Mastering Cannabis Cultivation: The Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Marijuana Grow Box

March 05, 2022

Cultivating marijuana can be complex and demanding. Achieving the right conditions for growth is challenging, and consistent results are not guaranteed. Marijuana grow boxes offer a solution. These hydroponic systems, also known as 'automated grow cabinets,' provide all the necessary components for cannabis cultivation in a compact space.

Grow boxes, akin to grow tents, enable controlled, protected cultivation. Available as complete kits with essentials like lighting and water systems, or as DIY projects, grow boxes are typically made of sturdy materials for enhanced protection and equipment support. Sizes vary, typically accommodating one to eight plants.

Should you invest in a Marijuana Growbox?

Investing in a marijuana grow box requires careful consideration, as even lower-priced models range from $100 to $300. If you're not planning on growing weed regularly, a grow box might not be the most cost-effective choice. However, for those seeking a straightforward and convenient method to cultivate cannabis, a grow box is an ideal solution.

Perfect for those who value an optimized and stealthy growing experience, a grow box could be exactly what you need. Read on to discover more about how marijuana grow boxes can suit your cultivation needs

Why Would You Want A Grow Box?

There are various methods for growing cannabis, but grow boxes stand out as a superior option. Here's why:

  1. Faster Growth: High-quality grow boxes deliver nutrients more efficiently, boosting plant growth by 30-50% with higher yields. The hydroponic system's timed nutrient delivery directly to the roots accelerates growth and bud production, as plants don't expend energy searching for nutrients like in soil.

  2. No Soil Problems: Grow boxes eliminate issues like soil-borne pests, pathogens, and structural inconsistencies, which can impede growth and cause diseases. Hydroponic cultivation significantly reduces these risks.

  3. Ecological Benefits: These systems reuse nutrient solutions, drastically cutting water usage compared to traditional gardening. Also, their closed environment minimizes fertilizer leaching and reduces pesticide use, thanks to the soil-less medium and controlled indoor setting.

  4. Decreased Odor: Essential for cannabis growers, grow boxes often incorporate carbon filters to reduce the plant's strong odor, maintaining discretion and an odor-free living space.

  5. Indoor Alternative: Grow boxes are designed to blend in, resembling everyday furniture like refrigerators or cabinets, and often feature locks or codes for added security, offering a discreet and safe cultivation environment.

Note: While some grow boxes use soil, they still mitigate many soil-related issues and retain the other benefits of hydroponic systems.

What usually comes In The Marijuana Grow Box?

Grow boxes provide a convenient, all-in-one solution for cannabis cultivation, arriving fully assembled with essential equipment. Commonly included tools in most grow boxes are: 

  • Grow Lights: Essential for photosynthesis, typically LED, HID, or CFL.
  • Ventilation System: Includes intake and exhaust fans to maintain air circulation.
  • Air Pump: For oxygenating the nutrient solution.
  • Carbon Filter: To control the distinct odor of cannabis.
  • Nutrients: Tailored for optimal plant growth.
  • Water Reservoir: Integral to the hydroponic system.
  • Hydroponics or Soil System: Depending on the grow box model.
  • Growing Pots/Containers: To house individual plants.
  • Timer: For regulating light cycles and other automated processes.

Using a grow box is straightforward. Simply follow the provided instructions to position your seeds correctly. Regular monitoring of your plants is recommended to track their progress. With a grow box, there's no need for complex setup, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced growers alike. 

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Top 10 Grow Boxes Available

Of course, there are many great grow boxes available on the market. However, it is important to get a high quality box to avoid any bad grows, returns, etc. So, here’s my list of the 10 best grow boxes you can buy.

1. Grobo Premium Grow Box

The Grobo Premium is a sophisticated, cabinet-sized grow box, offering a range of automated features for optimal plant growth. It includes automatic nutrient dosing and pH balancing, responsive LED lighting that adapts to different growth stages, and round-the-clock environmental monitoring. The system intelligently adjusts its lighting, using more blue light for vegetative growth and more red light during flowering to maximize yield. Additionally, it features optional drying racks and sends educational push notifications to guide users. Its sleek, classy design ensures it remains discreet in any setting. 

2. Hazelbox Compact Hazelbeam

The Hazelbox Hazelbeam combines discretion with functionality, masterfully designed to resemble unassuming designer furniture while remaining compact. This small, yet sturdy cabinet is fully equipped and ready for growing. It features pre-programmed growth phases, eliminating the need for wiring individual components. Simply plug in the power cord, select a program, and you're all set to start growing.

3. Dealzer Grandma's Secret Garden

The Grandma's Secret Garden by Dealzer is an automated, beginner-friendly grow box designed to effortlessly cultivate up to 4 plants from seed to harvest within a 2-3 month cycle. Capable of producing 3-4 pounds of plant matter per cycle, it's an efficient choice for personal use. Dealzer, known for its extensive selection of over 2,000 grow boxes and hydroponic systems, manufactures this unit. They back it with a lifetime warranty, excluding the lights, which are covered by a 1-year warranty.

