How to Use Hemp Wraps Everything You Need to Know about hemp wraps

Hemp Wraps: A Safer and Tastier Alternative for Smoking

July 25, 2023

Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, is a remarkable type of the Cannabis sativa plant with countless uses in various industries. It's commonly used to make textiles, clothing, rope, paper, bioplastics, and biofuel. Additionally, its strong and flexible fibers make it valuable for construction purposes.

Even though hemp belongs to the same family and species as other cannabis plants, it contains much lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compared to recreational marijuana. THC is the compound responsible for the "high" effect. In hemp, the acceptable THC level is only around 0.3 percent, while other cannabis plants can have a THC content as high as 28 percent.

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One increasingly popular hemp product is hemp wraps, which many people who enjoy rolling their own cigarettes are now using. Let's take a closer look at this all-natural smoking alternative.

What Are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are thin, flat sheets of paper, thicker than regular rolling papers, and made from hemp. They serve as an alternative to traditional tobacco-based blunt wraps. These wraps can be made from thin paper rolled with cannabis material, or entirely from organic hemp fibers mashed into a pulp, rolled into thin sheets, and left to dry.

Once cut into smaller pieces, these hemp wraps are perfect for rolling herbs and other substances. Some hemp wraps are even infused with various scents and flavors to enhance the smoking experience.

Since hemp has low THC content, using hemp wraps won't produce the high associated with recreational cannabis. When you use these wraps for smoking, they are completely neutral and won't affect the herbs or substances you're smoking.

Many people prefer hemp wraps because they are entirely organic, with no harmful additives used during production, making them safer than traditional rolling papers.

Furthermore, hemp wraps are entirely legal. In 2018, the Agriculture Improvement Act, also known as the Farm Bill, authorized large-scale hemp production at the federal level. This removed hemp and hemp seeds from the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) list of controlled substances.

This legislative change has given rise to a thriving industrial hemp industry, with various hemp and hemp seed products being produced, including the increasingly popular hemp wraps.

Differences Between Hemp and Blunt Wraps

Hemp wraps and blunt wraps are often mistaken for each other because both serve the same purpose, which is to hold herbs or substances that people want to smoke. However, there are significant differences between them, and we'll explore them now.

Blunt Wraps: A "blunt" is like a marijuana cigar, and a blunt wrap is the sheet that holds it together. It's usually made from tobacco leaves, similar to a regular cigar, and can be scented or flavored based on personal preference.

Compared to hemp wraps, blunt wraps are generally thicker, making them more durable. However, they produce more smoke than hemp wraps.

Since blunt wraps contain tobacco, they may also contain nicotine, which some people prefer. But just like regular tobacco cigarettes, tobacco blunt wraps come with the harmful side effects associated with traditional smoking, such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar, even if the tobacco is grown organically.

Hemp Wraps: Hemp wraps are seen as a healthier alternative to regular blunt wraps. They are made from thin sheets of industrial hemp pulp, forming wraps that people use to roll their blunts.

Similar to blunt wraps, hemp wraps come in various flavors that cater to individual preferences. However, unlike tobacco wraps, hemp wraps don't add intense flavors. They have a light, earthy taste and aroma, though not as strong as tobacco. Hemp wraps burn more slowly and evenly than regular blunts, creating a better smoking experience.

Although smoking, in general, is unhealthy, hemp wraps are a better option compared to blunt wraps, to some extent. Hemp wraps, especially those made from organic hemp, don't contain significant amounts of harmful substances like nicotine, heavy metals, or carbon monoxide, unlike tobacco wraps and other products.

Additionally, organic hemp is free from genetic modifications and isn't grown using chemical fertilizers or growth stimulants. Hemp wraps also produce less smoke, reducing the amount of pollutants inhaled by both the smoker and those around them.

Benefits of Using Hemp Wraps

If you're thinking about trying hemp wraps for your next smoking session, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Using hemp wraps offers several advantages beyond being a tool for smoking your herbs and substances.

  • 100% Organic: Hemp wraps are made entirely from organic materials. This means the hemp plants used to create the wraps are grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or artificial growth stimulants. Industrial farming practices often harm the environment and human health, causing pollution and chemical alteration in the area. But with hemp wraps, there are no extra additives or glue involved in the production, ensuring a cleaner, healthier burn and giving you peace of mind about what you're smoking.

