Best Marijuana Strains of all time - Blue Dream is still on the top of the list!

May 30, 2023

Legal marijuana has been thriving in many states for several years now, resulting in a booming industry that surpassed sales of over $1 billion last year alone. As an increasing number of states embrace this new frontier, either through referendums or legislative measures, a crucial question arises: Which strain stands out as the most popular among consumers?

The diligent team at BDS Analytics, a firm that was established approximately a year ago, has taken on the task of compiling data from numerous dispensaries with consent. After thorough analysis, they have determined that the strain most favored by consumers is Blue Dream.

As reported by Civilized, a reputable cannabis news website, Blue Dream has solidified its position as a popular strain. Derived from the genetic combination of Blueberry indica and Haze, Blue Dream has achieved remarkable sales figures, surpassing $3 million in Washington and an astonishing $6 million in Colorado. Its widespread appeal and consumer demand have contributed significantly to its success in these states.

Leafly, a well-known platform for cannabis enthusiasts, has curated their own list of the top marijuana strains. According to their team, they believe there are certain strains that should be experienced by every marijuana enthusiast, much like how certain movies such as Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, and Inception have broad appeal. Leafly has compiled an extensive list of 100 strains, which they believe offer something for every type of cannabis consumer. 

First: 9 Pound Hammer

Strain type: Indica

Parent strains: GooberryHell’s Angel OGJack the Ripper

Backstory: 9 Pound Hammer is an indica-dominant strain, consisting of 80% indica genetics. It boasts dense buds that are generously coated in resin, providing a visual treat.

When it comes to flavor, this strain offers a delightful combination of sweet grape and lime notes. As expected from its indica heritage, the effects of 9 Pound Hammer are characterized by their heavy and long-lasting nature, inducing a deeply relaxing and sedating experience.

Why we love it: “9 Pound Hammer is a chunky indica-dominant strain that really stands out when you see it growing next to other strains. Its flavors intermix and create a sweet funk that leads to deep relaxation.” —Will Hyde

Second: Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold has a reputation as one of the best cannabis strains ever created.
Jeremiah Wilhelm, strain researcher

Strain type: Sativa

Parent strains: Mexican

Backstory: Acapulco Gold, widely recognized as one of the most renowned strains, is often compared to the experience of dining at a luxurious five-star restaurant. Resembling a nugget of gold, this strain captivates the senses with its distinct appearance.

When the buds are broken up, a delightful aroma of burnt toffee lingers in the air, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Acapulco Gold's unique characteristics contribute to its reputation as a highly sought-after and cherished strain among cannabis enthusiasts.

Why we love it: “A Mexican landrace prized for its happy, stimulating buzz, Acapulco Gold has a reputation as one of the best cannabis strains ever created.” —Jeremiah Wilhelm

Third: ACDC

Strain type: Hybrid

Parent strains: Cannatonic

Backstory: ACDC is a sativa-dominant phenotype of the high-CBD cannabis strain Cannatonic. What sets ACDC apart is its extraordinary THC:CBD ratio of 1:20. This means that the strain produces minimal psychoactive effects, making it an excellent choice for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the intoxicating properties of THC.

Remarkably, ACDC has been found to contain CBD levels as high as 19%, which is a rarity in the cannabis world. Its exceptionally high CBD content has made ACDC highly regarded and sought after by individuals looking for a strain with potent medicinal potential.

Why we love it: “A light-footed CBD strain with almost no THC to cloud your mind.” —Bailey Rahn

“AC/DC is one of my favorite high-CBD strains because of its THC-to-CBD ratio and surprisingly good flavor. As a dab, it’s the perfect nightcap. As flower, I use it to tone down THC strains that are too buzzy.” —Ben Adlin

Fourth: Afghani

Strain type: Indica

Parent strains: None; landrace strain.

Backstory: Afghani is a heavy indica strain named after its geographic origin, where the earliest varieties of cannabis are believed to have grown. Breeders worldwide have come to treasure Afghani for its heavy resin production.

Afghani is an indica-dominant strain that derives its name from its geographical origin, Afghanistan, where it is believed that some of the earliest cannabis varieties were cultivated. This strain holds a special place among breeders worldwide due to its remarkable resin production.

Afghani is known for its dense buds that are generously coated in resin, making it a popular choice for those seeking strains with potent extract-making potential. The legacy of Afghani as a heavy resin producer has solidified its reputation as a cherished strain in the cannabis community.

