collection of nicknames and slangs used to describe marijuana, showcasing the diverse creativity and culture surrounding the plant.

  142. Mary J Blige: A playful and clever term for marijuana, combining the names of the famous singer Mary J. Blige and "Mary Jane," a common nickname for cannabis.

  143. Mary Jane: A popular and enduring nickname for marijuana, commonly believed to have originated from the Spanish name "Maria Juana."

  144. Matchbox: Slang for a small amount of marijuana, typically enough for a single joint.

  145. Medical: Refers to marijuana used for medicinal purposes, often legally prescribed or recommended by a healthcare professional.

  146. Mota: A term for marijuana, commonly used in Latin American countries.

  147. Mother: Slang for a large and healthy female marijuana plant, used for cloning and propagation.

  148. Mowing the grass: A playful and creative term for smoking marijuana.

  149. Muggles: A term for marijuana, derived from the "Harry Potter" series, where it refers to non-magical people.

  150. Nail: The part of a dab rig where the cannabis concentrate is vaporized.

  151. Nug: Short for "nugget," it refers to a single piece or bud of marijuana.

  152. Nug Run: A term for cannabis concentrate made using only whole buds, as opposed to trim or shake.

  153. OG Kush: A highly popular and influential strain of marijuana, known for its potency and earthy aroma.

  154. Oil: A general term for cannabis concentrates that can be in various forms, such as honey oil, hash oil, or cannabis oil.

  155. Ounce: A unit of measurement for marijuana, equal to approximately 28 grams.

  156. Pack a Bowl: To fill a smoking device, like a pipe or bong, with marijuana before smoking.

  157. Pakalolo: A term used for marijuana in Hawaii, reflecting its Polynesian roots.

  158. Papers: Short for rolling papers, used to roll joints or blunts.

  159. Percolator: A feature in a bong or water pipe designed to filter and cool the smoke.

  160. Phat Grass: Slang for high-quality marijuana, with "phat" meaning excellent or impressive.

  161. Phenotype: A term used in genetics to describe the observable characteristics of an organism, particularly applicable to different strains of marijuana.

  162. Pinner: A small, thin joint, often containing a small amount of marijuana.

  163. Poking: Slang for smoking marijuana.

  164. Poofy Goofy: A whimsical and playful term for marijuana, emphasizing its enjoyable and lighthearted effects.

  165. Pot: A classic and straightforward term for marijuana.

  166. Pre-Roll: A pre-rolled joint that can be purchased from dispensaries or smoke shops.

  167. Pressed Hash: A type of hash made by pressing together kief or trichomes.

  168. Production Glass: Slang for mass-produced, commercially available glassware used for smoking marijuana.

  169. Pull ‘n’ Snap: A form of cannabis concentrate that has a taffy-like consistency, similar to "shatter" but slightly softer and more pliable.

  170. Purps: Short for "purple," referring to marijuana strains with purple hues in the buds.

  171. QP: Short for a "quarter-pound," equal to approximately 113 grams of marijuana.

  172. QWISO: An acronym for Quick Wash Isopropyl Alcohol hash, referring to a method of making cannabis concentrate using isopropyl alcohol.

  173. Reclaim: The residual concentrate that accumulates in a dab rig or water pipe over time.

  174. Reefer: An old-fashioned term for marijuana, dating back to the early 20th century.

  175. Re-up: To purchase more marijuana when running low on supply.

  176. Ripped: Slang for being heavily intoxicated by marijuana.

  177. Roach: The end of a joint or blunt that is too small to smoke comfortably.

  178. Roach Clip: A small device used to hold the end of a joint or blunt to avoid burning one's fingers.

  179. Rosin Tech: A method of making cannabis concentrate by applying heat and pressure to marijuana buds, resulting in a sap-like substance rich in cannabinoids.

  180. Sandwich Bag: A reference to a common and informal way of storing marijuana in a plastic sandwich bag. While not ideal for long-term storage, it's a familiar and nostalgic image for many cannabis enthusiasts.

  181. Satan’s Cilantro: A tongue-in-cheek nickname for marijuana, humorously referring to cilantro as the devil's herb. It's an amusing way to describe the divisive love-or-hate relationship some people have with cilantro.

  182. Sativa: One of the two main species of marijuana, known for its uplifting and energizing effects. Sativa strains are often associated with increased creativity and mental clarity.

  183. Sawbuck: Slang for a $10 bill, this term was historically used to describe the price of a small quantity of marijuana.

  184. Schwag: Low-quality, poorly grown, or dried-out marijuana. It is often considered undesirable due to its diminished potency and harsh taste.

  185. Screen: A small, mesh-like filter used in pipes or bowls to prevent the inhalation of ash or small bits of marijuana.

  186. Sensimilla: A term derived from Spanish and used to describe female marijuana plants that have not been pollinated, resulting in higher THC levels and seedless buds.

  187. Shatter: A type of cannabis concentrate with a glass-like consistency, typically made using butane extraction methods.

  188. Shotgunning: A smoking technique where one person inhales smoke from a joint, pipe, or vaporizer and then exhales it directly into the mouth of another person.

  189. Skin Up: British slang for rolling a joint or blunt.

  190. Smoking Trees: A playful and poetic term for smoking marijuana, suggesting a connection between the act of smoking and the lush growth of trees.

  191. Sticky Icky: A term for marijuana buds that are particularly resinous and sticky to the touch, indicating high potency.

  192. The Bubonic Chronic Son: A humorous and exaggerated way of referring to high-quality and potent marijuana, emphasizing its powerful effects.

  193. The Devils Lettuce: A whimsical and playful term for marijuana, poking fun at the negative stereotypes and misconceptions associated with cannabis.

  194. The Good: A straightforward and positive term for high-quality marijuana.

  195. Toking: The act of inhaling and smoking marijuana.

  196. Torching Up: The process of using a torch lighter to heat a dab rig before taking a dab of cannabis concentrate.

  197. Wacky Tobaccy: A light-hearted and humorous term for marijuana, combining the word "wacky" with "tobacco."

  198. Weed: Perhaps the most common and widely recognized slang term for marijuana, used across various cultures and communities.

  199. Wizard Kale: A playful and creative term for marijuana, combining the mystical and magical connotations of "wizard" with the health-conscious appeal of "kale."

Cannabis culture is filled with unique and amusing terms, and enthusiasts often come up with clever nicknames that showcase their creativity and camaraderie. We invite you to share your all-time favorite silly stoner slang term for marijuana in the comment section below. Whether it's a classic nickname or a witty invention of your own, let's celebrate the diversity and humor of the cannabis community!

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