Interview with a Cannapreneur: Sarah Jain - When Beauty Meets Cannabis

January 06, 2018

marijuana-entrepreneur-sarah-jain-when-beauty-meets-cannabis-marijuana-weed-pot-smoking-glass-pipe-bong-vaporizers"It's not easy." Sarah said. "I didn't only have to create and define my role for my Cannabis modeling from the beginning - but also be adaptable and flexible."Sarah Jain describes herself as a "crossover" of sort - like the Betty Page of Cannabis modeling. Her background is in modeling/acting, however, hash and cannabis have always been her true passion, and she sought early on to combine her career and my passions. It was the main reason why she moved to California, to do just that. Sarah made a name for herself by combining Cannabis into her normal photo shoots. As time progressed, she started to get more bookings and requests for Cannabis shoots.

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Other than the extensive knowledge Sarah has about Hash and Cannabis, she can take bigger hits than the guys and still function at her best, and oozing a sex appeal;  "which was probably my undoing in some cases" Sarah said. "but the marijuana industry was so male dominated at that time, it was much harder."

As times progressed, so did the work. More Cannabis companies had real budgets to spend, and as Cannabis became more acceptable; the work positively changed from only using adult industry models to promote products that were barely legal into lifestyle and fashion shoots. "Started out when far less people were doing it," Sarah said; "and now it has blown up and my images are known worldwide."

A Journey with Instagram


Sarah started combining Cannabis with social media back in the days of MySpace, she had a Cannabis friendly page, so much so that she claimed then that she lives in California. Which actually worked out just fine because famous people within the industry soon befriended her and she eventually moved out to California knowing few people who helped with her journey.

Sarah started on Instagram in 2013 but didn’t take it seriously until closer to 2015, which she thinks that was "a huge mistake" on her part. In 2013 she took her first beach implied selfie - a bodyscape of her on a beach with her Cannabis censoring what can’t be shown on Instagram.  Over the years the picture has been adapted, and over the past 2 years companies have started giving her product and paying to advertise in that space - and that’s when the light bulb went on and she was like; "wait, I can get paid to go to the beach and get high on something fire? Yes please!" 

Since then, she's been doubling her followers organically almost every year. "I don’t believe in doing this shout for shout trade or buying likes - it means more when people follow you because they like what you post. It also helps to make my user experience much better - fortunately I don’t get really get hateful comments on my page and I can genuinely relate to most of my fans so that makes me feel good."

On the other hand, there is definitely a lot more to Sarah than her beach shoots - She put together a "wonderful team of people" and full production shoots and the results are amazing. Just recently Sarah and her team did a Cinderella themed shoot for Brothers Grimm Seeds company. "I got to combine the Cannabis industry with the glass industry and Hollywood - something I hope to continue doing more of!" 


"I had my account deleted once in early 2015 by Instagram. I first wrote them a long letter of why I felt they had made a mistake- no response.  A week or so later, a friend of mine advised to ask them nicely to restore my account and explain that I use this account for business and networking and it was costing me bookings. Within a few hours my account was restored and an apology was issued."

"Two things I usually do to insure that there will not be problems: First I play by the rules- I make get as close to the fine line as one can get but I make sure not to cross it. Second I don’t just post Hash or Cannabis or sexy pics, I post a variety of things from travel to nature to food and fitness."

Why Marijuana? 

marijuana-entrepreneur-sarah-jain-when-beauty-meets-cannabisSarah's career started taking off; but she was confused about the direction in which it was going. "The men in my life pushed me more towards adult work as it paid the bills and helped get me noticed in the Cannabis industry," Sarah said; "I probably was the prudest adult actress ever as it was not my thing! Cannabis has been and always will be my passion. In 2012 I first went to Europe-Amsterdam, and Barcelona. I witnessed the change of the Cannabis capital moving from Amsterdam to Barcelona. If you want to get famous in entertainment - you go to Hollywood- The Same is true for Cannabis- if you want to get famous in the Cannabis industry- you need to have spent time in Amsterdam and now in Barcelona. I actually helped bring Dab culture to Barcelona. I gave many people their first dab, and now many of them have social clubs or companies of their own."It has always been Cannabis or Hash for Sarah, it has been her true passion since day one! "Hash has never made me cry or feel bad, never hurt me, only helped to heal, comfort, motivate and inspire me."  

