Can Adding Alcohol in a Bong Instead of Water Make You Crossfaded?

September 28, 2023

People have been curious about putting things other than water in bongs for a long time. Some folks have tried all sorts of liquids like mouthwash, hot sauce, and even ranch dressing. Others have suggested using iced tea, Gatorade, or LaCroix. But does it really change the flavor or the high?

Using alcohol in a bong is a hot topic, with some loving it and others hating it. So, what happens when you swap out water for booze in your bong? Will you get crossfaded? Will the alcohol absorb the weed? Is it safe?

We spoke to a scientist to get some answers.

What happens when you breathe in alcohol fumes?

We strongly advise against putting alcohol in a bong because inhaling alcohol vapor can be dangerous. Inhaling alcohol vapor can make you very sick, and it's not something we recommend.

Alcohol affects your body differently depending on how you consume it. When you drink it, your stomach and liver process it slowly. But if you inhale alcohol fumes, it hits you much faster because it goes straight into your bloodstream through your lungs.

Bubbling alcohol in a bong can make things even worse. You'll not only inhale the cannabis smoke but also the alcohol fumes.

Another problem is measuring how much alcohol vapor you're inhaling. It's tough to control and can lead to overdoing it.

Important note: We're talking about the alcohol you drink, like gin, vodka, and whiskey, not the alcohol used for cleaning.

Does THC mix well with alcohol?

There haven't been many studies on what happens when THC meets alcohol, but alcohols tend to weaken cannabis by dissolving THC and other cannabis compounds. This can ruin the taste and reduce the potency of your high.

Could it catch fire?

Some say smoking with alcohol in a bong might lead to a fiery accident, especially with high-proof alcohol. Anything below 100 proof is less likely to catch fire, but higher concentrations are risky. We don't recommend trying it.

Temperature changes, like heating the alcohol, can also make it more volatile and dangerous. Pulling air through a bong increases volatility too.

Crossfading concerns

Mixing alcohol and weed can be tricky. They're opposites in how they affect your body, and balancing them can be challenging. It might not be a good idea to use them together, as it's hard to control your dose.

Alcohol can be harmful to nerve cells, while cannabinoids, found in weed, can protect them. Mixing the two can lead to unpredictable results.

In conclusion, we strongly advise against putting alcohol in your bong. It's risky, makes crossfading hard to manage, and can ruin the taste of your weed and lessen the high. And that's not why you're smoking weed, right?

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