10 Self- Introducing Celebrity Weed Strains, Named After A-List Celebrities

August 10, 2023

Cannabis has reached a significant milestone by successfully enacting cannabis policies across various regions globally. This achievement owes its success not only to the dedication of policymakers but also to the backing of influential individuals who have staunchly supported the cannabis movement since its inception.

Numerous individuals have openly embraced and proudly acknowledged their use of cannabis, illuminating its advantageous aspects. In acknowledgment of their unwavering advocacy, these individuals have been commemorated through the naming of newly discovered cannabis strains in their honor. This gesture pays homage to their active involvement and collaboration within the movement.

The strains linked with these prominent figures have garnered widespread popularity and sparked extensive discussions and fascination. This inclusiveness encompasses a diverse array of male and female cannabis consumers from all corners of the world, all playing a role in enhancing the visibility and acknowledgment of the cannabis movement.

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10 Self- Introducing Celebrity Weed Strains

The realm of celebrity cannabis brands has expanded notably, featuring a diverse array of strains christened in honor of renowned figures, thoughtfully chosen to mirror their distinct traits. This extensive catalog encompasses a broad spectrum of individuals, encompassing those currently alive as well as those who have passed away—encompassing actors, musicians, hip-hop artists, comedians, sports personalities, emerging stars, and even esteemed past presidents.

Below is a compilation of 10 "Self-Introducing" strains, each of which commands recognition without the need for an introduction.

1. Obama Kush


Undoubtedly, the previous president stands at the forefront of the most remarkable strains, owing to his pivotal role in advancing the legalization of cannabis across multiple states during his time in office. It's widely acknowledged that even a Nobel Prize laureate indulges in cannabis and consistently advocates for societal change, a message frequently emphasized in his public speeches.

This specific strain, an indica-dominant kush, emerges as a hybrid of Afghani and OG Kush varieties. Boasting a subtle fragrance, it bestows a cerebral and euphoric surge upon consumption. Beyond its recreational application, this strain is often recommended to alleviate an array of medical conditions, with a primary focus on mitigating pain and stress.

More information about the strain here

2. Khalifa Kush


Within the realm of notable celebrity cannabis labels, one stands out prominently—the acclaimed rapper's personalized strain, aptly dubbed Wiz Khalifa OG. This hybrid strain, primarily indica in nature, was meticulously formulated with the rapper's preferences in mind, and it proudly carries his name.

Crafted with care, the Khalifa Kush strain is a fusion of OG Kush, Durban Poison, and Cherry Kush. Its flavor profile is a delightful interplay of invigorating pine with subtle notes of tangy lemon, resulting in a truly distinctive taste. Upon consumption, this strain offers a one-of-a-kind blend of dynamic stimulation and soothing relaxation, mirroring the tranquil melodies often linked to the rapper's musical style.

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3. Michael Phelps OG Strain


Cannabis consumption transcends beyond political figures and those in the music industry; athletes have also lent their support to the movement and personally embraced its use. Among these athletes, the name that shines most brightly is Michael Phelps, a distinguished 28-time Olympic medalist, with an impressive 23 of them being gold medals, establishing him as a standout advocate.

One strain that has garnered significant popularity within the athlete community is a descendant of the OG strain, renowned for its harmoniously balanced properties (50% indica, 50% sativa). This strain boasts a potent THC level, making it better suited for experienced consumers rather than novices. Its aroma, a fusion of earthiness, fruitiness, and hints of mint, complements its invigorating impact on the body, heightening focus and attention. Appropriately named after the accomplished gold medalist, the strain pays homage to his extraordinary lung capacity and celebrates his remarkable accomplishments.

More information about the strain here

4. Chuck Norris Strain


Celebrated for his multifaceted talents spanning from being a former US Air Force pilot to a martial artist, actor, film producer, and screenwriter, Chuck Norris's influence has extended to a strain bearing his name—a strain that amusingly is believed by many enthusiasts to embody his legendary persona. Dubbed the 'Chuck Norris Black and Blue Dream,' this strain's nomenclature originates from a California dispensary, although it has not been without its share of controversies.

This specific strain leans towards the sativa end of the spectrum, boasting an alluring bouquet of citrus and tangy mangoes. With a prominently high THC concentration, it's ideally suited for seasoned consumers, while newcomers to cannabis are advised to approach it with caution. The 'Chuck Norris Black and Blue Dream' strain has captured attention due to its distinctive attributes, maintaining its intrigue within the cannabis community.

More information about the strain here.

5. Margaret Cho


As exceptional and distinctive as the persona of the renowned actress and comedian it's named after, Margaret Cho, this strain presents a noteworthy feminine addition to the collection. Recognized as Cho-G, this distinctive variant of the OG strain was uncovered in California's Bay Area and stands out as an indica-dominant type.