  • Tobacco-Free: For those who don't enjoy the strong taste and smell of tobacco, hemp wraps are an excellent alternative to traditional tobacco wraps for rolling blunts. Smoking is inherently unhealthy because of the smoke inhaled into the lungs, and tobacco blunt wraps produce a lot of smoke due to their thickness and material. Hemp wraps, on the other hand, are lighter and contain fewer harmful chemicals like nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide compared to tobacco products.

  • Assorted Flavors: If you're looking for exciting flavors beyond hemp's natural earthy aroma, many hemp wrap brands offer various flavored options. Fruit flavors like mango, papaya, blueberry, grape, and strawberry are among the most common choices to enhance the smoking experience.

  • Mild Natural Flavor: If flavored wraps aren't your preference, don't worry; plain hemp wraps have a mild, neutral flavor that won't overpower the taste of the herbs or substances you're smoking. Its earthy taste complements the smoking experience without interfering with the flavors of what you're smoking.

  • Slow Burn: When smoking, you want to make the most of your herbs without wasting any. Hemp wraps burn slowly and evenly compared to regular blunt wraps or rolling papers, ensuring you can savor your blunt or cigar for a longer time and not worry about losing any precious herbs.

  • Cleaner Smoke: When you use hemp wraps for smoking, you'll experience a cleaner burn, producing minimal ash or embers. This means you'll waste less material, giving you more bang for your buck. This benefit is especially handy when you're camping or smoking outside since there's less mess to clean up, making it easier to maintain a tidy space or live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

  • More Efficient Than Pipes: Pipes and wraps offer different smoking experiences, and choosing between them often comes down to personal preference. Pipes can create intense burns that might be challenging for beginners to control. On the other hand, using hemp wraps for blunts results in a gentler stream of smoke that's easier to manage, reducing the risk of inhaling too much smoke or wasting your herbs. Hemp wrap blunts also burn more evenly, making them more efficient for smoking.

  • Enhanced Flavors with Hemp Wrap Blunts and Joints: If you love savoring the flavors of what you smoke, hemp wraps are the perfect choice. Unlike tobacco wraps, hemp isn't overpowering, allowing you to fully enjoy the subtle tastes and unique profiles of the herbs you choose. Even without artificial flavoring, hemp's natural aroma is mild and pleasant, making it an ideal vessel to smoke various plants, herbs, or substances.

  • A Safer Alternative to Rolling Papers: Traditional rolling papers often contain glues and additives that can affect the burn of your joint or blunt. Organic hemp wraps, however, contain no harmful chemicals, additives, or preservatives. This makes them a healthier and all-natural option compared to traditional rolling papers and tobacco wraps for rolling joints and blunts.

In conclusion, using hemp wraps for smoking offers a cleaner and more enjoyable experience, allowing you to savor the full flavors of your chosen herbs. Moreover, hemp wraps are a safer alternative, free from harmful chemicals found in some rolling papers. So, if you're looking for a better way to smoke, consider giving hemp wraps a try.

Did You Know?

Using hemp wraps has additional benefits beyond the ones mentioned. You can enjoy all the benefits of a hemp wrap without worrying about resin buildup or harmful chemicals. Plus, using hemp wraps keeps your hands clean and prevents unwanted bacteria from affecting your smoking experience.

Are Hemp Wraps Safer Than Tobacco Wraps?

Smoking is a harmful activity that can seriously damage your lungs and respiratory system. If you still choose to smoke, opting for hemp wraps instead of traditional cigars, cigarettes, joints, or blunt wraps can be a safer choice.

Unlike tobacco, hemp is non-addictive. While both hemp and tobacco come from the Cannabis sativa plant family, industrial hemp has practical uses and doesn't contain high levels of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. This means you cannot get addicted to hemp.

On the other hand, tobacco contains harmful substances like nicotine, carbon monoxide, lead, and ammonia. Even secondhand smoke from tobacco affects those around you.

Nicotine in tobacco is highly addictive, leading to cravings for more cigarettes. It's easy to develop a dependence on nicotine, making it challenging to quit smoking.

If you want to avoid becoming dependent on nicotine and tobacco or are trying to quit smoking altogether, switching to nicotine-free hemp wraps can be a better and safer option for your smoking habits.

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