Best Cannabis and Hemp Seed Banks in 2023

May 25, 2023

As cannabis continues to flourish and be legalized for medical or recreational use in the United States and around the world, home growing is emerging as a popular hobby that enthusiasts are embracing to cultivate their favorite herb.

A long side with the growing industry, the marijuana seeds marketplace is becoming a commodity. If you were interested to grow your own weed, here are few trusted and reliable marijuana seed banks that you can get your favorite strain’s seeds from, they're also the best seed bank for feminized seeds:

1. Ventura Seed Company

Ventura Seed Company stands as California's pioneering USDA certified organic Hemp CBD supplier, holding the distinction of being the first licensed establishment of its kind in the state.

With a vertically integrated supply chain, they guarantee the production of premium and sustainable goods, maintaining control over the entire process from genetics to finished products.

Based in Ventura County, California, Ventura Seed Company boasts affiliate farms situated across the United States, cementing their position as a leading innovator in hemp genetics and an advocate for organic and regenerative agriculture practices throughout the nation.

Read more about Ventura Seed Company here

2. Royal Marijuana Seed Bank

Royal Seed Bank has earned a global reputation as a renowned destination for comparing and obtaining the most popular cannabis strains at affordable prices. Recognized as one of the leading online platforms, they have been consistently praised for offering the lowest prices for cannabis seeds. With their commitment to affordability, Royal Seed Bank has become a preferred choice for individuals seeking high-quality seeds without breaking the bank.

The website of Royal Seed Bank boasts an exceptionally user-friendly interface, providing a seamless experience for customers. It offers a comprehensive selection of fresh cannabis seeds, encompassing regular, feminized, and auto-flowering varieties.

The platform's remarkable feature lies in its ability to compare prices from various esteemed seed banks currently in operation. This unique capability, often regarded as a miraculous convenience, positions Royal Seed Bank as one of the top destinations for purchasing cannabis seeds. Customers can confidently rely on this platform as one of the finest places to procure high-quality cannabis seeds.

As for shipping, it is worldwide, fast, reliable, and discreet.

Read more about Royal Seed Bank Here.

3. Aficionado Cannabis Seeds Bank

With its roots firmly planted in Northern California's renowned Emerald Triangle region, Aficionado has dedicated over two decades to crafting highly exclusive designer cannabis for a select group of private clients. Drawing upon a combination of legendary heirloom genetics and visionary artisanship, Aficionado embodies the long-standing tradition of the Emerald Triangle in producing boutique cannabis that possesses a remarkable balance of boldness and refinement.

Each strain created by Aficionado is strictly produced in limited quantities, ensuring unparalleled quality. These exclusive varieties are reserved solely for the most discerning connoisseurs who truly appreciate and seek out the finest cannabis offerings.

Read more about Aficionado here.

4. Green House Weed Seeds Company

Since its establishment in 1985 in Amsterdam, the Green House Brands portfolio has grown to encompass five prominent marijuana businesses: Strain Hunters, Green House Seed Co., Green House Feeding, Green House Coffee shops, and King of Cannabis.

The brand's presence has been recognized through appearances on respected platforms such as VICE and National Geographic. The assets held by Green House have garnered the company a multitude of prestigious honors, including an impressive tally of over 40 High Times Cannabis Cups and more than 200 awards for their exceptional genetics. This extensive recognition solidifies Green House's position as a leader within the global cannabis industry, showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Read more about the Green House Brands here.

5. Sensi Marijuana Seeds Bank

Sensi Seeds blazed a trail in the cannabis seed industry, establishing themselves as pioneers in 1985. Presently, the company stands as one of the largest cannabis seed banks globally, offering a vast selection of over 500 varieties.

These genetics, along with the Sensi Seeds brand name, have solidified their status as enduring classics within the cannabis community. Notably, the Dutch government selected Sensi Seeds genetics for the development of medicinal cannabis that is supplied through pharmacies. This recognition further underscores the exceptional quality and reliability of Sensi Seeds' genetic offerings.

Read more about Sensi Marijuana Seeds bank here.

6. TGA Cannabis Seeds Bank

TGA Genetics came into existence in the early part of 2001, founded by a passionate collective of medical growers who were disillusioned by the prevalent false claims and deceptive marketing practices prevalent in the seed industry, which unfortunately persist even today. Breaking away from the industry norm, TGA Genetics embarked on a unique approach known as "open source breeding."

This involved collaborating with and gathering valuable insights and data from thousands of medical cannabis growers. Over the course of 17 years, this research-driven methodology has led to the development of 45 distinct strains, each carefully crafted to cater to specific conditions and requirements. These diverse strains embody the dedication of TGA Genetics in creating tailored cannabis varieties that offer unique benefits to consumers.

Read more about TGA Genetics here.

7. DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics, a highly influential seed company, has been a driving force in the cannabis industry and culture for more than a decade. Founded by Don and Aaron in 2004, DNA Genetics established its roots in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Drawing inspiration from their upbringing in Southern California, the founders created a brand that distinguished them from the mainstream market and industry.

The deep understanding and visionary perspective of the global cannabis culture became a formidable advantage for DNA Genetics. Their ability to anticipate and connect with the evolving needs and preferences of cannabis enthusiasts sets them apart from their competitors. Their profound insights and unwavering vision have played a significant role in shaping the cannabis landscape, making DNA Genetics a prominent and respected name in the industry.

Read more about DNA Genetics here.

8. Swamp Boys Cannabis Seeds Bank

Swamp Boys Seeds is a successful collaboration between Cornbread Ricky and Krome, two old friends from Florida.  These creative breeders have undeniably made today’s cannabis community a better place, chiefly by sharing two legendary strains: Triangle Kush and The White.  

Since relocating to California, the Swamp Boys have been consistently discovering new genetics, combining their tried-and-true strains with some of the newer varieties to create innovative and unique standout cultivars. Notable strains attributed to Swamp Boys Seeds (either created or selected) include McFly White Fire #3, Trigerian, Nookies, Blockhead, Mojito, Rogan and Tina Danza.

Read more about Swamp Boys Cannabis Seeds Bank here

9. Gage Green Group

enowned as one of the premier marijuana seed banks in the industry, Gage Green Group stands as a collective of connoisseur cultivators and herbalists driven by their pursuit of the finest cannabis experiences. The founders, Keyplay and M4k, united their respective artistic and scholastic perspectives to establish Gage Green Group in Oakland, California, driven by their shared commitment to quality and wellness.

Since its official inception in 2010, Gage Green Group has expanded into a network of interdependent gardeners, each dedicated to achieving excellence in their craft. While their headquarters are based in Amsterdam, the group's research ventures span across diverse climates worldwide. This widespread presence allows them to explore and optimize cannabis cultivation in various environmental conditions, further enhancing their expertise and fostering innovation.

Read more about Gage Green Group here

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