Cannabis Etiquette: Accommodate Your Stoner Friends When Inviting Them to Your House

July 04, 2023

With the changing attitudes towards cannabis, the rules governing its use have evolved. This shift from illicit smoke sessions to legalized consumption has resulted in a more peaceful culture as cannabis replaces alcohol in social events.

Here is a guide on how to be Super kind in every situation:

  • Be Generous: Generosity is the key to gaining friends and maintaining a positive reputation. Accommodate your friends by organizing drinks and snacks when hosting, and bring a fair amount of weed when it's your turn. The Golden Rule of life applies to weed as well: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

  • Choose your company well: If your smoke circle lacks kindness or takes advantage of your generosity, it's simple to find new smoke buddies at local dispensaries or cannabis clubs. There's no need to tolerate bad company or negative influences. Surround yourself with positive people who uplift you.

  • Don’t pressure anyone: Respecting others' choices is crucial when it comes to cannabis. Pressuring anyone to participate is uncool. Create an inclusive space where people can choose to join voluntarily. Don't waste good cannabis on someone who isn't interested yet.

  • Be Responsible: Contribute your fair share to the group by covering weed, food, or hosting expenses. If you can't afford it, communicate and offer non-financial assistance instead. Consider meeting at outdoor locations or cannabis-friendly venues like recreational cannabis coffee shops for enjoyable smoke sessions.

  • Bring ample snacks and drinks to share: It's rude to bring something delicious to a communal smoke session without sharing. When attending a cannabis social gathering, remember that your friends might also be hungry. If you want take-out, ask if others would like to order together after you arrive. 

  • Ask Questions: If you're unsure about something, don't hesitate to ask. We're past the era of gatekeeping and excluding people based on complex rituals to determine if they're trustworthy. It's far better to seek guidance on how to do something than to make mistakes. Remember, everyone was once a beginner.

    Different locations have different rules, so it's important to clarify things verbally with everyone at the beginning to prevent misunderstandings later on.

  • Say Exactly What You Brought: Being honest about your preference for mixing bud with tobacco, hashish, chamomile, or anything else is crucial. Before doing so, it's best to ask the group if they are comfortable with it to ensure a safe and respectful environment.

  • Treat Other’s Belongings Better Than Your Own: Indeed, it's better to value those who handle everything with care and caution, rather than individuals who recklessly wave their hands around with fire, leading to broken glass incidents. Once you experience the frustration of a broken item caused by a careless friend, you develop an appreciation for careful handling.

    If you break something, it's important to replace it. If you cannot afford a direct replacement, offer compensation to the owner for their loss. Everyone has their own skills and abilities, so you can find other ways to make it up to them. Whether it's helping with tasks like moving, repainting their kitchen, or even pet-sitting (although breaking their glass may affect their trust in you with their pets), there are ways to contribute and show your willingness to make amends.

  • Pass around the packaging: Legitimately obtained and properly packaged weed reassures everyone about its safety. With various reputable companies competing for our legal purchases, the packaging becomes a way to reward good products and relax new smokers.

Basic Skills Every Stoner Should Learn

  • Learn how to roll a joint (Here is how I learned: The Dollar Bill Method) By mastering the art of rolling joints, you can earn respect and admiration from your peers. However, if you struggle with rolling, consider investing in an auto-roller or simply opt for pre-rolls from the local dispensary.

  • Learn how to properly prepare your green: Before using a grinder or shredding your cannabis by hand, ensure that you remove any stems and seeds. Stems can impart an unpleasant taste when smoked in a communal bowl, but they can be saved to grind into canna-butter for future use in edibles.

  • Learn how to make edibles: (Here is how) Although stems taste awful when smoked, if you grind them up a few rounds in your (Insert promoted grinder here: I use a sharpstone) you will then have a good pulp to infuse your butter. Here is the easiest cookie recipe I have enjoyed over the years.

  • Take Care of Your Belongings: Smoking from a bong with stagnant three-month-old water or sharing a pipe covered in lipstick is highly undesirable. It's important to keep your smoking equipment clean and ensure that the water is fresh. Regularly clean your borosilicate pieces with a reliable glass cleaner like (insert recommended glass cleaner). It's a task that requires time and effort, but it's worth it for a better smoking experience. Here is the Wikihow on how to clean a bong with common household materials.

  • Learn How to Properly Pack and Smoke a Shared Bowl with Cornering (here is how) When it's your turn to light the weed, remember to use the smallest amount necessary. This conserves weed, shows consideration, and effectively fills the chamber. Follow the puff puff pass rule and avoid holding the bowl while telling a story. Pass it on so that others can enjoy their turn. Rest assured, it will come back to you, and if it's empty, feel free to refill it.

  • Learn your tolerance levels: If you accidentally take more than you can handle- remember to stay calm and remember that it will pass, here is some tips To Overcome Your Paranoia While You're High.

  • Arrange your transportation or arrangements in advance: It's crucial to prioritize safety and avoid driving while intoxicated. Whether you arrange for an Uber, designate a sober driver, or request permission to stay and relax on the couch, always take the responsible route. Plan ahead and communicate your intentions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • Be a Gracious Guest: To make a positive impact at gatherings, learn to assist the host, maintain a positive atmosphere, and avoid divisive topics. Contribute generously in terms of weed, money, or transportation. Clean up after yourself and show gratitude to the host and other participants.

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  • Have fun! No, seriously… as we age, our lives should not remain a perpetual dramafest. Enjoy these opportunities to interact with others in a lighthearted in friendly way: there is a time and a place for serious, heart-rending conversations. The middle of a smoke session with your friends is not that time.  By focusing on the moment and not on your worries you will make the occasion more pleasant for you and others in the circle


As cannabis prohibition comes to an end, we are entering a world of boundless opportunities and transparency in exploring the benefits of this plant. Gone are the days of relying on questionable sources for weed, as we now have a wide range of reputable brands and various consumption methods available.

Engaging in smoke sessions with friends or acquaintances not only allows us to appreciate the producers who offer quality products but also serves as a platform to share feedback on strains and products that may not have met our expectations.

Any gathering where we enjoy cannabis with friends presents an opportunity to strengthen our community and contribute to the positive aspects of cannabis culture.

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