Top 7 Most Useful Marijuana Apps for Cannabis Enthusiasts: Elevating Your Experience and Connecting Communities

August 02, 2023

You can find hundreds, and maybe thousands, of marijuana apps out there, most of them are low budget apps, buggy and many are useless. Those serious developers, however, are trying hard to get into the industry by providing unique user experience and helpful ideas for the industry and stoners' lifestyle, but not many of those apps pick up. Few, however, do. 

I did some research and here are the top 7 of nowadays most useful marijuana apps that serve proudly the cannabis communities around the world. If you have any suggestion of other apps that you find useful, please let us know in the comment section below.

1. Leafly

Leafly, a longstanding premier marijuana resource, now offers a convenient app for on-the-go access to cannabis information. This comprehensive app not only keeps users updated on the latest developments in the world of weed but also provides in-depth reviews for an extensive array of cannabis strains, encompassing both well-known varieties and those that are less recognized. It goes beyond merely suggesting strains based on individual preferences or symptoms, offering insights into nearby dispensaries and the pricing of the researched strains. Distinguished as one of the most reputable and popular weed apps, Leafly has earned accolades and holds a significant presence within the cannabis community. With millions of users utilizing the app daily, it's an undeniable testament to its widespread impact.

A primary highlight of the app is its robust database featuring information on numerous cannabis strains. By utilizing this app, you can effortlessly explore the optimal marijuana strains, oils, concentrates, or edibles tailored to your lifestyle or medical condition.

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The app's content draws from a wealth of input, incorporating reviews, desired effects, flavors, recommended strain lists, medical applications, and dispensary availability—contributed by hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts, professionals, and marijuana advocates.

Furthermore, the app proves invaluable in pinpointing dispensaries and retail outlets within your vicinity. It's not limited to strain information alone; it also offers valuable articles concerning the latest trends and tips within the realm of marijuana lifestyle.

iOS - Android

2. HighThere!

HighThere stands out as a social app tailored to cannabis users, fostering connections and camaraderie. This weed-centric platform allows you to convey your mood, preferred marijuana consumption method, energy level, and desired energy state, enabling it to pair you with compatible individuals. Operating akin to Tinder, you can swipe right to extend a 'High there!' or swipe left to convey a 'By there!' response to fellow users.

Once matches are established, interaction and potential joint sessions become viable options. As a current single individual, this app has become my preferred choice. For those who prioritize weed as a cornerstone of their relationships, High There emerges as the quintessential dating app—a stoner's equivalent to Tinder.

HighThere, a social network renowned for its role in uniting marijuana enthusiasts within a supportive and non-judgmental community, has earned its place as a premier platform in the cannabis industry.

iOS - Android

3. GrowBuddy

For those seeking to cultivate their own marijuana plants, the ultimate growing app is here, endorsed by cultivation experts. This comprehensive weed app empowers growers by allowing them to input data for their entire crop or individual plants, receiving valuable advice to enhance plant growth. To fully optimize its capabilities, it is recommended that growers initially install the desktop or tablet software and then seamlessly integrate it with the app. Notably, this app is accessible for free on both Apple and Android devices, making it an indispensable tool for any cultivator.

For avid growers, maintaining a journal is crucial—an approach I personally adopt. Traditionally, I've relied on waterlogged nutrient schedules and notebooks to meticulously document every aspect of my charming 6-plant garden. However, the discovery of the GrowBuddy app revolutionized my approach, eliminating these cumbersome practices. This all-encompassing app consolidates updates and essential insights for a streamlined experience, encompassing every facet of your grow.

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GrowBuddy serves as an efficiency-boosting and organizational aid, ultimately resulting in maximized yields. It offers comprehensive tracking from the outset of planting seeds or clones to the culmination of harvest and drying. The app not only assists in planning the growth journey but also delivers guidance and timely reminders—covering tasks like watering, soil checks, and more. Its exhaustive capabilities encompass recording minute details such as age, developmental stage, strain particulars, cultivation tips, and visual documentation.