Why we love it: “An Afghan landrace strain with famous sedation qualities and generous resin production.” —Jeremiah Wilhelm

Fifth: Afgoo

Strain type: Indica

Parent strains: Afghani

Backstory: Afgoo, commonly referred to as Afgooey, is a potent indica strain believed to be a cross between an Afghani indica and Maui Haze. While its sativa parent contributes uplifting and creative qualities, Afgoo predominantly showcases the characteristics of its indica lineage.

The strain is known for inducing relaxation and sleepiness, complemented by its earthy pine flavor. Afgoo's combination of relaxing effects and distinctive taste has made it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts seeking a tranquil and flavorful experience.

Why we love it: “This ultra-heavy indica delivers a sedative, one-of-a-kind buzz that hugs the body like a straitjacket fresh from the dryer.” —Jeremiah Wilhelm

Sixth: AK-47

Strain type: Hybrid

Parent strains: South AmericanMexicanThaiAfghani

Backstory: edit: Despite its imposing name, AK-47 is a strain that offers a relaxed and mellow experience. It possesses a sour and earthy scent, but it's the sweet floral undertones that truly come to life in its taste profile.

Developed by Serious Seeds in 1992, AK-47 has garnered multiple accolades at prestigious events like the Cannabis Cup, solidifying its reputation as an exceptional strain appreciated by cannabis enthusiasts globally.

Why we love it: “A hybrid strain with rich genetic heritage and bold, mood-brightening effects.” — Bailey Rahn

Seventh: Alaskan Thunder Fuck

ATF is a classic with an outstanding, heady buzz.
Will Hyde, cannabis expert

Strain type: Sativa

Parent strains: North American Sativa

Backstory: Alaskan Thunder Fuck, commonly known as ATF or Matanuska Thunder Fuck, is a renowned sativa-dominant strain that traces its origins to the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. According to legend, it was initially created by crossing a Northern California sativa with Russian ruderalis genetics. However, in the late 1970s, Afghani genetics were introduced to enhance its resilience.

ATF is characterized by its large, frosty buds that exhibit an intense and captivating aroma. The strain has gained a reputation for its potency and distinctive fragrance, solidifying its status as a legendary strain in the cannabis community.

Why we love it: “ATF is a classic. It is a hearty, sweet smelling plant with an outstanding, heady buzz.” —Will Hyde

Eighth: Allen Wrench

Strain type: Sativa

Parent strains: Trainwreck, NYC Diesel

Backstory: Allen Wrench, highly favored among sativa enthusiasts, combines the finest characteristics of its parent strains into a single, remarkable package. This strain delights the senses with its refreshing sour fruit flavors, enhancing the overall experience.

Allen Wrench is known for embodying the desirable qualities of its lineage, offering an invigorating and uplifting sativa high. Its popularity among cannabis consumers attests to its ability to deliver a pleasurable and energizing experience with each use.

Why we love it: “Loved by go-getters of all kinds, Allen Wrench’s clear-headed stimulation makes it a perfect coffee substitute.” —Jeremiah Wilhelm

Ninth: Amnesia

Strain type: Sativa

Parent strains: Skunk No. 1Cinderella 99, Jack Herer

Backstory: Amnesia is generally classified as a sativa-dominant cannabis strain, although there may be slight variations among different breeders. This strain inherits its genetic traits from predecessors known for inducing uplifting, creative, and euphoric effects.

These characteristics make Amnesia an ideal choice for enhancing one's mood, regardless of the day, time, or circumstances. Whether seeking a boost in creativity or a general sense of well-being, Amnesia has gained popularity for its ability to provide an enjoyable and mood-enhancing experience.

Why we love it: “Forget your worries and woes with this clear-headed high: Amnesia’s sativa-dominant lineage make it a stimulating and functional strain that belongs in the bag of any cannabis consumer on the go.” —Jeremiah Wilhelm

Tenth: Banana OG

Strain type: Hybrid

Parent strains: OG Kush, Banana

Backstory: edit: True to its name, Banana OG exhibits a distinct aroma and flavor reminiscent of overripe bananas. This hybrid strain boasts a high THC content, often testing over 25%, which contributes to its potency. Banana OG has gained a reputation as a "creeper," meaning its effects may gradually intensify if consumed without caution.

It's important to approach this strain mindfully to avoid being caught off guard by its creeping and potent effects. With its unique flavor profile and powerful THC levels, Banana OG has become a notable choice for those seeking a strong and flavorful cannabis experience.

Why we love it: “Banana OG smells amazing! It’s like an overripe banana peel full of pine needles, and it creates thick smoke that always gets me laughing.” —Will Hyde


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