Weed Apps: which one fits your lifestyle the best

April 08, 2022

I’ve had a “relationship” with Mary Jane since ’94, the year I entered college and I haven’t looked back. At that time, you pretty much got it where you could: a friend, a friend of a friend, heck the cousin of the friend of the friend. At that time, I wasn't getting my fix regularly and I'm hoping what I was getting was actually weed.

Knowing what I know now, I had no idea about the knowledge or education that came with it. I didn't know that there were different strains that were broken down to 3 categories: sativa, indica and hybrid. Heck, I just knew that it was what I needed during college and beyond. It blew my mind when I found out that people were using it holistically for ailments instead of using typical meds. That’s when it was more than just recreational to and for me.

Fast forward to 2018, when weed became legal in my state. When I got my card, a whole new world opened, and I was then forced to face the facts: I KNEW NOTHING. Luckily, there were bud tenders who worked at the dispensaries, who were there to facilitate the information to us eagered clients. This is where I first heard about weed apps. It was something the tenders encouraged us to go on to look at the products and to leave a review.

I really didn’t pay much attention to it then because I wasn’t interested then. Then this assignment came across my lap and it allowed me to do a deep dive into this topic. 

First thing I noticed is that they all seem to cover this topic the same way: what are the top weed apps that are being used. So, I want to think outside of the box and give yall, hopefully, something different.

1. SIMLEAF : The Best 3D "Medicinal Plant" Grow Simulator App

Do you have a green thumb? Are you the kind of person who likes to see something through from the beginning? This may be the app for you. This app is referred to as: highly advanced 3D “medicinal plant” grow simulator. They’re treating it lightly, which I like, almost like a game to make it fun with finesse and easy to follow tips and instructions. You also can invest in equipment or classes. Here is a link to the app.

simLeaf - The Best 3D "Medicinal Plant" Grow Simulator App

2. WEEDMAPS:  if you are a bargain shopper

Are you looking for deals in your area? Don’t want your next weed stop to take forever? Then, this app is for you. This app takes the guessing out of your shopping at whichever location you choose.

You can:

  •   Do curbside pick up
  •   Do research on the different strains

          Chose from medical doctors in your area

Weedmaps: Marijuana Dispensaries & Delivery Near You

3. POTBOT: looking to cure medicinally

Are you looking for weed to use strictly for medical purposes? Do you need help finding the correct strain and consumption methods? This app makes sure you’re using the right strain/terpenes/cannabinoids that benefits you. It is very vital that you provide the proper and accurate information about your medical condition/s.

PotBot on the App Store (

PotBot | Facebook

4. SOCIAL MEDIA WEED APPS: checking the social media

I couldn’t decide on just one because they all sound so good depending on what you’re looking for. Is it looking for something to do? Is it business? Is it love? I’ll let you decide.


Well, it appears our Canadian brethren may already have this service. It seems Uber is in talks to start adding weed to their list of services. For now, in the present, I can post a link that shows weed delivery services in these 4 states: California, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon. You lucky ducks.

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    And finally: 

    6. GROUNDED: looking for a temporary or permanent break

    Now this app will not be used by me, at least, no time soon. Lol. This app is for those who could use a “tolerance break” or are wanting to quit for good. And what does this app offer? Here are some of the features:

    •   It has a list of withdrawal symptoms and how long they last
    •   You get to journal and keep track of your feelings
    •   Get rewarded with your achievements
    •   You get to keep track of the days, whether you’re taking a break or quitting

    Grounded – Quit Weed (


    I hope that one or two or many of these apps are useful and of help and enjoyment to and for you. I know since I’ve done the research for this blog and honestly, I was going to just move on but, I think I want to try some of these apps for myself especially on the social front. A lot of people who know me, don’t even know I partake. It’s not something I hide, it’s just something I don’t announce. I would love to have like minded people who get why I do this without judgment and stereotypes they have already preconceived in their minds already.

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