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Cereal Milk Cannabis Strain Review - One Strain At A Time

June 18, 2022

On this episode of ‘One Strain At A Time’ our amazing host and guest will be talking about Cereal Milk, a relaxing hybrid strain with a super-strong THC potency. (Fun fact: it’s one of this writer’s favorite strains). Kara and Amber will discuss their experiences with budtenders, the strain itself, and other fun stories about one of their favorite pastimes--smoking weed. So sit back, relax, and feel free to light up!

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Our Awesome Host

Kara Michelle is not only an amazing host, but she’s also a testament to how transformative and powerful cannabis can be. She openly used it to help cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression, and her mission is to learn not only what budtenders can do for you, but how the cannabis industry is blossoming. She primarily focuses on San Francisco’s Bay Area, a region filled with amazing, food, drink, and weed.   

Our Amazing Guest

Amber Serna is someone you could easily refer to as a certified cannabis connoisseur. She worked throughout the pandemic as the budtender and keyholder of Body and Mind in Long Beach, California. She takes extra care with her customers, finding them the perfect product nearly every time by getting to know them and what they need. For example, she recommends CBN to those suffering from insomnia, even though it’s a lesser-known product. Talk about a budtender who knows her weed! She even won a Budtender Award, a testament to her outstanding work. We’re so excited to have her here on OSAAT to share her knowledge!

Cereal Milk Strain Review

Cereal Milk is a sweet, aromatic hybrid that Amber loves. Before deciding to purchase this exact strain, she asked some other budtenders for suggestions. The one she spoke to said that this was his favorite strain, and to definitely splurge on it if possible (I say “splurge” because the tax on cannabis in Long Beach, CA, is 33.5%!).

         This brings up one of Amber’s most important qualities: she asks questions. She asks other budtenders what they like, and almost always listens to their judgement. Kara agrees that asking questions of your budtender is vital. They’re there to answer your questions and help you find the perfect strain—heck, that’s Amber’s favorite part of her job!

         Going back to Cereal Milk—Amber loves the strong terpenes. It’s high in limonene and myrcene, which gives it a strong berry flavor. It’s sweet and citric, but not overpoweringly so. Limonene and myrcene are also good terpenes to help combat symptoms of depression, something that Amber’s used cannabis for in the past. To her, it’s absolutely vital to find the perfect product for your body and its’ needs.

         According to Amber, terpenes have amazing medicinal benefits. Your body produces natural terpenes, and the right strain for you will contain the terpenes that your body lacks. Whether or not you like the smell of a strain can actually indicate if it’s right for you—for example, a strain that smells alluring to you can indicate that your body is lacking those terpenes. That same strain could smell terrible to a friend, indicating that they don’t need those terpenes. Amber puts it quite simply: “Your body is meant for weed.”

         Cereal Milk is great for those fighting depression or other mental health concerns. The limonene and myrcene are incredibly uplifting, and it also contains caryophyllene, the only terpene that also acts as a cannabinoid. It can reduce inflammation, making it great for medical users.

         The particular Cereal Milk that Amber smokes in this episode of OSAAT has a pretty high THC content, at 32%. Even so, she says that THC content isn’t everything. Choosing a strain with terpenes and a flavor profile you enjoy is more important than going for the highest THC content possible. Interestingly enough, she says that, as a budtender, she’s noticed that people from different regions care about different things when choosing a product. For example, people from Nevada care more about flavor and terpenes than THC, whereas people from the Bay Area tend to want products with the highest THC content. Regardless, Amber is a pro at getting her customers the cannabis they’re craving!

Cereal Milk is a hybrid, which means that, depending on the grower, it’ll have more Sativa or Indica. Sometimes, Cereal Milk can put Amber on the couch—this product, however, is uplifting and energizing. She says it’s the perfect product for the beach. You can check out this article for a more complex strain profile if you’re curious about learning more. 

Key Takeaways

  • Cereal Milk is not only this writer’s favorite strain, but one beloved by the whole cannabis community for its’ sweet terpenes and delicious flavor profile
  • Ask your budtenders questions! As a budtender herself, Amber loves connecting with her customers and helping them find the perfect product, even if it’s a little outside the box
  • Terpenes can have amazing medicinal benefits—listen to your nose!
  • Using a bong or rolling your own flower can help to enhance the terpenes in your product, which is why budtenders recommend those two methods of consumption for aromatic strains like Cereal Milk
  • Amber and Kara know their stuff when it comes to weed, and they’re a lot of fun, too!


         We had a lot of fun working on this episode of ‘One Strain At A Time,’ and we hope you enjoyed it, too. Amber and Kara are two amazing ambassadors to the cannabis industry, and work hard every day to provide education and enlightenment on what this super-plant can do for you.

I highly recommend checking out our application to appear on the show if you’re an experienced budtender. We’d love to hear from you, and so would our listeners! Don’t forget to stay toasty, friends.

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