How to Inhale Properly When Smoking/Vaping Weed - A Complete Guide

June 01, 2023

For beginners, understanding how to properly inhale weed can feel overwhelming. To alleviate any concerns, we have provided a simplified step-by-step guide below to help you navigate through your first experience more comfortably.

FIRST, to optimize the inhalation process, it is advisable to hold the hit for a maximum of 3 seconds. This duration allows consumers to access approximately 90% of the THC content present in the substance.

What's the proper way to smoke a joint

If you're new to smoking weed, it's important to be mindful of your consumption. When it comes to joints, taking gradual steps can be particularly difficult, especially when there's a social expectation to take a hit every time it's passed to you.

It's important to exercise caution and avoid getting excessively high.

Important rule of thumb, PUFF PUFF PASS! Two puffs and pass it to the person on your right. 

Smoking a joint is a bit different than using a bowl, bong or a vaporizer. Here is the break down to the proper steps:

  1. Inhale deeply a couple of times to ensure you are properly oxygenated.

  2. Full exhale

  3. Take a small inhale of air. This is just so that there is SOME air in your lungs not just smoke. Bring the smoke into your mouth using your throat sucking power rather than your lungs.  A small hit is more than enough for you. 

  4. Take a gentle breath of air to ensure there is some air in your lungs, not just smoke. Use your throat suction to draw the smoke into your mouth, rather than inhaling directly it into your lungs. Remember, a small hit is sufficient for you; pass the joint or put it out.

  5. Before exhaling the smoke, take a slow breath and inhale some fresh air.

  6. Hold it.. 1 Mississippi... 2 Mississippi... 

  7. Exhale 

Important note: if you need to cough, it's better to let it out rather than suppressing it, as suppressing a cough can be more harmful. It's helpful to have cold water within reach to soothe your throat.

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What's the proper way to smoke from a bowl or a bong

In my experience, bongs offer the simplest method of smoking for first-time users, and here is the process you need to follow:

  1. Inhale deeply a couple of times to ensure you are properly oxygenated.
  2. Full exhale

  3. Put your thumb or finger on the little “carb” hole that is located on the side of the bowl.
  4. Just before hitting the bong, take a gentle and brief inhalation to ensure there is a small amount of air in your lungs, rather than solely filling them with smoke.

  5. Light the weed and inhale with your lungs, slowly.

  6. Very important; once the cherry has ignited, it's important to stop lighting the bowl. Otherwise, there is a risk of overheating the entire bowl, resulting in a larger amount of smoke than intended.

  7. When using a bong or a vaporizer, the inhalation process varies from smoking a joint. In this case, you'll depend on the suction power of your lungs to create a vacuum, enabling you to draw the smoke directly into your lungs. 

  8. Note: It's important to avoid pulling too hard to prevent the unpleasant experience of ash, known as "Scooby-snacks," making its way into the back of your throat or getting sucked into your lungs. Dealing with this issue was undoubtedly one of the most challenging aspects when I first began regularly smoking weed.

  9. Once you experiencing a slight burn in your throat, put your lighter out, release the carb hole, and continue inhaling deeply but at a slow pace. At this stage, you'll primarily be drawing in fresh air. 

  10. Hold it....... 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi... (make sure to have water next to you, just in case you start coughing).

  11. Exhale

Experienced smokers know how to light the weed without touching it with the flame by inhaling and bringing the fire closer to the bud. But if you're still learning, that's okay too. You can directly apply the flame to the bud, but be careful not to burn too much or take a bigger hit than you want. As you get better, it's a good idea to use the lighter less and let the "cherry" burn naturally. Try not to always be the one lighting the bowl, so others can have their turn too.

Also, don't inhale too hard, or you might pull bits of weed or ash into your hit, making it taste bad and feel unpleasant. It's all about practice and finding what works for you.

What's the proper way to smoke from a vaporizer

If you were vaping using a dry herb , wax or oil vaporizer:

  1. Turn on the vaporizer, set your temperature. Once it gets to required temperature, leave it for few seconds for the herb to cook

  2. Inhale deeply a couple of times to ensure you are properly oxygenated.

  3. Full exhale

  4. Take a slow, deep inhale until you begin to feel the irritation in your throat. Avoid pulling too hard.

  5. Just like how we did it with bongs, instead of bringing it into your mouth, rely on the suction power of your lungs to create a vacuum.

  6. Once you feel the irritation in your throat, it's advisable to stop inhaling from the vape and start to inhaling fresh air instead.

  7. Cough if you need to, don't choke yourself. Also, make sure to have some cold water next to you to cool down your throat just in case you start coughing.

  8. Hold the vape... 1 Mississippi... 2 Mississippi...

  9. Exhale

Stay toasty my friends. 

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