4. Duby

This weed-centric app is designed for individuals who want to connect, share, and enjoy marijuana-related experiences together. Once downloaded, users can effortlessly upload photos, videos, and engage in private conversations with others. To delve deeper into connections, a swipe right or left feature reminiscent of popular dating apps like Tinder or Bumble is available, enabling a glimpse into their posts and personalities.

All shared content on this platform is referred to as a "Duby" and is disseminated among nearby users. The progression of each Duby's distribution depends on your Duby Influence—a measure of its popularity. As Duby's influence grows, more users are exposed to its content in subsequent rounds.

Duby presents a unique blend of gamification and social networking. It harmonizes gaming elements with the traditional social network structure, emphasizing the significance of content quality over quantity. Users' Influence Score, derived from the number of passes and "likes" their content receives, determines their reach and impact. A higher Influence Score translates to increased Duby circulation, establishing users as influential figures.

Comparable to other networks, users can amass followers, but the Duby Influence Score stands out as an exclusive metric, subject to fluctuations based on content caliber and frequency. The ultimate result is an entertaining approach to socializing, ensuring that top-ranking users consistently deliver exceptional content to maintain their prominence.

    iOS - Android 

    5. EazeMD

    Eaze, a well-recognized cannabis shipping and CBD service app in California, functions as an intermediary linking users with legal marijuana dispensaries across the state. Streamlining the purchase process, Eaze offers access to a wide range of both organic CBD and marijuana-derived products, earning its reputation as the "Taxi of Pot." This user-friendly platform is particularly suited for newcomers to the cannabis scene, boasting a straightforward and intuitive interface. Eaze distinguishes itself as an ideal solution for those seeking cannabis delivery services within California.

    The app provides an extensive selection of marijuana products, all meeting stringent standards for cleanliness, safety, and legality within the state. Leveraging the convenience of the eaze medical card, users can effortlessly acquire these products and have them promptly delivered to their doorstep. Moreover, the EazeMD feature facilitates remote medical marijuana consultations via video calls, effectively connecting patients with licensed doctors for private and secure medical recommendations.

    Serving a vast patient base, EazeMD stands out as the premier platform for online medical consultations, further enhancing the app's comprehensive offerings.. 

    iOS - Android

    6. My Canary

    My Canary stands out as the ultimate weed app for on-the-go enthusiasts. Functioning akin to a marijuana breathalyzer, this app, exclusively available on the App Store for iOS devices, allows iPhone users to gauge their readiness to drive by evaluating various abilities like balance, memory, and time perception. Developed by the prominent marijuana legalization advocate NORML, My Canary prioritizes user safety while aligning with its mission. This unique app, endorsed by NORML, is unparalleled in its capability to assess both mental and physical performance levels. Drawing on decades of research and the expertise of leading human performance professionals, Canary offers a comprehensive solution.

    Canary's advanced measurement techniques accurately detect shifts in performance attributed to factors such as alcohol, medication, fatigue, and others. The app offers the following tests:

    - Memory test
    - Reaction time test
    - Time perception test
    - Balance test

    Furthermore, users can track their performance over time, comparing results from previous days, weeks, and hours. Check the app website here.


    7. WeedMaps 

    Similar to Leafly, Weedmaps serves as a platform to locate nearby dispensaries. While it may not offer the same strain-related insights and mood-based matching as Leafly, Weedmaps excels in providing extensive dispensary information. This includes dispensary hours, photos, prices, available strains, and edibles. Additionally, limited coupons are available for cost savings. This app is highly regarded for its ability to connect users with local dispensaries.

    Established in 2008, Weedmaps stands as the premier marijuana directory and discovery resource globally. With current and accurate listings across the US, Canada, and Europe, Weedmaps facilitates finding doctors, deliveries, storefronts, and nearby deals. The introduction of Weedmaps Brands enhances the user experience by offering brand and product information, visual content, and the ability to search for locations selling favored products.

    iOS - Android

    Stay toasty my friends.

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