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Lemon Bean Cannabis Strain Review - One Strain At A Time

May 17, 2021

By Emma Grace

Lemon Bean Cannabis

On this episode of ‘One Strain at a Time’ our host and guest will be discussing Lemon Bean cannabis, which is a sativa strain that can boost your energy, mood, and appetite. Complete with funny anecdotes, educational micro-facts, and a live smoke session, this episode brings all the knowledge of the classroom and all the fun of smoking with your friends. Let’s meet our fantastic host and guest for this episode!

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Our Wonderful Host: Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith is a long time cannabis consumer and is ecstatic to be a part of ‘One Strain at a Time.’ She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where she was trained in voice acting. Her vocal talents have been featured in commercials, audiobooks, and now podcasts! Liz has first hand experienced how cannabis can have a positive effect on your life and was so moved and changed that she now has a career working with the plants she loves so dearly. She is proud to be a team member of Soulshine Cannabis as well as the Brand Manager for Khemia Cannabis Washington.

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Our Amazing Guest: Kelly Aiello

Enchanted by all things travel, coffee, and cannabis-related, Kelly Aiello has been a regular smoker for 10 years, works now at The Downtown Tucson Dispensary. Her favorite terpene is bisabolol and her most sought after strain is Lamb’s Breath. She’s been involved in different aspects of the cannabis industry, from growing commercially to budtending. Excited by the waves of legalization/decriminalization, she has also been lucky enough to smoke legally in 10 states and 8 countries, and is planning post-pandemic trips to Alaska and Jamaica. And Kelly actually knows our host, Liz--they worked together as budtenders at Canna West Seattle Dispensary.

Lemon Bean Strain Review

Lemon Bean is a wonderfully aromatic, citrus-y strain of cannabis that Kelly loves, especially from her trusty producer Cresco. Cresco even has a S.E.E.D. program, which stands for ‘social equity & education development’ to diversify the cannabis industry and invest in minority growers.

Kelly says that in her home state of Arizona, unfortunately the packaging on the majority of recreational products is pretty unsightly since Arizona just voted to legalize recreational weed in November of 2020, but there are some catches. You still can’t smoke in public (or drive under the influence) but medical users can now consume cannabis in edible form in public. This is a huge win for those who rely on marijuana for everyday life (and a big win for recreational smokers, too).

Despite its newness in Arizona, Cresco’s Lemon Bean comes in a beautiful glass package that comes with information about the terpenes on the inside of the label. She says that Arizona dispensaries are slowly making the transition to more aesthetic packaging and informational labels, including info about terpenes. 

Lemon Bean, like I said, has a very citrus-y scent to it, almost like “a lemonhead candy.” Kelly’s partner compared it to lemon frosting--yum! If you’d like to know more about the specific terpenes, check out this comprehensive strain analysis. 

Lemon Bean also can help with appetite stimulation and general mood elevation. You’ll be enjoying a nice happy high--I suggest ordering a pizza when you smoke it. It’s not too pricey, either. Taxes on Arizonian weed are really high, so Lemon Bean in Kelly’s area is fairly priced to accommodate for that. 

Kelly also makes sure to grind her flower before smoking it to release more of those citrus terpenes, and her favorite way to smoke is with a bong. 

And her #1 piece of advice to cannabis consumers is “THC percentage is not everything.” Terpenes matter a lot and can help you achieve the exact high you want. She compares it to wine--you don’t buy wine simply for its’ strength, but also flavor, feel, and smell. And Elizabeth agrees!

Key Takeaways

  • Lemon Bean is an energizing, citrus-y cannabis strain that can really boost your mood (and give you the munchies!) and that Kelly loves 

  • To really enhance the citrus terpenes of Lemon Bean, grind your flower before smoking

  • THC content isn’t everything--use your nose to help you pick the right strain for you (if you’re purchasing at a dispensary and have the ability to do so)

  • Using a bong can also help to enhance the terpenes in your product

  • Kelly and Liz are awesome, and a lot of fun!


Liz and Kelly had a blast on ‘One Strain at a Time’ and we hope you did, too. In the future, Kelly hopes to open a bed & breakfast kind of establishment where she can educate people about recreational weed--I can’t wait to go!

I highly recommend checking out our application to appear on the show if you’re an experienced budtender. We’d love to hear from you, and so would our listeners!

What Is ‘One Strain At A Time?’

‘One Strain At A Time’ simply put, is a podcast by budtenders, for budtenders. Our shows last about 40-60 minutes, so they don’t take up too much of your day, and if you haven’t guessed, they’re all about weed!

Each episode will focus on our guest’s strain of choice--history, effects, etc. Expect fun anecdotes, personal stories, and an overall fantastic vibe. The goal of our podcast is to educate while having fun. No boring lecture on the history of cannabis laws here!

We want our guests to have just as much fun as our audience, so we encourage them to come high for the recording. Remember how I was talking about that group-session feeling? By asking our guests to come to the recording high, we ensure that family feeling (also, props to you if you smoke with your family. Seriously, if you smoke with your parents, thank them for being so chill).

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