Kristen Stewart Discusses Women, Weed, and the Future in Candid Interview

Kristen Stewart Discusses Women, Weed, and the Future in Candid Interview

July 12, 2023

Kristen Stewart recently had an interview with Rachel Sennott over Zoom for Interview Mag. In the interview, Stewart admitted that she had just consumed an edible. They discussed various topics such as queer cinema, working on different types of projects, and a memorable night they spent together. This interview is part of Sennott's press tour for her role in the movie The Idol, which stars The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp.

During their conversation, they didn't talk about the HBO series but instead focused on their acting careers. They discussed their experiences on movie sets, their sleep habits, and their future aspirations. Stewart mentioned that she is currently working on a movie written by her soon-to-be wife, Dylan Meyer. The movie is a comedy about stoner girls, and Stewart described it as "really f*cking stupid."

Stewart is known for her openness about her love for cannabis, so her admission in the interview shouldn't come as a surprise to her fans. In the past, she has been photographed smoking and even wore a bathing suit with cannabis leaves on it during a vacation with her brother. Some of her movie roles have also involved characters who use or are associated with cannabis.

Stewart's familiarity with cannabis culture was evident in another interview she did with BuzzFeed, where they primarily discussed weed-related topics. With her background and experiences, there is anticipation that her performance in the upcoming movie could become a cult classic like Grandma's Boy and Smiley Face. For now, fans can watch Rachel Sennott in The Idol on various streaming platforms while eagerly waiting to see Stewart's next project.

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