4 Most Popular Marijuana Strains of All Time

August 31, 2023

Marijuana is a well-liked recreational substance in the United States. It's used by over 10% of Americans and nearly 25% of young individuals. Whether you're new to using it or you have experience, you're likely aware of the impact that a high-quality type of marijuana can have.

But which marijuana strains are the most popular and worth trying? What sets these well-known strains apart from others?

In this article, we'll explore some of the most popular types of marijuana that have gained fame over time. We'll also discuss what you can expect if you decide to try them. Keep reading to learn more!

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is a classic marijuana strain that has remained popular for more than 50 years. Despite its age, it continues to be well-liked. This strain has a beautiful golden appearance and can bring about a really positive and uplifting feeling. This makes it a great choice if you're feeling a bit stressed or down.

What's more, Acapulco Gold has a really nice flavor. When you smoke it, you might notice hints of toffee that stay on your taste buds. This strain is a purebred variety and usually doesn't cause many side effects, except for a dry mouth and dry eyes, which are common.

If you're interested in experiencing a type of marijuana that was famous in the 1960s, Acapulco Gold is definitely a strain worth trying out.

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Stardawg is a newer type of marijuana that has gained popularity globally over the past few years. It's a mix of different strains and mostly brings about uplifting effects. When you're dealing with anxiety or stress, smoking Stardawg can be a good choice.

The taste of Stardawg is quite strong and interesting. You might notice flavors like diesel, pine, and herbs when you smoke it. Just like before, the possible side effects are not very common. However, a few users have mentioned feeling a bit dizzy after using this strain.

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Jack Herer

Continuing with the strains that bring about positive feelings, let's talk about Jack Herer. This type of marijuana is named after a well-known writer who talked about marijuana, even though he didn't actually create the strain. Jack Herer has been quite influential, leading to the development of many other types of marijuana blends since the 1990s.

Jack Herer is a mix of different strains itself, and it brings about a variety of effects. However, it's mostly chosen by people who are dealing with feelings of sadness or nervousness, as it has really strong positive effects. Even though Jack Herer is a potent strain, it doesn't usually cause many unwanted effects. But some users have mentioned feeling a bit paranoid after smoking it.

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Sunset Sherbet

If you're looking for a strain that helps you unwind, Sunset Sherbet is a top choice. This strain is incredibly effective and will make you feel so relaxed that you might not want to leave your couch. Even though it's quite strong, it's a hybrid, which means it won't make you feel sluggish or less sharp mentally. In fact, it can even boost your creativity after using it.

The flavor of Sunset Sherbet is delightful as well. When you smoke it, you might notice hints of cherry and berries, along with a touch of citrus. If you're aiming to sleep better or simply chill out, this strain is perfect for you.

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