12 Ways To Kill Weed Smell Fast

August 29, 2023

Cannabis consumption is widely prevalent throughout the United States. It's not just that it has been granted legal status for usage in the majority of the nation; there are also projections indicating that legal sales could reach approximately $24.07 billion by 2025.

However, despite the favorable sentiment held by many Americans, there exists an opposing viewpoint stemming from the lingering scent it imparts. This aroma raises concerns among parents, acquaintances, employers, curious coworkers, landlords, and even unfamiliar passersby who cast judgmental gazes as you walk past them. The optimal strategy for managing their critical perspectives is singular: ensure proper ventilation.

In situations where ventilation is not consistently feasible, another option to consider is investing in a device designed to help mitigate the lingering cannabis odor. We've compiled a selection of top-tier accessories that excel in eliminating or at least substantially diminishing the fragrance, regardless of how frequently you indulge throughout the day.

Continue reading to discover various methods for swiftly neutralizing the potent odor of cannabis:

1. First Things First, Ventilate

Ventilation might seem like a straightforward technique for eliminating odors, yet its significance cannot be understated. Even the more upscale smoking accessories often rely on this natural method in tandem to uphold the freshness of your space. If you're aiming to rapidly dissipate the smell of cannabis, ensure you partake near open windows and expel the smoke in their direction. Naturally, this won't completely eradicate all the aroma, and the inclusion of a fan can expedite the process.

Furthermore, there exist air purifiers that warrant investment, effectively cleansing the air by ensnaring allergens. This not only aids in eradicating the scent of cannabis but also addresses various other odors lingering within your household. The availability of these air purifiers furnishes an additional solution for maintaining a fragrant environment.

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2. Buy Air Fresheners

Air fresheners have the immediate ability to transform the ambiance of a space, effectively masking the scent of cannabis. Opt for options that are both non-toxic and organic, incorporating essential oils and incense to impart a vibrant fragrance and induce a soothing atmosphere.

Utilizing essential oils such as citrus, eucalyptus, and peppermint is highly recommended, as they offer additional advantages beyond their aromatic qualities – for example, peppermint oil's potential to alleviate headaches. 

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3. Store Your Weed Properly

Cannabis is recognized for its unique scent that remains noticeable even without combustion. Allowing marijuana to sit exposed leads to the gradual dispersion of its aroma throughout the vicinity. The duration of exposure directly correlates with the intensity of the fragrance.

As a result, it's essential to adopt suitable weed storage practices, either utilizing an airtight jar or a Ziploc bag. Yet, for those well-versed in its use, the superiority of smell-proof jars over conventional options is apparent.

4. Try Odor Absorbing Gels

For individuals who partake in cannabis consumption, there's room for ingenuity in addressing the issue of residual odors, especially if discretion is paramount. Nonetheless, not all approaches are guaranteed to be effective, and time constraints could also be a factor.

An effective strategy worth considering involves the utilization of odor-absorbing gels, such as those offered by FunkawayThese products are not luxurious accessories; they are practical everyday items designed to combat potent odors within your living space. By strategically placing these gels near room vents or in the vicinity where you frequently smoke, you can effectively neutralize the lingering scent of cannabis.

5. Brush Your Teeth

The issue extends beyond the locations where you've smoked cannabis or the garments you've worn while doing so. The most telling sign could manifest through your breath, especially if you engage in close conversation with someone shortly after smoking.

Rather than concentrating solely on tidying up your immediate environment and laundering your attire, it's crucial to address the matter of lingering cannabis breath. Utilizing a potent mouthwash becomes equally significant in counteracting the effects of weed-induced breath.

6. Clean Everything

The potent aroma of cannabis has the capacity to adhere stubbornly to surfaces, including the ones you employ for rolling it. It's advisable to consistently cleanse countertops or the area where you handle cannabis, employing a robustly fragranced cleaning spray, such as basil-scented, to effectively mask the weed odor.

In addition, it's prudent to make use of premium accessories like a rolling tray to minimize the likelihood of weed particles dispersing haphazardly. Steering clear of post-session cleanup is a desirable goal; nobody relishes engaging in tidying up while under the influence!

7. Use A Sploof

Among the most reliable techniques for averting the scent of weed is exhaling through a sploof. This contraption effectively converts cannabis smoke into fresh air, ensuring that the exhaled breath remains devoid of the potent marijuana odor. Secure your Sploof here.

However, it's not obligatory for this solution to fall under the category of high-end accessories requiring an investment. In fact, you can craft your own sploof at home using common items like toilet rolls and scented dryer sheets. By exhaling through this makeshift device, you can discreetly enjoy your cannabis without revealing its scent to others.

8. Cook Highly Aromatic Food

While it might come across as an unconventional approach, preparing aromatic dishes like a zesty stew could serve as a viable solution when you've run out of alternatives.

Ditch the notion of resorting to upscale accessories for assistance! The solution lies in something as simple as microwaving popcorn to effectively mask your endeavors. If cooking isn't your forte or time is limited, a straightforward option is to pop some corn in the microwave and intentionally let them slightly overcook, allowing the burnt scent to overpower any lingering weed aroma in your living space.

9. Scented Candles

While this approach might seem cliché, scented candles consistently prove their worth. They're readily available at budget-friendly prices in most grocery stores. This cost-effective yet potent method offers an extensive range of fragrances to select from, enabling you to opt for scents that align with the degree to which you aim to conceal the odor.

10. Try Not To Smoke It

No. Wait. We aren’t asking you to give up weed altogether.

However, considering additional means of consuming your supply isn't a bad notion. If the cannabis scent poses challenges, exploring alternatives like edibles, dabs, sprays, or tinctures is worth considering.

In the present day, a variety of options such as vaporizers and oral consumption are available, allowing you to circumvent the spread of the weed odor within your environment. Naturally, you'd still need to attend to oral hygiene and freshen your breath, but this requires significantly less effort compared to attempting to ventilate a room during the winter months.

11. Consider Using A Vaporizer

As previously mentioned, there exist multiple methods of consuming weed, some of which are devoid of any noticeable scent. The efficacy of vaporizers in minimizing or eliminating the weed odor has been well established.

Vaporizers come in two primary types: oil-based and dry herb. The former emits nearly negligible odor, while the latter does possess a faint aroma. Nevertheless, the scent is significantly less pronounced compared to the smell generated when smoking a joint.

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12. Dabbing Is a Great Option

An alternative approach to maintain privacy involves choosing to dab. In recent years, this method has gained popularity, involving the heating and consumption of cannabis concentrates or extracts.

Nevertheless, precise heat application is crucial; applying excessive heat could potentially result in wastage of your stash.

Beyond its tidiness and efficiency, this technique also emits minimal odor.

Expert Suggestion: For consistently heating your terpenes to the optimal temperature, contemplate utilizing a Terp Timer.


Certain individuals genuinely find the aroma of weed unappealing, and altering their perception might be beyond our control. However, what we can control is effectively concealing the scent, allowing us to savor it exclusively with those who share a similar mindset.

The techniques outlined earlier have been demonstrated to successfully counteract potent odors.

Additionally, it's wise to consider acquiring premium accessories for situations where discretion is vital. Keeping your activities discreet is paramount; there's no need for others to be privy to your smoking endeavors!

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