Cho-G is acclaimed for its capacity to evoke both laughter and relaxation, encapsulating the essence of the renowned comedian and advocate for medicinal cannabis. The strain showcases the classic OG flavor and fragrance, with delightful notes of lemon, spice, and a subtle undercurrent of honey diesel. With its unique attributes, Cho-G pays homage to its namesake while delivering a distinctive encounter for enthusiasts of cannabis.

More information about the strain here.

6. Tiger Woods


In a tribute to the legendary American golfer, Tiger Woods, the Tiger Woods cannabis strain carries an air of intrigue surrounding its lineage, although it's believed to be a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid. While not widely prevalent, it's highly recommended for individuals new to the world of cannabis.

Distinguished by its sweet, floral, and buttery aroma, this strain offers a calming encounter that adeptly eases stress. With its notable significance within the medical field, the Tiger Woods strain has garnered attention for its therapeutic attributes. Its mild flavor profile evokes hints of sweet lemon and hash. Particularly esteemed for its potential in addressing conditions like glaucoma or eye pressure, this strain stands as a valuable option for those seeking relief in that realm.

More information about the strain here.

7. Snoop Dogg


Among the select few celebrities, the hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg stands out as a personality with not one, but two strains bearing his name: Snoop's Dream and Snoop Dogg OG. Given his extensive popularity within both the music and cannabis communities, it comes as no surprise that he's cultivated his own cannabis brand.

Snoop's Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid, blends two of the rapper's personal favorites, namely Blue Dream and Master Kush. Infused with a delightful piney fragrance and a sweet blueberry taste, this strain offers a truly pleasurable experience for enthusiasts. In contrast, Snoop Dogg OG draws its lineage from Lemon OG and Sour Diesel, closely mirroring the iconic OG Kush in terms of both scent and bud structure. This strain delivers a stimulating impact, promoting alertness in the body while simultaneously kindling the appetite. Snoop Dogg's influence reverberates not solely within the music domain but also within the cannabis landscape, as these distinctive and well-received strains bear his iconic name.

More information about the strain here.

8. Charlie Sheen


As celebrated as the individual it's named after, this extraordinary strain brings together the genetics of three highly acclaimed and popular varieties: Green Crack, Blue Dream, and OG Kush. With its indica-dominant characteristics, this strain offers an exquisite flavor palette characterized by hints of lemon and floral undertones, while its fragrance exudes the delightful aroma of cotton candy.

Significantly, this strain has earned acclaim for its therapeutic advantages. It proves particularly effective in addressing conditions such as bipolar disorders and depression. Moreover, it demonstrates potential in alleviating physical ailments, prominently countering fatigue. The strain's distinct genetic blend and its capacity to provide both mental and physical solace establish it as a standout option for those in search of a comprehensive cannabis encounter.

More information about the strain here.

9. Dizzy Wright


Securing the runner-up position in the esteemed SoCal Cannabis Cup for Best Medical Hybrid Flower, Dizzy OG serves as an homage to the renowned rapper Dizzy Wright. While the precise genetic lineage of this strain remains shrouded in mystery, its exceptional attributes shine resoundingly. Boasting a delectable flavor profile that artfully combines sweetness with a fruity undertone, Dizzy OG presents an unparalleled taste journey.

Beyond its pleasurable flavors, Dizzy OG harbors significant medical promise. It has demonstrated effectiveness in managing a spectrum of conditions, including insomnia, depression, and pain relief. Nevertheless, what truly distinguishes Dizzy OG from other contenders on the list is its exclusivity. Currently, the seeds for this strain aren't commercially accessible through breeders or online seed banks. To cultivate identical clones of Dizzy OG, cultivators must source cuttings from a healthy, mature specimen of this exceptional strain. This restricted availability only contributes to the allure and appeal of Dizzy OG within the cannabis aficionado community.

More information about the strain here.

10. Blue Ivy Strain (Carter)


Finally, the youngest entry on our roster is a mere six years old and has an eponymous strain named after her. While she remains unacquainted with cannabis and falls below the legal age for its consumption, the "Blue Ivy Strain" pays homage to the illustrious Hollywood duo, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who happen to be her parents. This cannabis variety is a fusion of Blue Dream and OG Kush, seamlessly amalgamating the finest attributes of both parent strains.

Embracing an indica-dominant disposition, the Blue Ivy Strain emanates a potent and skunky aroma, accompanied by a delectable medley of flavors encompassing blueberry, diesel, and berry notes. Upon consumption, this strain ushers in a soothing bodily effect, rendering it apt for alleviating migraines, headaches, and general discomfort, even extending to bone-related pain.

It's crucial to underscore that while the Blue Ivy Strain carries the moniker of a youthful celebrity, it is by no means intended for usage by individuals of her age. This strain finds appreciation among cannabis enthusiasts and consumers who seek its therapeutic merits and savor its distinctive flavor profile.

More information about the strain here.

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