My Magical Butter Machine Review - Best Cannabutter Machine

April 28, 2023

Weed Edibles... What Are They?

So, you’ve probably at least heard of edibles if you smoke. Chances are, you’re here because you are getting into weed edibles, and want to know the best way to do it.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive tutorial on how to make edibles using the indispensable Magical Butter Machine, which is a must-have tool for any savvy pot chef.

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Why Use Edibles Instead Of Smoking?

For those who are new to the idea of consuming weed edibles, you might be pondering over why making edibles is preferable to simply smoking weed. In this segment, we will outline five key reasons why weed edibles can offer distinct advantages over smoking.

1. The Smoking Plateau: While smoking weed can be an enjoyable experience, for frequent smokers, the highs can eventually become less intense. As someone who smokes weed daily, I still appreciate the experience every time, but I can't deny missing the intense highs I had when I first started years ago. As I've matured in my relationship with weed, I've grown accustomed to the level of high I can achieve with a good blunt. Nevertheless, from time to time, I like to switch things up by consuming edibles to relive the nostalgic high of my first smoking experience.

Pssst… Here are ways to combat the smoking plateau, courtesy of WeedSeed.

2. A Stronger and Longer High: When consumed, weed edibles are absorbed through the digestive system, leading to a notably more potent and psychoactive high. If you're new to edibles, it's crucial to take it slow, but I highly suggest trying them out. The experience can be likened to the high induced by mushrooms or acid, especially if the edibles are highly potent.

Many Psychonauts (enthusiasts of drug and non-drug induced psychoactive sensory states) strongly recommend edibles as a way to reach transcendent highs with your weed.

3. Healthier Lungs: The one downside to smoking weed that concerns me is the smoking part of it. Smoking anything at all is carcinogenic and can damage your lungs. Consuming weed edibles instead of smoking can negate long term lung damage.

4. Stronger Medicinal Potential: Weed Edibles are a great option for medical cannabis consumers. The elongated nature of weed edble highs can be helpful to people who use cannabis for sleep.

Edibles also provide an alternative for those with ailments that make smoking more difficult. For example, those with chronic pain who may want to avoid coughing or throat pain can enjoy the benefits of weed for chronic injuries and pain.

Also, edible weed has been shown to help with nausea and vomiting in cancer patients during chemotherapy. There have been a number of studies around the world investigating this phenomenon, and the results are promising. Here’s more information about using weed edibles during chemotherapy.

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Introducing… the MagicalButter Machine!

If you've ever attempted to create edibles on your own, it's likely that you experienced multiple failures before finally producing a decent batch. Despite your efforts, you may not have achieved the desired high, which could have discouraged you from making edibles altogether.

Alternatively, you may have tried adding a bit more weed in the next batch, only to end up with a brownie slice that knocked you out for the entire day. It can be challenging to achieve the desired outcome, and you may have even made a mess while doing so, leaving your kitchen with an unpleasant smell.

The old-school method is nostalgic and active (and makes for a fun date idea), but let me introduce you to the convenient and efficient, MagicalButter Machine. 

So… What’s So Magical About The MagicalButter Machine?

The MagicalButter Machine is a fully automatic botanical extractor, meaning it takes the THC out of your weed, to use as oils, oil concentrates, tinctures, and of course, cannabutter. In my opinion, the Butter Machine is the best method, traditional or modern, that’s currently available. Here are the top reasons why...

  1. The MagicalButter Machine is equipped with a versatile immersion blender, a programmable thermometer, and a heating unit. It can grind, stir, heat, and extract at the perfect time and temperature, yielding potent and smooth infusions, with almost no effort required. 

  2. The machine itself looks like a kettle or teapot, as you can see above, which is good because it doesn’t stand out too much. 

  3. The controls are very simple. A simple press of a button initiates a microprocessor-controlled programme of sequences that takes care of everything, from grinding to heat management. 