For Sarah, Cannabis has been a lifesaver. She suffers from a severe PTSD due to sexual abuse and rapes. She considers Cannabis is "the ultimate mood stabilizer," it helped her to be a better more productive member of society, to calm down and stop my many panic attacks. It has also helped to calm her stomach pains due to Celiac disease.

"Everyone is different though, and what works best for me maybe not be the best solution for someone else. But cannabis is a much better alternative to many pharmaceutical drugs out there. I think it is also a better for social use than alcohol. I have only seen it bring people together."

Women in the Cannabis industry

marijuana-entrepreneur-sarah-jain-when-beauty-meets-cannabis-marijuana-weed-pot-smoking-glassSarah continues "Another time I was discussing being a guest on a show, and they replied back with, “here’s my number, my wife and I just split up." and that was the end of that discussion. In fact, I am actually getting very tired of every man in this industry automatically assuming I will go for them because they have Hash or money, or both- especially when they are just out of a relationship. I think this is why I prefer be a crossover than just in the Cannabis industry because I want real opportunities- not something that is depending on who I am potentially going to sleep with. I have a lot of experience and a lot to offer the right people who will respect me and my knowledge and want to build something together."The biggest struggle Sarah deals with is the fact that "most people in the marijuana industry don’t take me seriously/overlook and underestimate her intelligence and experience with this industry." While her looks have opened many doors for her, those door unfortunately usually lead to bedrooms and that is very frustrating and disappointing. Sarah said "I can honestly say that this is more of an American problem- I don’t experience the same thing when I am in Europe- people know how to differentiate between someone’s work and the person that they are. There I was respected and valued for my knowledge.  Back in the states it is much harder for me. I get amazing job offers within the Cannabis industry almost daily, but they are not what you think. One head of a well known company, and someone I consider a "friend" offered me a position. Everyone was telling me to take it but then he insisted that we meet at a HOTEL ROOM! I told him I was not available for that and he proceeded on almost to the point of embarrassment. (Oh the stories I could tell 🤐)."

Marijuana, Family and the Stigma

"I can honestly say that Cannabis has helped to bring my family closer together!!! Cannabis was part of my earliest childhood memories actually! But it wasn’t until I was an adult that it became something that we all bonded over!  Before my father passed away I used to give him as much Hash and Cannabis as I could, it helped to ease his pain and lessen his use of the heavy narcotic drugs the doctors had been prescribing. We don’t really drink in my family but we do get together and sesh! I am happy to say that my old bedroom has been turned into the smoking room back home! It’s something we can all share in and it has truly helped to heal my family. My extended family is not as enthusiastic, but that’s ok. Over time I hope that I can show them to the healing powers of cannabis! I am very grateful that my family has been supportive and that this has been such a healing herb for all of us."

"In my  personal and professional life I have been happy to watch attitudes change over the years- I actually am the person that most professional people contact to guide them on how to use cannabis for their first time or first time again in many years. It has been very fulfilling to be a part of and almost surreal. I am enjoying watching and being a part of social acceptance of Cannabis! I feel that is where a crossover such as myself can truly shine is be breaking down the taboo around it and demonstrating its benefits. It is really nice and refreshing to have conversations with professionals and everyday people about cannabis!"


An Advice for Stoners

"The best advice that I can offer Cannabis consumers and my followers is to stay true to yourself and your beliefs- even if they are not popular- beliefs change over time and it is not our job to just accept things as they are, but rather to be the catalyst for change for the better. It can be something so small as simple action that can have the greatest long term effect. They only way we can make change is to be that change ourselves! Keep on smoking and spreading love and knowledge."

If money was not an issue, what would Sarah rather do?

"I would travel more, start a small personal garden and make small batch hash for my head stash and spend the days terping it up with dabs and fruit from my gardens and soaking up the sun and exploring the world- Life is all about experience- that is the sole purpose of life - nothing more, nothing less l! And I want to experience the best life has to offer"

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