4. SuperCloset Grow Box

The Super Closet grow box stands out in the industry with its comprehensive features, extensive praise, and unparalleled experience. Touted as one of the best grow boxes available, it boasts '20 years of cultivating excellence.' Holding the title of the number one selling grow box since 2002, Super Closet demonstrates a commitment to quality. It features premium nutrients and highly efficient odor-minimizing technology, aspects crucial for many growers. This combination of longevity, quality, and functionality clearly distinguishes it from competitors in the market.

5. Growzilla Hydroponics Grow Box

The Growzilla is renowned for its durable, long-lasting performance, thanks to its sturdy wooden construction. Each unit is hand-painted by American artists, resulting in a sleek, modern finish that is smooth to the touch. Additionally, it's equipped with built-in odor control fans, ensuring that your living space remains free from the unwanted smells often associated with growing. This combination of durability, aesthetic appeal, and practical functionality makes the Growzilla an attractive option for growers.

6. Dealzer Hydroponics Grow Box

The Dealzer Hydroponics Grow Boxwith its vertically spacious design, is ideal for nurturing plants that grow 2 to 4 feet tall. Additionally, it's capable of cloning up to 6 plants simultaneously. This grow box stands out for its ease of use, arriving fully assembled and ready for immediate operation. Beyond the product itself, Dealzer provides exceptional customer support, offering unlimited technical assistance through email or phone. With their commitment to prompt and effective issue resolution, users can expect a smooth and supported growing experience.


7. Eket Duo 2 Chamber Perpetual Harvest Box

The Eket Duo 2 Chamber Perpetual Harvest Box, expertly crafted in Sweden by the renowned Super Green Lab, is designed to streamline your growing process. Its unique two-chamber feature allows for perpetual harvesting, enabling you to start a new plant in the top chamber while the first one is still maturing in the main box. This reduces the time between harvests significantly.

Super Green Lab offers a comprehensive range of growing equipment, from top-tier lighting and ventilation systems to drying and curing kits. Their product line includes both DIY kits for custom setups and all-in-one grow boxes for convenience. Additionally, keep an eye out for their innovative downloadable grow box, a unique offering that allows you to print and assemble your own grow box with a 3D printer.

8. Aerospring Indoor 27-Plant Hydroponic System

The Aerospring Indoor Hydroponic System is a hybrid between a grow box and a grow tent, offering a 2-in-1 convertible gardening solution that's easily set up both indoors and outdoors. This versatile system includes 6 x 23 W professional-grade tri-band LED grow lights, ideal for indoor cultivation. When used outdoors, the plants benefit from the Oxford D600 tent interior's reflective white panels, which optimize light exposure even without direct sunlight.

Built with top-quality components and adhering to rigorous quality assurance standards, the Aerospring promises durability and longevity. It can accommodate up to 27 plants and is designed for convenience with wheels, making it effortless to move around as needed..

9. Seedo Grow Box

Seedo by SeedoLab is an innovatively designed grow box, featuring a fully sterile, hermetic system. It is equipped with built-in CO2 cartridges and an air conditioning unit, which meticulously controls both temperature and humidity, significantly reducing odors. Among grow boxes, Seedo stands out with its futuristic appearance.

Additionally, Seedo includes an auto-adjusting lighting system that constantly maintains the optimal distance from the plants, ensuring ideal growth conditions. Its advanced mineral delivery system is outfitted with C & PH sensors, enabling automated and timely nutrient provision for optimal plant health. A standout feature is Seedo's HD live streaming capability, allowing users to monitor their plants in real time without any disturbance. This combination of high-tech features positions Seedo as a top-tier choice in the grow box market.

10. Super Box LED Smart Grow Box

The Super Box LED Smart Grow Box, another notable offering from SuperCloset, stands as the most compact model in their range. Despite its small size, it's remarkably powerful. Equipped with dual X40 Flower LED grow lights, it offers both hydroponic and soil configuration options. According to the designers, this box generates less excess heat and yields larger, higher quality crops compared to other models in the SuperCloset lineup. Versatile and user-friendly, the Super Box is an ideal choice for growers of all experience levels.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a marijuana grow box, it's important to consider various factors due to the diversity in shapes, sizes, and features of these boxes. Key considerations include:

  1. Size: Assess the dimensions of the grow box against the space you have available. Consider the number of plants you plan to grow, as well as their typical height and width. This will help ensure your plants have adequate space to thrive.

  2. Stealth Factor: If discretion is a priority, look for grow boxes that resemble regular storage cabinets in size and appearance. Ensure the box includes effective odor-minimizing features, such as CO2 filters and air circulation systems, to maintain a discreet growing environment.

  3. Price: Grow boxes vary significantly in price, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Beginners might prefer starting with a more affordable, yet high-quality option. Experienced growers or those seeking more sophisticated features might consider investing more for added durability and advanced functionalities.

These considerations will guide you in choosing a grow box that best suits your needs, experience level, and growing objectives.

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