  4. The Butter Machine even cleans. Put some soap and water in it, press a button, and it will warm up, rinse, and swirl. 

  5. The device is clearly very sophisticated and efficient. Hence, it is a critical solution to the problems of inconsistency, time, and effort that go into making edibles the old school way. 

  6. The Machine also comes with a cookbook with lots of great THC recipes, the PurifyFilter 190 for easier infusion straining, the heat-and-slip-resistant LoveGlove to safely handle the infusion container and can fill up to 5 cups of infusion. What a deal!

How To Use It

As previously mentioned, the MagicalButter Machine is capable of producing 5 cups of oils, oil concentrates, tinctures, and cannabutter by combining your decarboxylated weed with your desired mixture. To create high-quality edibles using the MagicalButter Machine, primarily for cannabutter, follow this straightforward guide.

  1. Use MagicalButter’s dosage guide to measure your bud to butter ratio, so you don’t get too high, or not high enough. If you’re in a rush, the recommended amount is 14-18 grams of decarbed weed to one cup of butter. 

  2. Grind up the right amount of weed, and bake it in an oven. Use this guide to know what temperature and timing to bake your weed at. A general rule of thumb, 250 Fahrenheit (120 Celsius) for 20 minutes.  

  3. While your weed is getting baked (pun intended), prepare a cup of butter, coconut oil, or whatever else you want to use, and put it in the MagicalButter Machine.

  4. Carefully, take your decarbed weed out of the oven, and add it into the machine. 

  5. Secure the lid, 160°F and press the button for 2 hours.

  6. Smoke a doob, watch some Netflix, or get some work done. In 2 hours your bud will be extracted, and butter blended. You’ll have a fine cannabutter to use for all sorts of recipes.

  7. Done for the day? Remove the leftover weed pulp, press the Clean button and let the machine give itself a bath.

Pro Tip: using a dry herb vape decarbs the flower in the chamber, which creates the smoke you inhale. If you have a good dry herb vape, you can save up your remains to use with your butter. If your bud is brown, it's good to use. If it's still a bit green, get a few more rips in. If it’s black and looks/feels like charcoal… use it at your own risk.

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Leftover Cannabis Pulp

You may notice some leftover weed mush in the machine once you’re done. What should you do with this? Even though the Butter Machine strains extremely well, there will be a little THC leftover in the cannabis pulp. Here are some of my favourite ways to reuse it...

  1. Add it to pesto
  2. Make THC Tea - Boil the pulp in water, with tea flower, and use a tea strainer to pour
  3. Put it in your salsa and nachos mix
  4. Slip it in  fruit and/or greens smoothie
  5. Add the leftovers to your baked goods mix
  6. Simmer in sauces, curries, and soups
  7. Double Dutch Coffee - coffee, butter, and pulp (butter to bond with the cannabinoids)

*Be sure to keep the leftover slush in an airtight jar or container, in the fridge. It will stay potent for up to 1 week.

A Note On Potency/Dosage

Here’s how to quickly estimate the potency of your cannabutter per cup from the machine.

  1. How many grams of flower did you use to make your cannabutter?  Multiply this by 1,000, converting it to milligrams (mg).
  2. What is the THC percentage of your flower?  Multiply the weight of your flower in milligrams (from step 1) by the percentage of THC in your flower.
  3. This is the estimated total milligrams in the whole batch. Divide this by the number of cups filled in the machine – now you know the dosage of your treat!

For Example:  If we used 5g of flower, with 10% THC, to make 4 cups in the machine

  1. 5g x 1,000 = 5,000mg
  2. 5,000mg x 0.10 = 500mg
  3. 500mg / 4 cups = 125mg per cup of cannabutter

Here’s a diagram of the machine and its parts


My Experience With The Machine

I’ve personally used this machine many times. One of my best friends from school had one, and we flew to the moon with the butter recipes we made! He bought it after we graduated high school together in Saigon, Vietnam. During the most carefree summer, we would have for some time, we spent our days on an island just off Vietnam, eating pot brownies every single day… with this machine.

