4 Ways to Use Cannabis for Better Sex

August 17, 2023

Sex and cannabis aren't just basic human experiences, they're also part of a growing trend in the legal cannabis industry. Companies that sell cannabis and related products are advertising them as ways to improve sexual experiences and intimacy. They're creating special products and content to promote this idea. Since cannabis became legal, there's been an increase in people interested in these products, including adventurous individuals, older adults, and those dealing with sexual issues.

As someone who faces challenges like vaginismus, interstitial cystitis, and a contracted pelvic floor, and who is also looking for exciting experiences, I want to share my honest thoughts on how cannabis has impacted me:

1. Cannabis Infused Lubricant

Products tried: "O" by Fairwinds, “Muse” Ethos, “Velvet Swing”, trying next Heylo

  • Claim: Increased sensation (both pre and post menopause), relaxation of vaginal muscles to relieve symptoms of vaginismus and other pain associated with penetration, enhanced orgasms

  • Practicality: Although it’s easy to find cannabis infused lubricant, the market is saturated with “do-nothing” products, so I went through several different bottles before feeling an effect. Per the instructions on most, it takes 15-30 minutes to activate so that time could be a bit awkward if you don’t plan for it.

  • Result: With one of the products ("O" by Fairwinds) I was able to feel both a warming and tingling sensation, which did relax me and help with contractions and pain from vaginismus. My partner reported feeling a tingling sensation in his part and claimed to do so with most of the products we’ve tried. The biggest downside to cannabis lube is consistency, so far none of them have felt very natural or been long-lasting, and some have been so awful we had to stop, wash and snack before trying again.

  • Recommendation: If you want to have some fun solo play, or get experimental with your partner, definitely grab some quality cannabis lube and prepare for foreplay. If you struggle to relax during sex, and/or with vaginismus, I recommend a lube from a medicinally focused company, like Fairwinds.

2. Specific Cannabis Strains for Sex

  • Claim: Certain marijuana strains will lower inhibitions and enable mind-blowing orgasms after smoking them. Examples are Granddaddy Purple, Huckleberry strains, Sour Diesel,etc.

  • Practicality: Not practical. At least in Washington’s market it is extremely difficult to shop by strain. Not only could you go through 5 dispensaries without finding a specific strain, the chances of you finding a well-grown, cured and packaged version of that strain are slim to none. Without careful attention from the producer you won’t get the same effect that you  read about online. If you could grow your own sex-strain this could be a fun option, but if you don’t have space or energy for that, you could end up very frustrated.

  • Result: A good Granddaddy Purple, and several of it’s lineage will definitely give whole body tingles that feel like what the lube is trying to accomplish with my clitoris. Several kush strains that have a nice body buzz without too much of a head high or sedative effect are also great to smoke before sex. The key is not to smoke too much and be too stoned for sex, as some Indica strains can feel too heavy to feel any sensation.

  • Recommendation: Strain specific sex is fun but unreliable. I recommend this approach when it presents itself, not as a regular practice. If you are not already using cannabis, I would not recommend smoking weed to help relax, or combat any sexual dysfunction.

3. Cannabis Infused Aphrodisiac Mouth Spray

  • Claim: Mouth spray that will increase libido and enhance orgasms by administering low doses of THC/CBD and herbal additives.

  • Practicality: Aside from one spray leaking all over my purse, this method was very practical. You can discreetly spray 2.5mg doses into your mouth anywhere, which would be handy on a date or right before sexy time.

  • Results: Aside from a variety tour of badly flavored weed taste I got absolutely nothing from these products. Maybe my tolerance or libido is too high, but out of all cannabis products I’ve tried these were the least effective.

  • Recommendation: I recommend these sprays if you are up for trying something new, able to have fun regardless, and don’t mind wasting a few bucks.

4. Cannabis Suppositories

  • Claim: Cannabis infused suppositories can help relax vaginal muscles or the anal sphincter to make sex more enjoyable, less painful, and reduce painful symptoms after sex.

  • Practicality: As you can imagine, there is nothing sexier than popping in a suppository to get yourself ready for action! They could also leave a bit of residue that could be startling if unexplained, but if you can make it past that the effects are worth it. They can be tougher to locate in retail dispensaries, but typically companies that make suppositories really know their stuff and care about their consumers (f.e. The CPC, Fairwinds).

  • Results: In severe bouts of vaginismus or bladder-related pain, these suppositories can work miracles. I did feel a strong overall high with the initial onset, but after that waned, my pelvic floor relaxed, and I didn’t feel too buzzed to enjoy myself.

  • Recommendation: I would not recommend these to the recreational user but would highly recommend them to anyone dealing with a contracted pelvic floor, vaginismus, interstitial cystitis, and any other condition that prevents you from physically relaxing your pelvic region. 


Whether you're engaging in recreational activities for enjoyment or striving to elevate the quality of your sexual experiences, cannabis has the potential to add an extra dimension to your pursuits. It's worth noting that while cannabis can contribute positively, it isn't a substitute for genuine effort and engagement. Rather, it acts as a complementary element that can amplify the sensations and sensations you're seeking.

For those seeking enhanced intimacy, cannabis might help reduce inhibitions and heighten sensory experiences. Similarly, in recreational settings, it could foster a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. However, it's crucial to emphasize that relying solely on cannabis would be a misconception. The responsibility for creating fulfilling experiences remains with the individuals involved. Cannabis simply serves as a tool, enhancing the efforts and intentions that individuals bring to the table. In essence, it's a facilitator that can enhance the journey, but the destination ultimately depends on your active participation.

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