What is marijuana Shake?

August 18, 2023

Have you heard of shake weed? When discussing "marijuana shake," it raises questions about its usability and worth. The diverse perceptions about its value prompt an exploration into whether shake, a byproduct of marijuana, can be smoked and if it's a justifiable purchase. To address this spectrum of opinions, experts within the marijuana industry were consulted to delineate the disparities between shake and bud, evaluating its purchase viability.

By the end of this discussion, you'll possess a comprehensive comprehension of what Marijuana Shake entails and whether it's a prudent investment. This variant product comes with its merits and demerits, intricately tied to the individual's smoking predilections.

First! Three things you need to know about marijuana shake:

  • Marijuana shake is NOT keif, it actually don't have much keif in it. 
  • It can be great and it can totally get you higher
  • It can be harsh on the throat

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What is Shake?


Can shake weed actually make you high? Absolutely! Let's dive into it.

Back in the day, when you got your stash of pot from your dealer, they sometimes had an extra bag of what's called "shake." This stuff was way cheaper, like a whole ounce for just 25 bucks. Marijuana shake is like the crumbs that fall off the main bud and gather at the bottom of the bag or container. It's the smaller pieces of weed that end up at the bottom of your stash when you break up the big buds or after you've handled them.

Even though shake might not look as nice as the big buds, it can actually have some good things going for it. It might even taste better because it's a mix of different strains. But here's the cool part: shake can be pretty strong, especially if it has some kief in it (that's like super-concentrated weed stuff). You can sometimes tell by looking at it - is it still kind of fresh and not too dry? That's a sign it might be good stuff.

But here's the catch: if you're buying shake from a store, like a dispensary, don't expect it to be super high quality. The folks at the store know their stuff, and they won't sell the really good shake for cheap. They might keep it for themselves, which makes sense.

Different kinds of weed make different amounts of shake. It depends on how the bud is put together and how dense it is. Buds that are tight and compact usually don't make much shake (unless you break them down). But if the buds are light and have lots of leaves, they might be less compact and produce more shake.

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Where to Find Shake?

How much does an ounce of shake cost? Well, shake can be found in dispensaries at lower prices, often even half the cost or less. This is great if you're watching your budget but still want to enjoy your smoking session. Whether or not Marijuana Shake is the right choice for you depends on how you plan to use it, how particular you are about your smoking experience, and the kind of weed you prefer.

However, it's important to note that you might not get the same quality and type of "high" from Marijuana Shake as you would from buds purchased at a dispensary or from a dealer. Shake is made up of various bits and pieces from different parts of the plant – it's a mix of small nuggets, leaves, seeds, and sometimes stems. Budtenders usually showcase the best, mature nugs first, leaving the smaller, less attractive ones for later, which can sometimes be sold at a discounted price. So, the quality of shake can vary quite a bit.

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Is marijuana shake the right ganja for you? shake vs bud.

There are sometimes not-so-ideal times to smoke shake. For instance, I do not recommend getting shake as your prominent smoking blend. Especially, if you are seeking healing properties for an upset stomach or a headache.

Let me elaborate. When I buy my weed, I'm usually pretty focused on the level of THC and CBD each strain has. (more about THC and CBD, and the Entourage Effect) I've noticed that Shake can be problematic for people who need or desire a specific type of strain for medical or recreational reasons. If you are one of those individuals, the cannabis bud is where you will find highest quality healing smoke most consistently, unless you know the type of strain(s) in the shake with a degree of trust and accuracy, it doesn't hurt to try it out.

If you are the type of person who just wants to get high on a budget, who doesn't mind a "hybrid smoking experience", marijuana shake gives you the chance to enjoy an array of blends, flavors, and sensations from different strains. Which can be quite an experience depending on which strains were blended together, of course.

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What to Do with Shake? Is shake weed good to smoke?

  1. Best way to smoke shake rolling it in a joint. I personally prefer joints or blunts over any other smoking apparatus, and on certain occasions, shake can be a perfect choice for rolling a joint or a blunt since it, the shake, burns evenly, slowly, and consistently. Especially if you roll your joint the "right" way.

  2. Making edibles is another great application for Marijuana Shake. I used it several times to make marijuana butter. Recently, I experimented with shake to make Cannabis infused Almond Butter for gluten free weed brownies recipe. This method calls for a little bit more commitment and attention but it is absolutely worth it. Once you make your first batch you will feel like a hybrid of Tommy Chong and Betty Crocker, my friends.

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 Weed Shake vs Trim

As we talked about difference between shake and bud, there is another terminology in the marijuana industry that you need to be aware of; the 'trim'.

While shake is the leftovers as we explained earlier in the post, trim is the discarded part of the cannabis plant that cut away from the bud before curing.

Now, the few bucks question, does trim get you high? Trim is often has a lot less potency than the flower and I don't recommend smoking it. However, if it was offered, free or very cheap, take it. It can still be used to make cannabutter and edibles. But, of course, extra potency never hurts.

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Let's talk about the different kinds of "shakes." Imagine shakes like different flavors of ice cream – they vary in quality. Some shakes are pretty cool, like the "premium harvest shake." This means it comes from the same batch of flowers, so you know the type of strain you're getting. But the most common shake is a mix of various strains and small flower pieces. This mix can be different in how strong it is and how it affects you physically.

Now, if you're thinking of buying marijuana shake from a dispensary, don't hesitate to ask questions. Find out where it's from, what strains are in it, and if there are any stems. It's your money, after all.

Let's be real, folks – marijuana is awesome in all its forms, but finding the right type matters. It's a bit like finding your favorite flavor of candy. And when you're at a dispensary, take your time. Ask the staff questions – that's their job.

So, have you given marijuana shake a shot? What's your take on it? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Stay toasty my friends.

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