For what it’s worth, the MagicalButter Machine holds a special place in both of our hearts, and it always will. In high school, we tried baking ourselves many times but struggled to get it right. It also took more effort than you’d think, our hands often cramped mixing clumpy coconut cream, cleaning, researching measurements etc. We usually ended up with bad quality brownies that just didn’t do the job at all.

The convenience of the MagicalButter Machine made our chill days chill to the max. We were always astounded at the ease, sometimes jokingly beating ourselves up about doing it the old way in the past. These days, I have more responsibilities… bills, family, a bike delivery job, blogging, etc. So, I can’t be getting edible high every day like I used to. Reminiscing of the old days has me hoping for a free-er day. I’ll be getting one of the machines myself in the coming week, and making time for a nice batch of brownies. Quick and easy with the MagicalButter Machine. 

Don’t Take My Word For It!

I could go on for days about how much I love this product, but here's what some others across the web have said about it. 

One Amazon user said: “It’s the best thing since sliced bread!” She continued, “ [It’s] Great for decarbing Cannabis Flower, No loud smells at all!” 

420 Magazine said: “Total time spent, including opening box, washing unit, reading directions and making butter: 42 minutes. Ease of Use: Couldn’t be easier. Zero mistakes on the first try. Overall Value: Worth every penny.”

One downside that some mention, is that the sound, while the machine is running, can be a bit loud. Though, most say it isn’t a big deal. After all, it is a blender. My friend's machine confirms this noise. It sounds like a blender, for sure… but not for the whole time. Just for a small portion of the 2-hour cycle. Most reviewers back up this claim. The noise, though maybe jarring for a minute, is nothing to be concerned about. 

Some Other Great Products By MagicalButter!

I bet you’re sold on the MagicalButter Machine, aren’t you? It’s a no-brainer if you want to make edibles. Here are some more no brainers from the company that brought you the MagicalButter Machine.

magical-butter-machine-decarb-box-for-making-marijuana-edibles-easy- (6)Firstly, you should check out the DecarbBox Combo Pack. This brilliant product allows you to decarboxylate your weed at extreme precision. Baking your weed to decarb can be tricky, as you can’t measure the exact temperature of your weed, to get the perfect level of decarbing. The DecarbBox is a sealed silicone container for your weed in the oven. It has an integrated thermometer and digital display to monitor the temperature during decarboxylation.

The DecarbBox allows you to decarb up to 2 ounces at a time, reach your desired temperature for certain potencies, and keep temperatures from fluctuating.

I also recommend trying MagicalButter’s mixes and ingredients. They make Gummy Mixes, Coconut Oils, Sunflower Lecithin, and Mushroom Powders. My friend and I tried the Gummies, and they were amazing. We truly couldn’t believe we had just made pot gummies all by ourselves. 

Here are some discount codes if you're looking for Magical Butter coupons.

Common Questions And Concerns

For more information on the MagicalButter Machine, and all the company’s products, you should check out their FAQ’s page. In it, they cover everything from machine repairs and margarine, to MCT oils and decarbing. They have a giant list of questions and answers. Seriously, it’s like the TikTok of FAQ’s, you could scroll for hours! I’d bet the house they have any possible question you could have about making edibles and using their machines. The rest of their website has even more info on recipes, shipping, products, and more.

Final Thoughts

Be careful with edibles. Like I said earlier, potent edible highs are a next-level experience compared to smoking and vaping. Many find eating weed overwhelming. That being said, I love edibles. I’ve used this machine to make butter for brownies, curries, chocolate sauce for ice cream, fried rice, weed butter coffee, and so much more.

My friend and I found the most joy, besides the trips, in following recipes from MagicalButter and experimenting with our own bizarre concoctions that only a couple of stoner buddies could come up with. Now, I plan on making healthy foods, with slightly lower potency than my post-graduation summer days. You can get very versatile with the taste and potency of your edibles. So, experiment away, and try out the truly magical, MagicalButter Machine



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