Best 5 Podcasts to Listen to When High

May 31, 2023

The enjoyable experiences that can be enhanced while being under the influence of cannabis are countless. Whether it's watching a captivating episode of Seinfeld, engaging in a meaningful conversation with a close friend, or even exploring the world of podcasts, the possibilities are endless.

While many people enjoy listening to music while high, it's worth considering expanding your auditory horizons. Podcasts offer a diverse range of topics and can provide a unique and informative listening experience. There are thousands of podcasts available that cater to various interests, including discussions on economic issues, politics, social matters, and more.

In particular, there are a plethora of marijuana-related podcasts that delve into the subject from various angles. These podcasts may focus on weed as the central theme or reference it frequently, offering insights from social, business, and pop culture perspectives. Exploring these podcasts can provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the world of cannabis and gain a broader understanding of its impact on society.

So, if you're seeking a new way to enhance your cannabis-infused moments, consider exploring the world of podcasts and discover the wealth of knowledge and entertainment they have to offer.

Here are our top 5:

1. Marijuana Today Daily Podcast


MJToday Media is a Maine-based company that specializes in creating media and delivering news intelligence specifically tailored for the legal marijuana industry. Despite being a small-scale operation, they have established themselves as a reputable source within the cannabis sector.

MJToday Media produces two podcasts, Marijuana Today and Marijuana Today Daily, as well as the MJToday Media Newsfeed, a comprehensive daily headlines newsletter that is relied on by all the smart movers and shakers in the industry for keeping up-to-date on important news.

Check it out here.

2. Joe Rogan Podcast


With a career spanning over two decades as a stand-up comedian, Joe Rogan has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. He is widely recognized as the host of "The Joe Rogan Experience," a highly popular podcast known for its long-form conversations with guests, ranking among the top podcasts on iTunes.

Additionally, since 2002, Rogan has been actively involved in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), providing color commentary for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on platforms such as Pay Per View, Spike Television, and FOX. His passion for MMA dates back to his early years, starting martial arts training at the age of 13. Within a short span, he achieved a black belt and became the Massachusetts full-contact Tae Kwon Do champion for four consecutive years. By the time he turned 19, Rogan won the prestigious US Open Tae Kwon Do Championship and, as the lightweight champion, defeated both the middleweight and heavyweight title-holders to claim the Grand Championship.

In addition to his podcast and involvement in MMA, Rogan continues to perform stand-up comedy both locally and internationally, showcasing his comedic talents to audiences around the world. His diverse career reflects his multifaceted abilities and his dedication to entertaining and engaging with audiences across various platforms.

Check it out here

3. Those Conspiracy Guys Podcast


Those Conspiracy Guys is a hilarious podcast that airs on a weekly basis. Each episode is dedicated to exploring a wide range of conspiracy theories spanning various topics, from ancient Atlantean myths to the enigmatic Zapruder films. The show delves into the realms of ghosts, demons, alien abductions, werewolves, vampires, CIA assassins, Russian spies, and much more.

Catering to audiences of all backgrounds, from the average person on the street to dedicated conspiracy enthusiasts, the podcast aims to bring forth the greatest conspiracies that have fascinated humanity throughout history, as well as those unfolding in our present-day. The hosts actively avoid delving into tinfoil hat territory and poorly crafted sci-fi stories that saturate the internet. Instead, they curate and present conspiracies that have garnered public attention, as well as lesser-known ones that are waiting to be discovered.

By sifting through an overwhelming sea of information, the hosts separate the wheat from the chaff and run their discerning "bullshit detector" over the misinformation that resides within the stagnant swamp of the web. With a touch of humor, they provide entertaining and thought-provoking discussions that explore conspiracies in an engaging and engagingly critical manner.

Join the hosts of Those Conspiracy Guys as they navigate the intriguing world of conspiracy theories, offering a unique and entertaining perspective on the mysteries that captivate both our collective imagination and the murky depths of the internet.

Check it out here

4. Shaping Fire Podcast


Shango, a lifelong cannabis enthusiast, entrepreneur, and business consultant, is a staunch advocate for patients, heritage cannabis growers, and responsible and sustainable commercial cannabis businesses. With a passion for the industry, he founded Shaping Fire, a leading podcast that explores innovation and disruption within the cannabis sector.

Beyond his podcast, Shango has made significant contributions to the cannabis community. He is the founder of the Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance (VIMEA), a cannabis trade organization dedicated to creating new markets for cannabis health products produced on Vashon Island. VIMEA is renowned for organizing engaging events and inviting world-class cannabis speakers to educate both island residents and visitors who take the ferry from nearby Seattle, Washington.

Through his various ventures and speaking engagements, Shango continues to make a positive impact on the cannabis industry, fostering education, sustainability, and responsible practices while championing the needs of patients, heritage growers, and the broader cannabis community.

Check it out here.  

5. The Brave New Weed Podcast


Embark on a captivating journey with Joe Dolce, the former Editor-in-chief of Details magazine, as he explores the enchanting and controversial realm of the world's most intriguing plant.

From the lush grow houses of California to state-of-the-art laboratories in Tel Aviv, Joe delves deep into the extraordinary, surprising, and often hilarious history of this multifaceted plant that has captivated humanity for millennia.

Join Joe as he uncovers the captivating stories behind the plant's global presence, revealing its oddities, shocking revelations, and humorous anecdotes. Through his travels and investigations, Joe sheds light on the complex nature of this extraordinary plant, unravelling its cultural significance and its profound impact on societies throughout history.

Get ready to be enthralled by the fascinating tales that surround this extraordinary plant, as Joe Dolce takes you on an unforgettable adventure through time and across continents.

Check it out here

Here is a bonus one for you: Queens of The Stoned Age


Entertainment is ready for a changing of the guard, and Queens of the Stoned Age is the beginning of this new paradigm. Bringing together some of the coolest, most irreverent female voices today, this podcast dives deep on important topics in the world of cannabis.

Hosted by MERRY JANE Managing Editor Mira Gonzalez, the series features thoughtful minds, visionary creators, and influential personalities confronting a wide range of topics (intersectionality, feminism, politics, pop culture, activism, health and wellness, etc.) from a cannabis-perspective.

Queens of the Stoned Age was inspired by the magical connection between women and cannabis. Executive produced by Snoop Dogg, the series celebrates women who love weed. From grandmas to gamers, housewives to home girls, the series highlights a mix of engaging women -- including the Cannabis Feminist, Jessica Assaf, among others -- to tackle a variety of issues that modern females face today - such as, marriage/relationships, children, careers, food, politics, sex, etc.

Check it out here.

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