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The Snoop Dogg Sesh Rules: Insights from Cannabis Enthusiasts

July 19, 2023

Snoop Dogg is a famous celebrity in America who is well-known for his love of cannabis. He openly shares his experiences with cannabis for everyone to see and form their own opinions about it.

Recently, he started a new digital-media business called Merry Jane. According to Snoop, Merry Jane is a website that focuses on lifestyle topics, with cannabis playing a central role. Snoop hopes that the website will provide people with a chance to openly admit that they enjoy smoking cannabis without feeling ashamed or hiding it

For those who openly admit to being fans of marijuana, Snoop has something else to offer. He has created a set of rules that have been evaluated and approved by the FDA. You can print them out and bring them along to your next smoking session.


9 Insights from Cannabis Enthusiasts

Based on a very popular Reddit post, here are 9 takeaways: 

  1. The rules include passing the blunt/joint to the left, puffing-puffing-passing, and not hogging the blunt.

  2. There is an emphasis on thanking the person who provides the weed and respecting their rotation.

  3. Some people prefer separate joints or personal smoking devices to avoid sharing with others.

  4. Multiple blunt scenarios can be intense and require a high tolerance level.

  5. It is important to know your limits and not feel pressured to smoke more than you can handle.

  6. Weed etiquette involves offering to roll joints for others and not white-lipping the blunt.

  7. Freestyling during a smoke session is common but not always appreciated by everyone.

  8. Some smokers have preferences for strain types, while others focus more on how it is grown and prepared.

  9. It is acceptable to bow out or take a break during a smoke session if needed.

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